If for some reason an increase and Virgin’s offers failed to convince you till now, the next days seem prefer the ideal moment to walk from postpaid to prepaid, courtesy that a “yard sale” organized in cooperation with RadioShack. 3 HTC phones are offered for heavily discounted prices with the retailer, while 2 other new handhelds native ZTE and also Samsung have launched v RadioShack top top the cheap.

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It is no mystery that off-contract smartphones are enhancing in popularity; v decreasing prices and brand-new players acquiring in the game, what seemed favor a happen whim will surely come to be a trend quickly enough.

Minor carrier like an increase and Virgin mobile are ending up being stronger by the day, and, although us don’t see them threaten Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and also T-Mobile anytime soon, their industry shares are certainly going up.

But if for some reason boost and Virgin’s provides failed to convince you till now, the following days seem favor the ideal moment to walk from postpaid to prepaid, courtesy the a “yard sale” arranged in collaboration with RadioShack. Three HTC phones are offered for greatly discounted prices v the retailer, while two other new handhelds indigenous ZTE and Samsung have launched with RadioShack on the cheap.

The EVO V 4G because that Virgin mobile is more than likely the many enticing phone call on sale, going because that $229.99 after a $70 (23%) discount. This is not precisely a brand new handheld, however it does run Android 4.0 ICS v HTC sense UI 3.6.


Sporting a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) display, the EVO V come rocking a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 processor and also 1 GB that RAM. Recognized as the EVO 3D back when the was sold by Sprint, this tiny guy comes through a glasses-free 3D screen, and a 5 MP rear-facing shooter through 3D capabilities.

The 2nd HTC phone call on revenue via RadioShack is the EVO design 4G for boost Mobile. This is likewise up because that grabs because that $229.99 ~ a $70 discount, however unfortunately that is currently out of share online. You should still have no trouble finding the in stores, although we don’t recognize why you’d pick this over the EVO V.

The EVO architecture has a smaller 4-inch display with the same 960 x 540 display, is it is provided by a slow 1.2 GHz single-core processor and also comes with less RAM (768 MB).

Last, however not the very least in HTC’s line-up is the “chintastic” One V for Virgin Mobile. This is additionally out of share online, however it certainly makes it worth a expedition to your local RadioShack store, together it’s easily accessible for simply $149.99 after a $50 discount.


The 3.7-inch capacitive display screen with 800 x 480 pixels resolution and also the single-core 1 GHz processor could not sound very hot, but the ICS, 5 MP camera and also Beats Audio sound improvement are certainly not standard attributes for $150 phones.

All three HTC phones will certainly get ago to their usual prices as soon as the RadioShack promo ends, so you only have until September 29 to decision which one of the trio is the ideal fit because that you.

If HTC’s no your favorite brand, you have two various other attractive options from ZTE and Samsung. The brand new Warp Sequent and the Galaxy Rush to be until now only up for grabs via boost Mobile, but starting today they can be purchased with RadioShack brick and mortar shop too.

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RadioShack is providing the ZTE Warp Sequent for $199.99, when the Samsung Galaxy rush is available for $149.99. Girlfriend can gain the 2 phones from rise at the exact same prices, therefore there’s no transaction going ~ above here, back it’s constantly nice to have more options.

So, what say you, folks? will certainly you it is in taking benefit of RadioShack and also HTC’s to exclude, deal? perform the Warp Sequent or Galaxy rush sound much more attractive?