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You will never ever go hungry
BroomSweep far the evil; Your residence will constantly be clean
CandleYou will always have light
CoinBring an excellent fortune because that the year
HoneyRepresents the sweet of life
KnifeProtect versus intruders
Olive OilHealth, Light and believe it or not, keep your husband faithful
PennyKeep the girlfriend from ever before being in ~ the end of the knife
PlantYou will always have life
RoosterTo save trespassers and also dangers far from the house (Not a live one, but you can discover them imprinted on food towels or a pitcher that is shaped prefer one)
RiceSign the fertility
SaltRepresents life"s tears; girlfriend can likewise place a pinch that salt at the threshold of every door and home window for great luck; Mend every woundsToilet PaperThe factor is the the roll is straightforward to spool out and also represents the hope the all problems with the brand-new home will certainly be as quickly solved.
WineNever walk thirsty; Your residence brings girlfriend happiness and also joy
WoodYour life/home will always have stability, harmony and peace

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