1 Tears Don"t Fall

I prefer this tune so much, ns play it more than ten time a day and also I never gain bored! The drums one the start just do me feel alive and also the guitars are an extremely heavy and smoothy. The vocals the Matt are simply cool and he"s an amazing screamer (not beter 보다 Jimmie Strimell, yet still #2 for me). You desire to hear to real Metalcore? hear to this song and you"ll get addicted come it.

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I Agree it has minimal screamo, but the other songs in fever are good too. BFMV is musical genius. Ever due to the fact that I heard " her Betrayal" I thought "wow" i am more into timeless metal through no screamo and don"t yes, really like any kind of screamo but BFMV is an exception. This track is Heavy and also it gave me chills yet I preferred that Feeling.

The ideal song ever I have heart by cartridge for mine Valentine. I vole this tape they are really cool! ns think this songs have to be number one! i love practically all song by cartridge for mine Valentine! castle are among the best ROCK bands people have ever before seen. Ns think lock can adjust the civilization by their music! simply incredible band, i love them

Its heavy, its vengeful; its everything that represents hatred, however with a powerful undercurrent of melodies the justify the intense emotions. Every time i hear this track I just acquire so energized and so enthralled v the story (or relatable situation) the this tune is trying come portray.

3 Waking the Demon

I love Tears Don"t Fall, but this has actually the coolest guitar ever! Here"s my list. 1. Waking the Demon 2. Every These points I dislike ( Revolve about Me) 3. Tears Don"t loss 4. Your Betrayal 5. Fight the Floor 6. Hearts Burst into Fire 7. Scream target Fire 8. Hand of Blood 9. The poison 10. Fever Bullet because that My Valentine is more than likely the ideal metalcore tape of the time. Lamb the God sucks contrasted to this guys. Cartridge For my Valentine forever

The story that this song revolves about someone who had finally snapped under his respective conditions, lastly deciding to assault his adversaries head on. Despite his revenge feeling sweet, he shortly realize his own actions, and also as insinuated by the lyrics, straight-up murder. The feels embarrassing by the human that he has actually become, during and after his acts against his enemy.

The points that ns like about this song, is that I prefer it and it is great! Seriously just so great, its great ya know? It"s so great it simply is what it does cause its great, isn"t that great? I sure think it"s great, maybe even grand. Bullet for my valentine is a really go come band due to the fact that it makes me feeling great

This is by much my favourite Bullet because that My Valentine song. It has incredible etc riffs, a kick-ass chorus, and the best part is, you can never get worn down of listening to this song. It absolutely deserves to be in ~ the peak of the list.

4 All These points I dislike (Revolve about Me)

One that the finest songs ever! (At least) so it have to be greater one the list. No violation to people who voted for Tears Don"t autumn or your Betrayal or Waking the Demon. Those are an excellent too. Actually every one of Bullet for My Valentine songs room incredible. So it"s really tough to choose one.

I was obsessed v this track for eras after i heard it, i love loads of bullet For my Valentine songs yet this one is simply beast... It has actually everything... Metalcore and also even acoustic rock, bullet For my Valentine really reflecting what they have the right to do here...

The ideal song of cartridge for mine valentine ever before tears don"t loss is second according to me plenty of songs are an extremely awesome!You can"t argue on the fact but this is the greatest song...After gaining bored addiction this song allows you out of it..First time ns heard.. Provided me chills.. "me.. Yeah... Every these points I hate revolve around me! "

The best, many catchy bullet For mine Valentine tune ever! The rest is simply amazing and so is the beat."Run away shot to find a safe location you deserve to hide. It"s the best place come be once you"re emotion like.. ME (me)! yes (yeah)"The best. EVER.

5 Hand of Blood

This is by far the best Bullet for My Valentine song. That definitely far better your betrayal at least. The intro is just musical orgasm, and also the screamos room limited, yet that"s what makes it so good. Need to be no. 2 at least...

This is the first song i heard the bullet.. Nfs many wanted has actually this track, it boosts the adrenaline effect while racing.. And additionally their first song the I had actually learnt.. A very different tune as they superbly mix screams/growls v clean vocals.. Basic riffing n killer melodic solo.. Likewise best breakup song (along with pretty top top the exterior :P)..

Excellent Riffs, Vocals the go indigenous clean come screams, The melody just goes up and also down, the very first song to have such intro and the solo is partially played through the valuation guitar!

This is the very first song, ns heard from bullet for my Valentine and made me try out their other songs as well. Yet this continues to be my cartridge For my Valentine favourite.

6 Hearts Burst into Fire

Fantastic song, even better live, yes, really puts you in a very good mood. This song has helped me with a many stuff and also I expect it reaches an initial as it really does deserve it, the guitar, vocals and general track is fantastic.

The best and the just Bullet for My Valentine that i listen to. It"s like punk rock and also I don"t hear to metal I listen to punk that"s why i don"t say the their other songs are bad but I just don"t listen to their other songs. The sounds choose sum 41

First tune of bullet For mine Valentine ns have ever before heard... Go out me off when I heard the etc chord... Moreover, the song has awesome lyrics and also a touch the pain.. I just love tish song... Bullet For mine Valentine literally rocks.

This song need to be on very first position... Wonderful lyricsMY bed"s so cold for this reason lonelyNo arms simply sheets to organize meHas this people stopped turningAre we forever to be apart?Love this song an extremely muchPlease vote for this

7 Alone

This needs to be that the best rock songs ns have ever before heard. A lot much more people should listen to this song!It should certainly be number one top top this list! cartridge For my Valentine is prefer the biggest rock band out there.

I think this track is yes, really underrated, that is far from being one of the many hardcore songs from cartridge For mine Valentine, however still, there space so numerous instruments, riffs, solos...this tune is awesome.

This song will do its means to the optimal 5 uneven their new album this year has actually some killer tunes. If friend haven"t heard it however or only provided it a rapid listen. Sit down and really focus on every its elements. Good song

One of the best song of Bullet. Have to be in top 3. The music, the lyrics, the energy, the etc lead every thing is good about this song. This is a perfect bullet For my Valentine song.

8 Scream, Aim, Fire

"Scream target Fire" is a track by Welsh hefty metal band Bullet because that My Valentine. The very first single indigenous their 2nd album, Scream target Fire, the tune was exit on the American iTunes store on 18 December 2007, and has also been exit on the band"s MySpace profile. Featured in the video clip games guitar Hero world Tour and non-US versions of guitar Hero modern-day Hits, the is the band"s greatest charting single worldwide. The is also accessible as downloadable contents in the video clip game Rock band 3. -Wiki

Vocals are the strongest in mine opinion, lock dictate the song, as opposed come in many of the others in i beg your pardon the instruments take centre stage. Also, the "Over the Top" bit and also the shout chorus simply wreck shop.

For me, this is the ideal Bullet for My Valentine song. Blast beating, heavy riffing, solo-ing. Just what we want. And everything just seems perfect as soon as the malfunction comes in! SCREAM, AIM, FIRE!

This song is definitely the best Bullet for my valentine song they ever made and the ideal they"ll ever before make. It"s probably one the the best in the genre too.

9 4 indigenous (To throttle Upon)

Top notch drums and guitar. I love the alternative of screams and also cleans and the means the drums collection the mood. I prefer bullet because that the metalcore ingredient mainly and this is the finest full top top metalcore tune with hand the blood a close second.

This is an amazing song. That expresses pain, yet pride. Sometimes, when I feeling let down, I just listin to this song and it fills me with strength. Amazing work.

This is my favourite bullet for my Valentine song. Ns heard it of f the Madden 2006 and also I instantly favor it.

This totality album to be amazing yet this track was perfect everyone stated I wouldn"t amount to anything fine "look at me now! "

10 The critical Fight

Great for any kind of epic fight, like it"s name says. Awesome ingredient from cartridge For mine Valentine. The solos space all so great and the lyrics space brilliant. Simply amazing.

Wow! This song is... AMAZING. Great opening with the guitar riff. And also great definition too! It"s great. When I"m in a funk, this is typically the track I turn to.

This song is the finest Bullet for My Valentine tune ever. The powerful and according to vocals of this tune are just awesome. Fantastic guitar riffs.

One the the most an effective song ever before written by cartridge For mine Valentine! Can"t get this tune out of mine head!

11 Bittersweet Memories

I love this song! It assist me v a really bad time in mine life, and also still does. Vocals are remarkable & pretty an effective too. Guitars & drums space so brilliant. This is by much my favourite, in reality it"s my every time favourite song. Go on - hear to it!

I love this so much. I"ve got so plenty of bittersweet storage which ns am reminded of as soon as I hear to your songs. 2006 appears pretty much away now. Yet this songs always gets me there. Beautiful..

This is ~ above no. 10..?There"s nothing left 2 say...Though this is various from various other songs and its not a steel core song, yet still This is the ideal of cartridge For mine ValentinePlease vote...

I think this song have to be way up. Ns am addicted come it, usual vote it. This is just one of the ideal songs that I have actually heard, cool cool, and also whats wrong v this quality meter.

12 nice on the Outside

This song and 4 Words have the finest lyrics and they"re my favourite songs of this band, and also I can"t recognize why this tune is 27th! It must be peak 3, or at the very least top 10! Please hear to this music and also vote because that it, please! therefore annoying typing too numerous words come post!

This tune its surely peak 5!The lyrics are incredible and also by hearing the track you deserve to feel the hateThis its yes, really a song because it expresses emotions choose hate vote this one please!

The finest lyrics I"ve ever heard!It"s therefore amzing...This tune fills me up every solitary time ns hear it...It need to be in ~ no. 1 spot!In optimal 3 because that sure..Listen come this and vote it its yes, really awesome!

Great song. The lyrics yes, really state the reality in the people"s exterior should reflect their inside. Listen to it and also really embrace the definition to completely grasp it.

13 Tears Don"t Fall, Pt. 2

I actually favor this to component 1 in some methods (the chorus is a bit better in component 2 in my opinion), and it"s certainly one of mine favourite song by bullet For my Valentine and also my favourite ~ above Temper Temper (closely complied with by fact Hurts for the epos chorus and Dirty Little an enig for the intro).

One that the ideal songs turn off Temper Temper. That Riffs space so gripping I have assuredly heard the song over a hundred time in a week... Go cartridge For my Valentine!

It mirrors the flipside of the an initial part, the an interpretation is immense and the riffs are AMAZING! The intro riff beginning is awesome as well.

This is a good song on the whole but not good as the very first part...But this does no make the a poor song...

14 Suffocating Under words of woe (What deserve to I Do)

The guitars in this track are really remarkable to those the Tears Don"t Fall and honestly its lyrics are likewise even better, the reality is that I have never felt bored listening come this masterpiece because it has a most energy and a most sense in meaning. I likewise want to say that this supplied to be one of the favorite songs of mine cousin Yahir who is no longer with us, in peace rest and also worship him by offering my poll to this distinct song!

It"s a an extremely underrated song. The riff and also everything in this song is fabulous! certainly the 2nd best tune after tears don"t fall. The would have actually been number 1 had actually it"s video clip been better!

Best guitar solo the all cartridge for mine Valentine songs. 2nd only to all These things I dislike (revolve about me).Much better than the location would suggest.

15? This song has actually a powerful failure and commendable lyrics.. Should be in the optimal 5 list... Very underrated!

15 No means Out

Lots the fans were disappointed v Temper Temper and these men needed to provide them something more heavier to show they space still alive. Then this tune came out and I only need to say this: cartridge IS BACK!

This song is really awesome, i can"t prevent listening come this... They returned to metalcore sound and also I"m an extremely glad to hear that :D can"t wait to hear to the brand-new album "Venom" which will be one of the best album releases in 2015 in mine view.Please vote for this song, it"s kicking ass

Needs a location here, the band went over and past with this track in terms of instrumentals. Shows that they"ve still obtained it.

The solitary of their 2015 album dubbed Venom. Perfect riffs, screaming and also brutal. Ns love it!

16 Cries in Vain

This is a peak 3 tune in my opinion, yet then again, it"s difficult for me to put really many of their songs ahead of anything from the poison album. Absolute masterpiece.

I listen to this song once I"m sad and also it provides me feeling better. Awesome song it is basically the best.

Easily number 1 don"t know why it"s at such a poor position... Quickly a deserving top ten...

I"m simply voting top top this one, due to the fact that I"m shocked its no on the peak 10!

17 Deliver united state from Evil

I really prefer the riff in this song. It sounds a little lighter than few of their other songs, however this one is really good.

This is like among their ideal songs! It certainly should be in the optimal 5 in ~ least. Okay, maybe peak ten. It has actually such a wonderful track to it

Not in the optimal ten, cause people simply haven"t heard it.

One that the best songs around Bullet for My Valentine.

18 Say Goodnight

This tune is an excellent man. That deserves much much better position than rank 25.How come no one voted for it.It is one of my favorite track from this band. Its simply that together it is comparatively brand-new this song gained fewer votes.

Feel the pure etc melody. Stop for a moment and enjoy this awesome item of art. You will certainly be greatly rewarded at the finish of the song. For me it"s no. 1

Begins through trance music.. Great lyrics.. Addicting.. Please vote for it.. Sad to discover it at place 26..

Awesome man... Best song ever before made... Sleep chop say goodnight... Come on males listen come it and sure to poll for it

19 Don"t require You

After Venom, bullet just show us the they never be "Temper Temper" anymore. And then, this tune is coming up. Love this track so much

That"s definitely one of the ideal songs I"ve ever heard, through its middle ages background and tragical dark atmosphere, every the screams and also the addicting chorus, it"s merely breathtaking, bullet For my Valentine friend did it again

This brand-new song is simply lit!

20 P.O.W.

This song is exceptionally underrated it. A lot of of world hate them because that their more recent stuff but screw them this song is a center finger come them it reflects that they space still among the best metal bands ever ( my second favourite band, appropriate under stole maiden) hear to it and also you will not it is in disappointed

20?!?! have y"all also listened come this prior to you voted because that smth else? Come on! This is among their finest songs, if not their best, along with Tears Don"t fall (for me personally), however even if not one of their best, 20th is a bad joke. It have to at least be in the peak 10.

One that the much better songs indigenous the album. It have to be placed up higher. Through this song, bullet For mine Valentine successfully create an additional masterpiece. It won"t disappoint.

Why is this tune is the 26th in this list and Tears Don"t Fall component 2 is 13th? This track is just the finest in Temper Temper and far better than part that are higher than this.

21 The Poison

This have to be in the top 3! This is quickly one that their ideal songs, some of the stuff in the top 10 room really overrated and also are no complement to this!

This one should really be in the optimal 5... It is AWESOME!I never obtain bored that this song... It"s mine favourite after tears don"t fall!

The poison is in no.14! serious what space the voters of hand that blood thinking. This must be top top the peak 3 list. The is therefore AWESOME!

*Facepalm* This is easily one that their best songs from their best album. This is the title monitor of the said album, have to be in the peak 3.

22 Room 409

This is my favorite song from the band. The environment is oppressive, and also the music is crushing.

This song is really brutal, number 1 in mine eyes.

How deserve to this even be 21? It"s an amazing song guys!

This song is just awesome... Need to be on height 10

23 Raising Hell

Bullet for My Valentine back on track through this one... Love it and also please vote for this new killer...

Love this track so much. Favourite cartridge For my Valentine tune to be moral so underrated it"s sad.

New bullet for my Valentine come up! too aggressive song. An extremely imperssive solo and also Matt"s screams. An excellent job!

Absolutely brilliant brand-new song, in much more of the layout of their very first two albums.

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24 Begging for Mercy

This a brand-new song, just released from your upcoming album, Fever. This song is AWESOME and also you can acquire it for cost-free off that Tweematic just short article something saying you download it ~ above your facebook from the site and also the download switch appears. They execute this to get the native out around the album, and I think it"s pretty damn smart.

Oh my god this track is amazing! one of their ideal songs iv"e heard from fairly frankly any Metal band. You re welcome vote, it"s in the top 5!

Seeing this track at 56 is a tragedy. Absolutely amazing metal masterpiece. This deserves to it is in in the peak 10