The mission that NCBA is to administer quality adjudication that supports education.

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Drum Corps International, in partnership through Conn-Selmer, presents A check out from the press Box, 2021 people Judging Symposium. 

This distinct event will introduce the people to the training and techniques employed by premiere adjudicators of modern marching arts.

Basic details because that this event are as follows:

Thursday, respectable 12 and Friday, august 13 – 1:00 come 5:00 p.m. EDTVirtual webinar format – presented live indigenous Lucas Oil stadion in IndianapolisAvailable online for 30 days after the event

Full details of the human being Judging Symposium program and also registration information have the right to be found at –

11 am-1 pm via ZOOM.


Meeting Recording 


Ballots were emailed out on Saturday after the conclusion that the meeting through a 72 hour home window for voting. This will allow us to ensure every items that must be poll on obtain placed ~ above the ballots.
VP Parade & Field: Christina Latham: passed v 44 votes and also 1 abstentionVP Winter Activities: Marcus Mills: passed through 40votes and also 5 abstentionsVP Judges & contest Coordinator: Matt Mackey: passed with 45 votes and 0 abstentionsTreasurer: Rachel Grant-Kiley: passed with 45 votes and 0 abstentions


Reduce parade and field departments for the 2021/2022 college Year by 20%: passed v 43 votes and 1 abstention.Remove the minimum auxiliary member necessity for parade for 2021-2022 school year: passed through 43 votes and also 1 abstention

Annual NCBA Awards Spreadsheet

Fill in the holes!!This is the perform of Awards year over year. If you or who you know received an award the is no listed, please email Diane Klaczynski at Clinics.Festivals

Drum significant Clinics

June Clinics understanding Survey

Connected discovering Resources

Resources because that our members to assist with navigating the human being of associated and/or distance learning. We will update as frequently as we deserve to to provide an useful tools for you to use with your students regardless of your “classroom” location.

About NCBA

The NCBA was established in 1990 by music directors to carry out an company that could judge varied marching band competitions the were formerly ran by live independence organizations. NCBA is dedicated to the breakthrough of school music and also band programs. The core function of NCBA is to encourage the advance of well balanced music and also band programs; develop and maintain uniform methods, standards, rules, and procedures for analyzing and evaluate of bands and also band member performances; enhance quality band programs through the promotion of well-organized concert and also jazz festivals, solo/ensemble festivals, honor bands, and also band and band oriented competitions.

The north California tape Association (NCBA) gives a slate that judges, the are regularly trained to improve and sustain their skills, for band competitions in Northern/Central California and Northern Nevada v the score to carry out consistency in adjudication at every competition. This competitions incorporate field competitions, tape reviews, concert band, jazz band, winter guard, percussion, and solo drum major competitions.



Our member year is July 1-June 30 every year and you must renew annually. Her membership form and it is registered is different from ALL various other entry develops such together honor band and winter activities. Girlfriend MUST complete all required areas on the membership type or you will certainly not be able to vote in human or through absentee ballot, as we must verify everyone’s member validity.

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NO MEMBERSHIPS will BE welcomed VIA other REGISTRATION FORMS; Only with the links on the member PAGE.