Most danger Dog Breeds, That deserve to Defeats A Pitbull – Pitbull is a an extremely aggressive and an extremely muscular dog breed. If we room talking about fighting through pitbull to any kind of other dog breeds favor – German shepherds, Rottweiler and many others.

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They all dog each other are great and guard dogs, yet they do not able to beat pitbull. Since the technique of pitbull come fight with any kind of other dog is amazing and also pitbull attacks on their enemies neck. That’s why the possibilities of to win of a pitbull is increased.

Pitbull constantly fights ago even if that knows that he is about to die. Yet he never provides up. So, first we know about Pitbull’s strengh and power? after ~ that we will comment on 5 most Dangerous Dog Breeds.

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5 most Dangerous Dog Breeds, That have the right to Defeats A PitbullFAQ’s


Popularity % (World)70%, ranking #1 in Rhode Island.
Bite Force235 pounds (PSI)
Height45–53 cm
Weight15–27 kg

So, pitbull is most popular breed among all in the world. World loves to embrace pitbull together a security dog – due to the fact that of your daring and fearlessness. Pitbull is an extremely faithful and loyal in the direction of his family, yet sometimes this each other is for this reason aggresive the they can attack on their very own owners.

Why Pitbull Is for this reason Dangerous Breed?

Their bite-force is also an extremely deadly, pitbull strikes on their enemy at the force of 235 PSI. i beg your pardon is at sight deadleous, if they assault on anyones neck. There are three major catagories of Pitbull – American Pit Bull Terrier,American Staffordshire TerrierandStaffordshire Bull Terrier.


So, Pitbull is an unbeatable dog breed together a safety purpose. However there are few of the dog each other whcich loss the pitbull once both are in opponent. We have actually seen in many instances when fight in between Rottweiler Vs Pitbull and German shepherds Vs Pitbull,always Pitbull wins.

The main reason of your winning is their aggressiveness and their method of attack on opponent’s neck through their superforce the 235 PSI.

5 many Dangerous Dog Breeds, That have the right to Defeats A Pitbull

As we currently know that Pitbull is unbeatable , muscular and very aggressive dog breed. Yet we present you these 5 many dangerous dog breeds, that can defeats a pitbull every time once they room in opposition. So, Lets acquire started v –

5. Dogo Argentino


Popularity % (World)30%, Argentina’s Breed
Bite Force500 pounds (PSI)
Height60–68 cm
Weight40–45 kg

Dogo Argentino is in the fifth number in ours list. The Dogo Argentino’s bite pressure is – 500 PSI, because of his strength, height and also weight they deserve to defeat the pitbull.

Pitbull Vs Dogo Argentino


In 2017, pitbull and also Dogo Argentino accidently assaults on each other, where Dogo Argentino success this fight however Dogo Argentino has passed away within 24 hours, due to serious injuries.

4. English Mastiff


Popularity % (World)27%, England’s Breed.
Bite Force552 pounds (PSI)
Height70–76 cm
Weight68–113 kg

English Mastiff is a guard dog i m sorry is no aggressive. They are Good-natured, Affectionate, Dignified, Protective, Courageous, calm in nature dog breed. And also this is also a low maintenance guard dog. Yet some of English Mastiff’s types are aggressive till their childhood.

Pitbull Vs English Mastiff


Due come their elevation – 70 to 76 cm, weight – 68 come 113 Kgs and also biting-force around 552 PSI, English Mastiff’s can defeat the pitbull easily.

3. Cane Corso


Popularity % (World)18%, origin – Italy
Bite Force700 pounds (PSI)
Height62–70 cm
Weight45–50 kg

Cane Corso belongs to the Mastiff’s family. Cane Corso is another protective and guard dogs breed. They are very Trainable, Reserved, Stable, and also Quiet dogs, but they are brief temperd too.

Pitbull Vs Cane Corso


One that the poor habbit of cane corso breed dog is that if someting renders them fear – castle suddenly assault on them and also they room out the control. And also they deserve to beat their opponent till their enemy may died.

2. American Bandogge


Popularity % (World)21%, England’s Breed
Bite Force730 pounds (PSI)
Height51–76 cm
Weight45–57 kg

American Bandogge is very much protective, loyal just for your owner but not for your opponent. This dog is Self-confidence, Easygoing, Spirited, Trustworthy, Stable, and also Even Tempered. This is very good guard dog, so girlfriend can take on without any tension.

Pitbull Vs American Bandogge


American Bandogge and pitbull have alsmost very same similarities, once they got aggrasive on their opponents. But one plus allude with American Bandogge is that they space heighy motivated and targeted to death their opponent. Yet in situation of Pitbull you deserve to controll them. Due to their Weight, height and also bite-force they can beat Pitbull easily.

1. Kangal Dog


Popularity % (World)66%, ranking #1 in Sivas
Bite Force743 pounds (PSI)
Height71–80 cm
Weight50–70 kg

Kangal is a big and giant dog breed, i m sorry is renowned on Turkey. Kangal dog has actually world’s number one bite-force i m sorry is – 734 PSI. These dog breeds have actually 71 come 80 cm in height that means their elevation is an ext than English Mastiff and American Bandogge.

Pitbull Vs Kangal


Kangal is heighly aggressive dog breed and they don’t tolerate any dog infront the him. This giant dog breed can defeate pitbull easily by their human beings largest bite-force, height and also weight.


In this article we covered human beings Most attention Dog Breeds, That deserve to Defeats A Pitbull,If girlfriend have any type of query girlfriend can straight comment united state below.


Q.1. Which dog breeds can beat a Pit bull?

Ans – there are only 5 dog breeds in the human being which have the right to beat a pit bull – Dogo Argentino, English Mastiff, Cane Corso, American Bandogge, and Kangal Dog.

Q.2. Who would win in a fight, the Pitbull or the Rottweiler?

Ans – The Pitbull success a fight.

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Q.3. Top most dangerous dog in the world?

Ans – Dogo Argentino, English Mastiff, Cane Corso, American Bandogge, Kangal Dog.