There space a lot of usual items that people ask about when it pertains to TSA rules. I’ve viewed a the majority of questions regarded things choose food, alcohol, deodorant, and a most other generally used products. An additional common product regularly asked around is: razors.

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In this article, I will certainly tell you whatever you must know around the TSA rules because that razors. I’ll breakdown the different types of razors you can be came to with (disposable, electric, etc.) and give girlfriend some good options because that TSA-approved razors.

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What room the TSA rules for razors?

TSA will allow you to lug certain species of razors through airport security however others will certainly be prohibited. Disposable razors and electric razors are generally allowed but other species of razors might be prohibited. Keep reading below to find out much more details.


Electric razors (TSA approved)

You can be a little bit more fancy and also go v an electric razor once you shave. If the is the situation then girlfriend are likewise in luck since you are enabled to bring electric razors through TSA security and also onto the plane.

Electric razors come in a couple of different forms, yet generally these space those razors that deserve to be provided on wet or dry skin and also come with those funny spring heads. Since these space electronics and sometimes look odd, the TSA agents might want to take it a closer look in ~ your electric razors sometimes however it shouldn’t be an issue.

So friend can lug electric razors on together a carry-on article or in your confirm luggage — it is all approximately you. By the way, hair clippers/beard trimmers room also allowed as carry-ons.

Safety razors (NOT TSA approved)

Safety razors space those razors that are type of in in between straight edge razors and disposable. Many people swear that these are far better than disposable razors return that more than likely comes under to the type of skin and the coarseness of your hair.

Anyway, this razors are good because they have the right to use high top quality razors and also it have the right to be cheap to change the razor blades, enabling you come take advantage of part serious long-term savings compared to disposable razors. You can find some top quality safety razors online for under $20 though high-quality safety and security razors can be much more expensive.

However, these are not TSA approved. The doesn’t matter if you’re taking care of open comb, closed comb, etc., if you have a safety razor, you have the right to only lug the handle and not the razor through you through as a carry-on. Instead, the razors should be confirm in your confirm baggage.

Straight sheet razors (NOT TSA approved)

You most likely won’t it is in surprised to find out that right edge razors space not enabled through TSA security. Right edge razors are those old-school to organize razors that you deserve to find numerous barbers using. They space long and also some civilization find them pretty terrifying as soon as positioned close come their confront or throat.

These clear pose an ext of a danger to flight attendants and passengers and so understandably you cannot lug straight leaf razors onto a plane. Instead, the razors should be save on computer in your confirm baggage, despite you can bring the handle on if castle don’t save on computer a razor.

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What about shaving cream?

You might also be curious around the rules for bringing cut cream with airport security. Shaving cream will certainly be treated like a liquid and therefore topic to the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule. This just method that any container of shaving cream need to be no bigger than 3.4 ounces and must be inserted in a clear zip lock bag no larger than a quart to carry it together a carry-on. If you have a big container of cut cream, then you will must put that in your confirm luggage.

What about other sharp objects?

You might be wondering around other spicy objects choose knives. You are allowed to pack certain varieties of knives and pocket knives in your checked baggage yet these can not be carried on together carry-ons. The only varieties of knives that are permitted as carry-ons or plastic or round pleated butter knives.

It’s great to remember the dominion of ignorance that you are usually prohibited from traveling with any sharp objects in her carry-on baggage.

You deserve to actually get hit v a pretty hefty well if you are captured with details band objects that autumn in the group below:

Axes and also hatchets; bows and/or arrows; ice axes and ice picks; knives with knives that open automatically (such together switchblades); knives with chisels that open up via gravity (such as butterfly knives); any double-edge velvet or daggers; meat cleavers; sabers; swords; and also machetes cram stars

TSA Razor rules FAQ

Can you bring disposable razors top top a plane?

Yes, girlfriend are permitted to bring disposable razors v TSA airport security and onto a plane.

Can you lug electric razors ~ above a plane?

Yes, you can bring electric razors ~ above a plane. In addition, friend can likewise bring hair clippers and beard trimmers.

Can you bring a safety razor on a plane?

Safety razors space not TSA authorized so you cannot bring them top top a plane.

Can you lug a right edge razor ~ above a plane?

Straight leaf razors space not TSA approved and are not allowed on a plane.

Can I lug shaving cream on the plane?

Shaving cream is treated prefer a liquid and is topic to the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule. This just way that any kind of container of shaving cream should be no bigger than 3.4 ounces and also must be inserted in a clean zip lock bag no bigger than a quart to carry it as a carry-on.

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Final word

TSA is quite lenient anytime it involves shaving razors. They allow you to lug disposable razors and additionally electric razors onboard so girlfriend should have plenty of alternatives for remaining on optimal of your shaving regime as soon as traveling (no excuses because that looking scraggly on the road)! has actually partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit transaction card products. and also CardRatings might receive a board of directors from card issuers. Responses room not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have actually not to be reviewed, authorized or otherwise endorsed by the financial institution advertiser. It is no the financial institution advertiser’s obligation to certain all short articles and/or questions are answered.