Read this Instructions Carefully and also Save them because that Future Reference Corelle® plates and also bowls room made that Vitrelle® glass. Mugs room made the porcelain or stoneware as listed on the package. Please review details on bottom of items prior to use.

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Corelle® assets can be offered for serving and re-heating food in microwaves or pre-heated typical ovens up to 350° F (176° C). To warmth empty dinnerware for serving, usage pre-heated conventional ovens only. Porcelain and stoneware mugs room microwavable.

ALL GLASS, PORCELAIN and STONEWARE deserve to BE BROKEN and care have to be take away in handling. A fall or knock against a hard object may cause immediate not correct or enough damages so that the items breaks later for no apparent reason. Such breakage might make a noise and also can break into many small pieces. Be careful in handling as pieces may be sharp.

Wash Corelle® dinnerware item by hand or in an automatic dishwasher. Fill items to avoid bumping versus other items throughout cycle. To remove gray or rust marks, clean with non-abrasive cleanser. If scouring is necessary, use only plastic or nylon clean pads with non-abrasive cleansers. Carry out NOT permit stoneware or porcelain mugs to soak/stand in water for an extended period of time. Applied heat ~ soaking may cause glaze cracking.

WarningsFailure to follow the warnings below may cause things to break or shatter automatically or late, resulting in an individual injury or residential or commercial property damage. Corelle® glass dinnerware is intended for normal household use only. It is not intended for camping, industrial, or advertising use.

DO NOT usage ON STOVETOP, under a broiler/griller, under a microwave browning element, in a toaster oven, or top top or near any other straight heating source such as variety heat vents, pilot lights, open flames, etc.

AVOID sudden TEMPERATURE CHANGES. Carry out NOT add liquid to a warm item, location a hot item on a wet surface, or manage with a wet or cold cloth. These sudden temperature changes may cause the items to break or shatter. Handle warm items with a dry towel or potholder.

DO NOT usage to microwave popcorn or to hold or assistance popcorn bags, microwave convenience foodstuffs with special browning wrappers, etc. Part convenience food packaging is design to warmth rapidly in a microwave oven and also may reason breakage. DO NOT warmth an north vessel in a microwave oven. That may end up being too hot to handle, crack or break. DO NOT heat a little amount that food in larger dish in a microwave oven. The may become too hot to handle, cracked or break. DO NOT overheat oil or butter in microwave. Use minimum quantity of cooking time. DO NOT use or repair any kind of item the is chipped, cracked, or severely scratched. Damaged items might break or shatter without warning. DO NOT abuse by dropping or hitting versus a tough object. DO NOT usage abrasive cleanser, scouring pads, or any kind of object the will scratch items. Place stoneware item on dried placemat or tablecloth to avoid scratching surfaces. The bottom of stoneware items might be rough.

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DISCONTINUE use SHOULD any type of ITEM it is in MISUSED IN any type of MANNER AS declared ABOVE, as DAMAGED ITEMS might BREAK without WARNING.