In Illinois and throughout the U.S., civilization have the constitutional appropriate to bear arms. However, that does not typical the possession that firearms and also other tools is unregulated. Illinois prohibits the possession of particular kinds of weapons outright and also requires gun owner to acquire a Firearm owner ID map (FOID) in stimulate to be in compliance through state law. If you have actually been judge of a felony in Illinois or another state, your FOID have the right to be revoked, and also future applications because that an FOID deserve to be denied. Friend may additionally face severe criminal penalties if you are uncovered to it is in in unlawful possession of a weapon v a vault felony conviction on her record.

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What varieties of Weapons are Prohibited for Convicted Felons?

As through all civilization in the State that Illinois, judge felons are prohibited native knowingly possessing details kinds that dangerous weapons under any circumstances, consisting of bludgeons, metal knuckles, cram stars, and also switchblades. However, judge felons are, under many circumstances, additionally prohibited native possessing any type of kind of firearm or ammunition, even those that space legally permitted in Illinois under other circumstances. The only exemption is a instance in i beg your pardon a felon has efficiently appealed for relief in court or with the manager of the Illinois State Police.

Consequences for a Felon’s Unlawful Possession that a Weapon

The straightforward sentence for unlawful possession that a weapon by a felon in Illinois is a course 3 felony, which deserve to include in between 2 and also 10 years in prison. Because that repeat offenses, the sentence rises to a course 2 felony, and the size of imprisonment rises to between 3 and 14 years. However, under certain circumstances, a first offense have the right to be charged together a course 2 felony. This includes cases in i m sorry the offender’s front conviction was for:

A violation involving a deadly weapon or FOID


Unlawful possession of a weapon while on parole or under oversaw release is additionally a course 2 felony, and also possession the a an equipment gun through a felon is a class X felony, with a feasible penalty that 30 or an ext years in prison.

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Contact a Chicago weapons Charges Defense Attorney

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