It has actually been plenty of years because I have posted here. As soon as my wife and also I got married 3 and also a fifty percent years ago, i was an inactive Catholic and also she one inactive Mormon. Over the last few months, us both started going ago to our respective Churches, and also are start the procedure of obtaining our marriage known by the Catholic Church. Basically, as soon as we gained married this wasn"t an issue, and also suddenly we uncover ourselves in a actual interfaith marriage. Any advice? What carry out I must do to help my wife exercise her faith? What is fair for me come ask of her? What about kids? We"ve debated all these worries of course, I simply want to know if anyone in a comparable situation has any type of thoughts or advice.

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Posted April 28, 2013(edited)

Hi August,

The day-to-day exercise of the LDS and Catholic faiths differ tiny one native another: prayer, bible Study, and also trying to live humble, Christ-like lives.

Your wife will want to avoid tobacco, coffee and tea, and also alcohol. Relying on her level of enthusiasm, she might likewise wish to prevent caffeinated sodas, yet that"s more a an individual preference than anything else.

Except where there are clinical or wellness reasons not to execute so, Mormons tend to fast for 2 meals the an initial part of every month.

By the very same token, she need to respect your own abstentions and also fasts (such as Lent).

That having been said, you will challenge the same choices and also obstacles as any other inter-faith couple: mostly entailing choices around which spiritual observations come honor and which come ignore, and, many especially, about what to teach your children.

These matters- specifically when approached in love and also humility- deserve to be overcome, and also a reasonable compromise settled (even if it"s only an agreement to disagree).

Where the rub will well-and-truly start (in mine opinion) is on the question of holy place marriage.

LDS theology teaches the worthy couples might be "sealed" because that time and all eternity.

Instead of "til death do you part", a holy place marriage between worthy pair does no end.

Not to placed too fine a allude on it, you (as a non-member) execute not qualify.

That"s NOT come say you"re a poor person (nor anything of the sort); yet the reality is that you have actually not (and as a non-member, cannot) do the covenants v God that are necessary for a sealing.

As your wife"s belief grows, she will certainly (all however inevitably) collection her love on the biggest gift our Heavenly dad offers: and will (equally inevitably) expect you to aid her acquire it.

I don"t say this come discourage you- only to forewarn you. Together her own confidence grows, your mam will want you come share in what she has attained, and become a member of ours Church and also partake of the covenants and blessings offered therein.

In the understanding of full disclosure, I expect you will perform so, also).

As a matter of conscience (depending upon your loyalty to the Catholic Church and personal witness), you may- or might not- be able to do so.

No honorable (or faithful) Mormon will work-related to weaken the bonds in between you and also your wife, no one will any type of such pressure you to convert to the Mormon faith- except the you get a witness the its truthfulness.

God will certainly not it is in mocked- and you execute us, no one yourself any type of favors simply by "going v the motions" to save your wife, her in-laws, or the neighbors happy.

Ultimately, you and also your wife have actually chosen a somewhat harder route than you can have realized.

You CAN make it work, and also I encourage girlfriend to carry out so.

Both of girlfriend should:

Be prayerful, be humble, be patient, it is in forgiving.

Do not permit your disagreements to end up being a zero-sum video game in which one of you need to win and one need to lose.

Leave room for "holy envy", and also realize that both our faiths have actually something of beauty to offer those that worship Christ.

Above every else, store your relationship- and its assorted trials between yourselves and also the Lord.

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Your household will automagically be your partisan. Hers will automagically side through her. Both will paint the other spouse together a villain and also hold grudges long after you"ve forgotten them.