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You probably aren’t heading to the high desert expecting to find beautiful, naturally occurring bodies of water.

But while new Mexico can be viewed as dry, it uses up amazing avenues for those spring to have actually some fun in the sun and also water. In fact, these bodies that water might be the state’s best-kept secret! take a read below for part exciting concepts on how finest to enjoy new Mexico's lakes.


Wakeboarding at Navajo Lake State Park

Wakeboarding in new Mexico? correct! Navajo Lake is located outside of Farmington, new Mexico and also is the 2nd largest lake in the state. It’s a an excellent lake the has come to be a haven because that boaters and also swimmers, however has likewise become famous for wakeboarding and windsurfing, specifically in spring.


Whitewater Rafting the Rio Grande

The 2nd longest river mechanism in the unified States, the Rio Grande river is magnificent in and also of itself. But to important soak the in and appreciate it’s beauty, we recommend taking among the whitewater rafting tours. If you room a thrill seeker opt for the more an overwhelming Taos Box. The river’s other rafting section, the Racecourse, is much easier and better suited for households or beginners. Both operation boast beautiful scenery and also wildlife, so friend can’t go wrong.

Canoeing the Gila

The Gila river in western new Mexico is just one of the couple of remaining undammed, free-flowing rivers in the united States and also the only one in the state. Through out the this people scenery, premier birding opportunities and also clear water, this river is ideal for canoeing or kayaking.

Swimming in Heron Lake State Park

Heron Lake is situated in new Mexico’s north mountains. This is a popular spot because that fishing, boating and also tubingon the weekends. But, if you desire a much more quiet method to enjoy this beautiful lake, we recommend finding one of the plenty of secluded coves because that swimming.

Scuba Diving at Blue Hole

The Blue Hole has earned Santa Rosa, brand-new Mexico the title of scuba diving capital of the southwest. It’s a natural, bell-shaped pool that is 80 feet deep, has astonishing clarity and also a constant water temperature the 61 degrees. It’s perfect for swimming and diving therefore don’t forget her gear.

Take a dive in Lea Lake

Lea Lake is the only lake in the Bottomless Lakes State Park where swimming is permitted and also is one of the many beautiful underappreciated lakes in new Mexico. With sandy “beaches,” turquoise water and also quartz crystals, also-known-as Pecos Diamonds, Lea Lake is entirely unique. But beware,waters have the right to be chilly and deep. We recommend hitting this spot increase in the summertime.

Hiking To sitting Bull Falls

Hidden away, about an hour-and-a-half external of Carlsbad, lies the majestic sitting Bull drops waterfall. Take one of the trails for a quite hike, run or bike and also then cool turn off in the water through the beautiful drops in the background.

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Planning one unforgettable suffer in new Mexico is easy with a free New Mexico True Adventure Guide. See the guide online, or inquiry to have actually one sent out to you.