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Are you planning to walk to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, yet don’t know exactly how to obtain there? space you scoping out the different alternatives there room to obtain to Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania from new York? Well, you uncovered the perfect short article for planning your trip! listed below are the 4 ideal ways to get to among the biggest theme parks in the U.S. From brand-new York!

If girlfriend don’t have actually a car, what are your other options? You have the right to either rental a car, or contact up a taxi come Dorney Park. However, the downside to this choice is the it can obtain pretty pricey. Follow to, the estimated fare to the design template park is about $324.00 including tip. Store in mind that this is only one street! You would require to contact up another taxi for the method back. To stop this high-quality cost, then, what else have the right to you do?

The easiest means to get to Dorney Park would be by car. The resolve of Dorney Park is 4000 Dorney Park Road, Allentown, PA 18104. Dorney Park is located right exterior of brand-new Jersey in the large town the Allentown Pennsylvania. From new York, the easiest means to acquire to Dorney Park would certainly be v the Holland Tunnel. When you space through the Holland Tunnel monitor the indicators to I-78 West. Continue to be on I-78 West until leave 54B. After the you can turn left on Lincoln Ave and also Dorney Park will certainly be on girlfriend right. This journey have the right to take approximately two hours; however, this can vary due to traffic in the new York City area.

If friend want an ext options and far better deals, that is likewise a an excellent idea to check the package deal from Coaster Bus. Coaster Bus offers a selection of single day excursions to numerous theme parks. Countless of these packages incorporate transportation, food, and a solitary day happen to the design template park.


However, the ideal option because that a huge group is to rental a charter bus native! supplies a range of buses such as a charter bus, minibus, or a college bus to take your group to Dorney Park back and forth.This is the ideal option, since you deserve to be choose up right at her front door! we have good deals that you can discover according to your needs, so check out the website today! rather of having to research into various bus service providers to rent this buses, girlfriend can quickly use the website to search and compare price quotes and also book buses because that whenever and also wherever you’d like. The procedure to publication them is seamless and simple, due to the fact that takes care of every the details because that you, and also traveling come Dorney Park will be convenient and also efficient due to the fact that you will certainly be choose up from and also dropped turn off to wherever you’d like! Visit the website in ~, or speak to (646) 801 6280 to look up different bus possibilities because that your group today!

The price depends on various factors, such together hours, season (month, job of the week, holidays), bus size. We always make sure you acquire the ideal deal, by minimizing the hours you rent a bus because that (for example, renting two different buses because that round trip may be cheaper, 보다 renting one bus and making the driver wait because that you till you prepared to come back). Friend may examine the approximated prices below, but keep in mind that the final price for you might be different. Speak to (646) 801 6280 to look at up different bus possibilities for your group, or use the find bar. Ours booking specialists are constantly happy to answer any type of of her questions and also will make sure you have an amazing trip to the Dorney Park, considering all your requirements!

Price Estimates4-Hours MinimumAdditional Hours8-Hours complete Day
Rent Minibus$500-$700$110-$160$1000-$1,600Rent Charter Bus$550-$850$135-$195$1,350-$2,200

* The prices above are just examples. Your situation might it is in different and the pice have the right to be lower or higher, call us (646) 801 6280 to gain the best deal.

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Dorney Park"s and Wildwater Kingdom"s hrs of operation vary a lot throughout the summer months so please click right here to view their operating hours. For any type of other inquiries or concerns regarding Dorney Park"s and also Wildwater Kingdom"s attractions and rules please speak to (610) 395 3724 or visit