Dried minced onions room a practically kitchen staple. The dehydration process extends your shelf life and also reduces pungency—great for those that don"t enjoy solid onion flavor. If you’re preparing a dish that calls because that dried minced onions however you don"t have any kind of on hand, fortunately there room a variety of perfect substitutes.

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Onion flakes are comparable to dried minced onions in the they"re dehydrated and have the very same texture once cooked. However, they differ in size; onion flakes room smaller and more finely chopped than the minced variety. As soon as you substitute with onion flakes, use almost double the amount that the recipe calls because that to attain the same flavor.

Onion powder and onion salt do decent substitutes because that dried minced onions, especially for dishes the aren’t dependency on the structure dried minced onions. Onion powder and also onion salt space both do of ground, dehydrated onion, but onion powder has no added salt. As soon as substituting because that dried minced onions, use fifty percent the amount of onion flour or onion salt. If the flavor isn’t to her satisfaction, use a dash or 2 more. If you usage onion salt, you might want to minimize other included salt in the dish.

In lieu that dried onion, use fresh or frozen minced onion. If fresh and frozen onions smell much more pungent than dried onions, nearly four time the amount should be substituted because that dried. (If the cooking recipes calls for 1 tablespoon dried minced onions, use about 1/4 cup new or frozen onions.)


You have the right to substitute any kind of new or frozen onion for dried, but keep the seasonings of the food you"re do in mind. Yellow onions are sweet and astringent; white onions own a strong, spicy flavor; and also red onions space pleasantly mild.

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In a pinch, leeks or environment-friendly onions can also be provided as alternatives. Green onions are immature onions, traction from the ground prior to a prominent bulb have the right to form. They have actually a mild flavor and also tender texture and also are ideal substituted in dishes where the onion is not cooked because that a lengthy time, as eco-friendly onions room thin and disintegrate quickly. Leeks watch like huge green onions, but they have a more complex flavor: mild, sweet and also astringent choose a yellow onion. Use roughly six time the lot of minced leeks or environment-friendly onions because that the quantity of dried onion dubbed for in the recipe.

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