Q: Is that legal to have a precious driver"s license in an ext than one state? us spend component of the year in an additional state and it would certainly be very convenient to have actually a driver"s patent in each state for identification and also insurance purposes.

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A: Answer come your first question is no. You deserve to only have one driver"s license. For this reason let"s say you spend your winters in California and summers in southern Dakota. In most instances you require to choose where you desire to it is in or are a resident of. This have the right to be done based on many different factors, including where you room registered to vote, have a homeowner"s taxes exemption and also earn one income. So because that the benefits of this discussion, let"s speak you are a residents of south Dakota yet as quickly as the snow starts come fly, friend high-tail it back to California. If girlfriend want, you can obtain a California identification map without offering up your southern Dakota driver"s license.

As much as insurance is concerned, ns spoke with a AAA insurance money spokesperson and also was educated that the company will insure your car where it is garaged the bulk of the time, i beg your pardon is usually in the very same state in which the is registered.

If friend are among those people who spend specifically six months in each state, climate lawfully friend are forced to register your auto in both states, much more commonly known as a double resident, and pay six months of insurance money in every state.

I recognize that that seems choose a lot of effort, yet some persons will carry out a lot to stay warm.

Q: It appears that commuting approximately town top top a motorcycle would certainly be cheaper these days 보다 driving a car. I have actually a young son, and also I am wonder what the minimum period would be for him come ride together a passenger in a sidecar. The information I have discovered online says there is no minimum period limit yet that period does no make helmets for children under 5.

A: ns am in no way suggesting that you, together a parent, or anyone considering moving their little child top top a motorcycle or in a motorcycle sidecar is much better or worse 보다 I am or to be with little children. Yet given whatever I have actually learned and also observed during my 30-plus years with the CHP, why would certainly you?

I did go online and also found DOT-approved helmets for little children with head size 17 inches or greater, yet there are method too numerous other things that can go wrong through a little child as a passenger ~ above a motorcycle or in a sidecar.

Bottom line, you can transport your son in the sidecar through an approved dot helmet, yet please think about spending the extra fuel money and providing him a safer mode of transportation.

My proposal come the legislature on this concern is really very simple. Every child right now required to be transported in an approved child security seat, which basically includes children under 6 or that weigh much less than 60 pounds, shall no be transported top top or in a vehicle not designed and equipped with an approved safety belt system.

I realize that as a young son it was an excellent fun come ride top top the earlier of a motorcycle and also hang on because that dear life together we walk cruising under the roadway v no helmets. I as well am really familiar v the huge numbers of really serious injuries and also deaths connected with riders and also passengers thrown native or who loss off the ago of these bikes.

I say all this while gift a supporter of motorcycle riding and the liberty of the ride. Here in California we have really strict motorcycle laws. Yet in part instances you deserve to do points here, such as separation traffic once lawful, that space not lawful in most other states.

California to be a leader once it pertained to child passenger safety, yet the two have not come together on this issue. When offered the decision between lawful and also safest, you deserve to guess wherein I take it a stand.

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I realize the the bloggers room going to have a field day once it pertains to the state mandating just how we transfer ourselves, let alone our children, but the fact of the matter remains the same. As parents and also caregivers we have actually to defend our children so the they have the chance to flourish up and make their own decisions — among which is to walk out and also enjoy the ride.