Because his jailbird son complained about a absence of prison toiletries, Bob Barker of "The Price is Right" founded a firm that offers them?

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Claim: due to the fact that his jailbird boy complained about a lack of jail toiletries, Bob Barker the The Price is Right established a firm that provides them.

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I work at a jail and all of the prisoners toiletries come native a company called Bob Barker. Everyone states it is Bob Barker from Price is Right. The story is his kid was incarcerated and complained lock didn’t have soap, toothpaste ect. For this reason his dad began a agency that provides these. Ns think the is a rumor the is distinctive to world that work in institutions. Is this true?

Origins: It periodically happens the someone that achieves a measure of fame shares his or her name with another person that is also in the public eye (e.g., pop star Michael Jackson and the Los Angeles radio talk show host that the same name). As soon as that is the case, man is bound to result.

In this instance, the concern of who is the person behind a certain prison supply firm has spawned its own tale.

According to jail lore, the Bob Barker the the firm that makes inmates’ uniforms is the venerable television game present host, through the factor for his involvement in together an enterprise given as having actually to perform with trying to carry out right through his jailbird son. The rumor variously asserts that before Bob Barker’s involvement in the jail supply field, inmates to be either not noted with toiletries or the ones castle were offered were the horrendous quality. In either case, states the popular whisper, the boy complaints about the harshness the this facet of the therapy of prisoners relocated the famed father to create a jail supply firm to better take care of the lad’s needs.

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It’s a great tale, however there are two points wrong with it. First, the Bob Barker the The Price is appropriate fame has no children, incarcerated or otherwise. (He wed his high institution sweetheart when he was 22, v that union lasting until the fatality of his wife in 1981 ~ 36 years of marriage and has never ever remarried.)

Second, the Bob Barker of jail toiletries and clothing fame is not the TV game present host, however a previous North Carolina State senator who obtained into the prison supply service after a liven career the included beginning his own newspaper, coming to be mayor of his town, and selling restaurant equipment. Bob Barker Company, Inc., which describes itself as “America’s leading Detention Supplier,” started in the so late 1970s. That vends a range of assets used in detention facilities, such together toiletries, bedding, jail uniforms, laundry and cleaning supplies, and also even the trays offered by inmates in the dining hall. Numerous of these items are produced under its own label, which method those in correctional framework can’t aid but conference the name, together it shows up on the disposable razors and dental floss castle use.

Barbara “name recognition” Mikkelson

Last updated: 12 may 2010



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