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Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that you just can’t think of v thinking around food. From perfectly carved turkeys to mounds of mashed potatoes and also heaping helpings of thick gravy, Thanksgiving feasts are just the best. One thing you might not associate through the November vacation is pizza. Friend should, though. Why? Well, oddly enough, the day prior to Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for pizza sales. In fact, only Super bowl Sunday, new Year’s Eve and also Halloween see much more pies sold than Thanksgiving Eve.

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With so lot food easily accessible around Thanksgiving, why pizza you might ask. Well, just put, pizza is fast, it’s convenient and most importantly it’s good!

Thanksgiving way a great family meal. Many people, however, just can’t confront the future of having to chef the day prior to they have to prepare among the most important meals that the whole year. V the prospect of so lot time in the kitchen the following day, a quiet evening through a pizza sound perfect.

According come the American Pizza community (APC) pizza is a family’s top selection before liven holidays for a few vital reasons:

It provides customizable and also quality ingredient to accomplish every taste.Pizza is a versatile option.It’s a low-stress choice, definition you don’t need to worry about much except enjoying a couple of slices.It’s the perfect method to bring a family members together.Pizza is affordable

Chicago format Pizza

So, pizza is among the finest foods to have actually on Thanksgiving Eve. The research over says so, right? If you desire to carry the family members together and also enjoy a very delicious pie, why not reap a Chicago slim crust pie – probably the tastiest of every the pizzas out there?

As we’ve already covered on ours blog before, most world think deep dish as soon as they think of Chicago format pizza. The fact is, however, that pub layout pizza is the true Chicagoan’s an option when it comes to a mouth-watering pizza pie! Thin, supervisor crispy, and also cut into squares, Chicago thin style is the ultimate an option for sharing a pizza through loved ones come Thanksgiving Eve.

Enjoy your Chicago favourite – Right right here in Melbourne!

At Doghouse Pizza, we market mouthwatering Chicago-style pizza. I have traveled the U.S.learning all around food – indigenous culinary school in Chicago to working in kitchens in the Pacific Northwest and also Denver, to now down in sunny Melbourne, Florida. Through all these journeys, however, one thing stayed with me – my enthusiasm for the food I prospered up through in the Midwest.

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It’s an additional reason to be thankful this year. Doghouse Pizza no just one more “wannabe” Chicago share – we’re the real deal! from Horseshoes come Chicago thin crust pizza, from Gobblers to Gut Busters, from Gyros to Poutine – we’re pass the Midwest to Florida.

So, offer us a contact today at 321-610-3050 or prevent in today and see why Doghouse Pizza is the ar that Melbourne to know for great food, good fun, and good atmosphere!