Bob Marley and the Wailers" 1973 classic "I shoot the Sheriff" appears plenty straightforward. Marley, in ~ the paper definition of the song, find it prudent, even necessary, come shoot the sheriff. In a moment of quiet pause, however, he refuses to offer in to his baser instincts, and also refrains from shooting the deputy. Together a result, reggae music ensues.

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But might "I shooting the Sheriff" have a deeper meaning? can it count itself among numbers favor "London Calling" by The Clash and also Semiconic"s "Closing Time?" The musical equivalent to a bookcase concealing a covert door, causing messages hidden just below the surface.

Not sure. Maybe. Esther Anderson sure thinks so, and she would understand a point or two because she dated Marley for a spell. She also went out with Marlon Brando for a couple of years. Some girls have all the luck.

In any kind of case, Esther, who insurance claims to have actually helped co-write "I shooting the Sheriff," claims that there"s an additional layer to the song, and it"s not precisely in keeping with the chilled vibes connected with breezy reggae and also murdering regulation enforcement officials.

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One certain section the the lyrics offers the game away, follow to Esther Anderson"s documentary Bob Marley: The do of a Legend. castle go together follows:

"Sheriff john Brown always hated me,

For what, i don"t know:

Every time ns plant a seed,

He stated kill it before it grow"

According to Anderson, this wasn"t just vivid lyricism. It was Marley taking a shot at her use of contraception. Specifically, he found her use of birth regulate pills attack to the allude of blasphemy. Every the Miami brand-new Times: "Ms. Anderson was on birth manage pills, and also Mr. Marley believed the pills to be sacrilege. He want her to have his baby. He thought their love was strong and it was sin to kill his seed. The physician who prescribed those baby-killing pills came to be the sheriff."

If this is true, it provides sense that Marley would swap out a sheriff for a doctor. "I shoot the doctor/but i did no shoot the EMT" fits the metre alright, yet the as whole message could not have found an audience v Americans music fans without that quasi-Old West imagery. Also, go you understand that "One Love" is all around how there are some yes, really solid disagreements for keeping the sex wage gap?