Basic rulesCheckers is a two-player game, wherein one player is assigned white checkers and the other red. Every player has actually 12 checkers to start the game.Aim the the gameThe object of the video game is to catch the other player"s checkers or do them impossible to moveStart of the video game The video game is began in the position shown listed below on a checkers board consisting of 64 squares in one 8x8 grid.The red player moves first. Then each player takes a single turn. In fact, a player must relocate in turn. In various other words a move cannot it is in skipped.
play the game A move is composed of placing one checker top top a different square.CaptureCaptures or "jumps" room mandatory. If a square diagonally in prior of a guy is lived in by an opponent"s piece, and if the square past that piece in the same direction is empty, the male may "jump" end the opponent"s piece and land on the empty square. The opponent"s piece is captured and removed from the board. Lot of JumpsIf, ~ making a capture, a item is in a position to make an additional capture (either along the very same diagonal or a different one)it should do so, every as part of the very same turn. Recording two opposing piece in a turn is dubbed a double jump, recording three piece in a turn is a triple run , and so on. If you have a choice of jumps, you might choose amongst them, regardless of whether they are multiple or not. The KingsWhen a solitary piece reaches the critical rank the the board by factor of a move, or together the perfect of a "jump", it becomes a king; and also that completes the move, or "jump".A King have the right to move in any direction and "jump" in any direction one or more pieces, as the borders of the board permit. The King deserve to only jump diagonally over one nearby piece in ~ a time, in any type of of the four diagonal directions. Lot of jumps use to emperors as well. Time manage A clock is supplied to limit the length of a game. This clocks count the time that each player separately takes for making his own moves.

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The rule are really simple, if you run out of time, you lose the game, and thus must budget your time. Finish of the gameWinningThe game is won by the player who has actually captured all of the opponent"s pieceswhose foe declares that resigns.LosingThe game is lost by a player who cannot make any legal move on the board.DrawThe video game is drawn when over there is no catch or promo to king for 40 consecutive moves.
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