Is that the only way to hide your friend list by blocking her friends ~ above Facebook?

Absolutely not.

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Facebook, over time, developed many privacy functions for individuals to offer full regulate of the profile. The most crucial is the facebook privacy setup for the friends-list.

So, currently you don’t need to hide her profile totally by blocking human being to prevent them native seeing her friends linked with you. You can modify the setups by clicking on it. Modifying privacy settings makes it much easier than before and now you room able come hide on facebook friends listfrom people.


Facebook has actually a friend list option on the user’s file page, located listed below the sheathe photo, top top the left side. By default, it is collection to display every one of your friends come everyone who sees her profile.

So, you have to make the an option to make transforms on this privacy settings if you don’t want to show the friend perform publicly.

You deserve to do the from any an equipment you use, choose iPad, Android, computer (Windows, Linux, Mac). The best part is you can hide the friend list from also a specific person or from everyone except someone.

Just monitor the step-by-step guide to complete your privacy setup. Friend will be able to not just hide her friends but additionally I will display you a technique to keep your profile restricted to even mutual friends.

Reasons come Hide facebook Friend list

Some world do not want to hide their facebook friend list, but some human being want to carry out it. Every on facebook user has actually its very own view of controlling their on facebook account.

Maybe they are trying to offer security to family members members or friends so the no various other Facebook users deserve to talk with them and can’t check out what they’ve shared on your timeline.

If you are feeling uncomfortable to share her friend list with Public or various other friends, then Facebook provides us v an chance to hide facebook friends list from others.

Hide friend On facebook From various other Friends

Facebook added brand-new custom setups which you have the right to take benefit of if you need to hide your friends from someone or to present all friends just to a details person.

It is called as practice privacy settings to hide friend list.

Just check the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1At first, click the pencil symbol from the friends tab.


Step 3Now, click ‘Custom’ equipment icon option.



Step-5After clicking the modify privacy, you will check out Friend List alternative at the peak position, and also on the appropriate side, girlfriend will uncover a windy option. Then click on it, and also you will check out a drop-down menu. From there just select the only me option and click on it. In ~ last click on the done switch to save the new settings.

**Note: us will likewise discuss on exactly how to hide friend list on Facebook making use of an Android phone.

So if you desire to do your facebook friends list private then follow the process step-by-step given below.

Hide facebook Friends top top Android Mobile

If you space using asmartphone then additionally no must worry. Us have also shown the an approach for mobile tools below-

Step-1At first, open your cell phone internet internet browser to with so that you deserve to log in. Then insert her email deal with and password and click on log in.

Step-2After the successful login come Facebook, go to your facebook profile page and also here you will check out Friends option; just click on it.

Step-3After that below you will check out the public choice which means your on facebook friend list is visible to everybody. So click on the public alternative to hide her friend list and also then click on much more to view more options. Step-4After that right here you will certainly see various options, similar to the Public, Friends and Only me. If you desire to hide her friends list totally then pick the “Only me” option.

So this is exactly how you can quickly hide facebook friends perform from your family and also friends and also now no user have the right to see her friend list.

Is It feasible to HideMutual friend on Facebook? A: You can only hide the unusual friends between you and your friend. But, occasionally it is necessary to chat with the human being without revealing him v your friend.

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In the case, it will certainly be valuable to understand that you have the right to chat with any person even he or she is no in your friend list. Girlfriend can uncover the obtained messages within the ‘Message Requests‘ option.