Is your teenager interested in obtaining her nose pierced? once your teen concerns you asking around getting a piercing, it deserve to be an overwhelming to recognize what come say.

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There space a lot of things to consider to ensure you make the right an option together. We’re here to help you sweet the pros and cons and also give friend a few things to consider before you let her teen have actually their sleep pierced.

There are several things you want to save in mind once helping your teenager make this decision.

Are nose Piercings allowed at School?

Something vital to consider is even if it is or not your daughter’s school permits facial piercings. Some schools have actually a an extremely strict dress code and that might not enable any piercings in ~ all, and the college administrators may ask her to remove the piercing while she’s in school.

Removing the piercing for lengthy periods that time could cause it to flourish over due to the fact that it is tho in the healing procedure for number of weeks or also months.

If the piercing grows over, she will need to have her sleep pierced almost everywhere again and it will be together though the was never ever pierced in the very first place. It’s finest to know the college policy prior to moving forward v the piercing come avoid having it redone later.

Are sleep Piercings enabled at Work?

If friend daughter is functioning or will shortly be using for a job, the is vital to save in psychic the policies neighboring body piercings for her place of employment.

Some employers have actually strict guidelines around facial piercings and also visible tattoos, and also they could additionally require she to remove the jewelry throughout her shift. Again, removed the jewel for long periods that time could reason the piercing to grow over during the heal process.

It’s vital to have actually a discussion about workplace policies beforehand so she is mindful of the potential constraints that can come from having actually a face piercing.

Most employers are pretty to adjust back about nose piercings and are much more strict about other facial piercings, yet it’s always a an excellent idea to double check.


A piercing is essentially a wound and also it demands to be correctly cared for to prevent infection. This treatment is straightforward daily routine, yet it’s necessary to take into consideration your

daughter’s level that responsibility prior to letting her have actually her nose pierced.

Proper care of a sleep piercing requires using mild soap and water come clean around the piercing multiple times a day.

Your daughter will have to make sure she has clean hands as soon as touching the piercing directly, and that she no constantly playing through the jewelry.

This can lead come oils and also dirt obtaining into the piercing and potentially leading to an infection.

Nose piercings deserve to take number of months come heal, and during this time it’s really important come make certain that the piercing and jewelry remains clean and taken treatment of.

It’s crucial to talk v your daughter about appropriate after care of she piercing come ensure she is committed and also understands the prominence of caring because that the piercing.

Pain Tolerance

Another important point to talk about with your daughter is her pain tolerance. A nose piercing needs puncturing the nose or septum.

This deserve to feel choose a pinch and be sufficient to make her eyes water because your nose is component of her sinus cavity. If your daughter doesn’t take care of pain well, you’ll desire to think about if a piercing is the right choice.

State Piercing Laws

Before permitting your daughter to have actually her sleep pierced, it’s important to know the laws in her state. Many states in the U.S. Allow body piercing for teenagers between the eras of 14 and 18 v parental consent.

Some states perform not call for a parental to be present for the piercing, while other states need at least written permission or because that the parental to be with the teenager because that the term of the piercing process.

If friend live in a state wherein your daughter is not legally old enough to have actually her nose pierced, do not attempt to have a shop do the piercing anyway.

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The shop could be fined and/or the artists can lose their license for piercing a minor. Research study the legislations in your state for this reason you deserve to make an educated decision around whether or no a piecing is ideal for your teenage daughter.