While farming up in West Virginia Brad Paisley to be a huge fan of “The Andy Griffith Show.” he has even said the learned many important life lessons native Sheriff Andy Taylor and also his relationship with his son, Opie.

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Therefore, it’s no surprised that working v the legendary tv star to be a joyful suffer for the country music star. So, what events led to your collaboration? And, what did Andy Griffith’s mam express to Brad Paisley about his occupational on the video with she husband?

According come a 2012 article in the Los Angeles Times, Paisley released the tune “Waitin’ top top a Woman” in 2005. The tune was on the singer’s “Time well Wasted” album. A few years later, he was finally ready to produce a music video for the song.

“I assumed it was crucial song, and also I knew I’d come ago to it in which method to acquire it top top the radio,” Paisley called the Los Angeles Times.

Interestingly, it to be actor Billy Bob Thornton who helped inspire Andy Griffith’s involvement in the music video for the song. Paisley claimed that his friend Peter Tilden speak to Thornton about the song and its video. Thornton then suggested Griffith as the perfect human to cast. In order to obtain Griffith on board for the video, Brad Paisley had actually to compose him a letter.

“I wrote the letter and also said, ‘This tune epitomizes your character and also the values and also things you celebrate, and also I wonder if you want to it is in in a music video.’ His wife, Cindy, was crucial in this. The typical: once a mrs likes something, us listen, and also that’s the suggest of the track in part ways,” Paisley said, follow to the newspaper.

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Brad Paisley visited Andy Griffith’s residence in north Carolina

Before lock filmed the video for “Waitin’ on a Woman,” Brad Paisley, his wife, and also son travel to north Carolina come visit Griffith in ~ his home. It to be there that the country music singer got to spend quality time through the television star and his wife.

And once it come time to shoot the video, Brad Paisley got a possibility to experience Andy Griffith in ~ work. Unsurprisingly, the singer was an extremely impressed v the man he had actually admired because that so long. If talking around shooting the video with the newspaper, Paisley additionally shared other Griffith’s wife, Cindy, claimed to him.

“He was a full pro,” Paisley called the Los Angeles Times. “He to be so serious around getting that right. Cindy stated to me once, ‘This might be the last point he does,’ and I think that pretty lot was. The crossed our minds together we to be singing around him walking on and waiting for his wife in the afterlife.”

Filming the music video clip with Andy Griffith was an suffer Brad Paisley stated he will always remember.

“He couldn’t walk very well – he had poor knees – for this reason the manager asked him, ‘Would you walk off right into the distance?’ the said, ‘Sure.’ The sunlight was setting and that walked about 100 yards,” Paisley told the newspaper. “It was unbelievable. You’re seeing him in a white fit walking off right into the sun. Jim stated to me, ‘I didn’t mean that. I believed he’d go around 20 feet.’ capturing that image, ok never acquire that out of my mind. …”