Looking some of the best Call the Duty: contemporary Warfare class to usage in multiplayer? modern Warfare classes have actually been stripped earlier a good deal native the Create-a-Class system that was current in critical year’s black color Ops 4, through no professional abilities come consider and also a really simple choice of perks. However, new additions prefer the Gunsmith, field Upgrades, and stricter perk category ensure players who crave crafting the the strongest builds have actually plenty the depth to explore.

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Perhaps the biggest distinction in exactly how COD: modern-day Warfare 2019 handles classes is in just how it encounters attachments. Every weapon attachments space handled with a component of the loadout display screen called Gunsmith, which boasts an ext attachments than any type of previous speak to of Duty and is a lot an ext generous once it involves how countless different attachments you deserve to equip come a solitary weapons, with some attachments drastically altering how a gun behaves and also looks.

In this overview we’ll malfunction exactly how call of Duty: contemporary Warfare classes occupational in the 2019 COD and also detail several of the best contemporary Warfare classes around right now.


You can change the following features when creating contact of Duty: contemporary Warfare classes:


Your Killstreaks and also Field Upgrades apply to every your contact of Duty: modern-day Warfare classes, while weapons, attachments, perks, and also equipment provides up every of your tradition loadouts.


Primary weapon

Pick one of several categories of main weapons, which range from shotguns to sniper rifles. If you select the Overkill perk then you can bring a 2nd primary weapon in place of your second weapon. To change attachments you go to the Gunsmith screen, which allows you to equip five attachments of your choice.


Secondary weapon

There room two categories of secondary weapons: handguns and launchers. To alter attachments you go to the Gunsmith screen, which enables you come equip 5 attachments of your choice.



You have the right to equip three different perks to her class, one from every of the 3 perk trees. Each slot is fairly varied in scope and also there room a couple of synergies the run across them. In full there space 16 perks.



There space eight pieces of lethal equipment spanning every kind of grenade imaginable. Interestingly, over there are likewise some anti-tank pieces of tools like the Proximity Mine. Just pick one for her class.



Likewise, you have the right to pick indigenous eight different pieces the Tactical tools to select from. The Heartbeat Sensor and also Stim space curious additions to this category, when the snapshot Grenade appears to duty like a recon Bouncing Betty.



With Gunsmith girlfriend are enabled a great deal an ext freedom as soon as it concerns tweaking her favourite weapon in call of Duty: contemporary Warfare. Every major and an additional weapon deserve to be equipped v up to five attachments indigenous seven various attachment category that change depending on which weapon you’re looking at.

For example, you have the right to remove your attack rifle’s stock to boost your speed, include a 5mW Laser to improve your hip fire accuracy, readjust to a quick barrel for much faster movement speed and also ADS speed, embrace the Pistol fixed – Rubber for much faster sprint to fire speed, and also attach a CQB tight for enhanced horizontal recoil control. Every one of this will turn your AR into a spray-and-pray monstrosity that’s hyper-mobile, but awful at long-range.

Finally, there are weapon perks for some guns that take the place of one of your attachment slots. These perks range from much faster reloads through Sleight of Hand to much more bullet pen if you pick FMJ.



There space 17 killstreaks to select from with the lowest gift a an individual UAV because that 3 kills and the greatest being a fit of Juggernaut armour because that 15 kills. There room plenty of acquainted kill rewards and, together ever, you can pick 3 for your class. These options are not locked to a specific loadout.


Field Upgrades

This is a curious brand-new feature. Field Upgrades room effectively additional pieces the equipment, other than they recharge over the food of a complement at different recharge rates. You deserve to pick one from a selection of five and like killstreaks your an option isn’t locked come a particular loadout.

Best speak to of Duty: modern-day Warfare classes



This is just one of the ideal Call of Duty: modern-day Warfare classes because that close-quarters combat, but you’ll have to think on your feet as soon as it pertains to traversing open up ground. The 725 double-barrel shotgun is obscenely an effective and will one-shot adversaries in close-quarters, in order to move around the map as fast as possible – and also to cross large open areas – it’s finest to take the combat knife as a second as it’s the many mobile weapon in the game. The Combat Knife is also a one-hit death weapon increase close, therefore if you do bump into someone you can conveniently take them out.

The rush class is ideal for video game modes whereby K/D isn’t as well important, but can be supplied to great effect in Search and Destroy and also Cyber attack so you deserve to reach the objectives as soon as possible.

To compliment this course we’ve outfitted the 725 with any kind of attachments that make it more mobile, other than Sawed-off as it boundaries your variety too much. The rush course carries molotov cocktails together these are an excellent for easily blocking off pathways, obscuring vision, and also killing clusters of adversaries instantly. Acting grenades have the right to be comfortable for bigger maps, when stuns and flashes space a solid alternate for room-clearing.

There space two means to build perks approximately this build. The first is to set up together a stealth class – in which situation you might want to equip the monolithic suppressor to her 725 because that even an ext range – and also bring Ghost and also Cold-Blooded along to aid you out. Alternatively, you have the right to equip twin Time to move roughly the map faster.



The 725 appears again in this course (it’s superb shotgun) i m sorry equips friend with solution for long and also short ranges, not to cite medium if you deserve to land your hits. The main weapon in this course is the Kar98k marksman rifle, a relic sniper rifle the fans the the collection will remember native CoD games set during the 2nd World War. This rifle deserve to kill with a solitary shot come the chest all the method to exceptionally long ranges, yet unlike sniper rifles you can scope in pretty conveniently with the Kar98k, making that a good quickscoping rifle.

You’ll want to progress sufficient to obtain the Aim-Op Reflex Sight and also the an initial barrel attachment, as these both assist increase her damage range (otherwise you’ll get a many hit markers going up against enemy snipers).

The an excellent thing around this class is the it deserve to be adjusted to fit any situation. The Kar98k will manage long and medium varieties if you’re an excellent enough v it, if the 725 deserve to be provided to storm buildings, rush foes, and lock under objectives. Since of that versatility it’s likewise up come you what perks and equipment you desire to bring. Us opt for aggressive exclusive right like fight Hardened and also Hardline, to add Semtex and also stuns.



This is a standard attack class design to resolve infantry and killstreaks. The main weapon is the M4A1, conveniently the strongest major weapon in the game and more than qualified of shredding foes in ~ all arrays you’re likely to encounter in core multiplayer, if you have the right to take any rocket launcher that your selection as a secondary to clear the end UAVs and peskier enemy killstreaks.

The finest setup we at this time have because that the M4A1 focuses on aiming stability and recoil buffs come ensure the every single one of this AR’s destructive shots lands – and it’s currently pretty suturing accurate. This setup contains the Muzzle Brake, M16 Stock, a decent holographic sight, Granulated grip Tape, and Commando Foregrip.

As because that perks, we discover that the best alternatives are Hardline, double Time or Scavenger, and also Battle Hardened. If you take it Scavenger then make certain to carry a ar Upgrade that’s not Munitions Box. Finally, bring some aggressive lethal and tactical – our default is the Semtex and also stuns.

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And those are all the course mechanics you should know around in call of Duty: modern-day Warfare 2019. It’s too early on to phone call what the most an effective class setups will certainly be, but there’s definitely a the majority of scope for customisation.