As girlfriend know, also though phibìc America and an excellent Britain re-superstructure the very same language, part words are completely different. Right here are some of the most usual differences.

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American Word British Word Flashlight Torch Gas Petrol soccer Football Cookie Biscuit Diaper (on a baby) Nappy (on a baby) have the right to (of food) tin (of food) Elevator elevator van Lorry Hood (of a car) Bonnet (of a car) tribe (of a car) boots (of a car) Eraser Rubber


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Can you fill in the blanks there is no looking back?

1. In north America, a person drives a truck down the road. In great Britain, a human drives a .

examine your answer. Lorry

2. In an excellent Britain, the former of a auto is called a bonnet. In north America, the prior of a vehicle is called a .

inspect your answer. Hood

3. In north America, the ago of the car has a trunk. In an excellent Britain, the back of the auto has a .

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check your answer. Boot

4. In good Britain, civilization put petrol in your cars to do them go. In north America, world put in your cars.

check your answer. Gas

5. In phibìc America, babies stay diapers prior to they find out to usage the toilet. In an excellent Britain, babies stay .

check your answer. Nappies

6. In good Britain, food have the right to be purchase in tins. In phibìc America, food is bought in .

check your answer. Cans

7. In phibìc America, world eat cookies. In good Britain, the same things are referred to as .

check your answer. Biscuits

8. In an excellent Britain, human being play football. In north America, the video game is dubbed .

check your answer. Football

9. In north America, you deserve to see in the dark if you usage a flashlight. In good Britain, you use a to see in the dark.

examine your answer. Torch

10. In an excellent Britain, you walk up the structure in a lift. In phibìc America, you usage an .

inspect your answer. Elevator

11. In phibìc America, once you do a mistake with a pencil, you deserve to erase it with an eraser. In great Britain, you usage a .