In a authorize of sector commitment, bank of America intends come invest an approximated $150 million in renovating and updating the Jacksonville Operations center at 9000 Southside Blvd. In The methods area.

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The north Carolina-based jae won services organization will renovate and also update the 800,000 square feet of room it leases among five buildings.

The company confirmed the will include a parking garage, however that is not part of the $150 million.

Bank that America Jacksonville President note Bennett said Oct. 18 the three-year renovation task “demonstrates our ongoing commitment to being component of the Jacksonville community and our consistent efforts to make financial institution of America a good place to occupational for ours employees.”


The renovated lobby area in a 9000 Southside Blvd. Office.

The facility houses part of the bank’s customer call operations call center and also technology-operations support.

Bank of America has actually the largest sector share in subway Jacksonville v 51.7% of deposits together of June 30, according to the commonwealth Deposit insurance allowance Corp.

It has actually 30 offices in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau and also St. Johns counties.

The an initial phase the renovations comprises about 171,475 square feet among four buildings at allow job expenses of $18.1 million.

Those projects comprise individual and also partial floors.

Construction job-related is beginning in building 200.

The city issued patent Oct. 18-19 because that the $2.6 million remodeling of 18,400 square feet and also the $2.7 million remodeling of 22,555 square feet.

Marand home builders Inc. Is the contractor because that those projects. Auld & White Constructors LLC additionally will take care of renovations.

The first phase should be perfect in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Bank that America will follow with work-related on the remaining an are and expects to complete the task in summer 2023.

As the Oct. 18, the six permits in evaluation or issued consisted of two for building 600; 2 for structure 200; and also one each for structures 300 and also 500.

Bank the America spokesperson Christopher Feeney stated planning and also design began in December 2020.


A calculation of an employee café area. Countless employees job-related at the bank of America operations center in Jacksonville

Bank the America basically has populated the space since the structures were built in 1989 because that Barnett Banks. Jacksonville-based Barnett an unified into bank of America.

Feeney said the bank has number of thousand employee at the office park, however declined to say exactly how many.

He said bank of America constantly evaluates options to make the “best usage of our space and administer a more vibrant setting for our employee so they deserve to connect and also collaborate much more easily.”

The firm said the renovations will include updated workspaces through features and amenities consisting of height-adjustable workstations, energy-efficient lighting, more spaces for employee collaboration, more enhanced food and beverage options, an ext wellness rooms, updated technology and brand-new audiovisual capabilities.

It plans to accomplish LEED yellow energy and also Fitwel building-health certifications. Feeney said ideal practices include energy-efficient design, utilizing recycled materials and waste-stream diversion.

The entire 9000 Southside Blvd. Office campus has broadened to almost 1.24 million square feet the space.

Investors bought the property and then sold the five buildings now leased by bank of America to brand-new York City-based Ladder funding Corp. In 2017.

The bank consolidated into those buildings – 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600.

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The continuing to be structures are owned and also leased to various other users.


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