What does the expression birds that a feather i m crying together mean? That world tend come associate with those who share comparable interests or values.

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Example: Ed met most of his friends in ~ the gym. Currently once a week, castle all fulfill up and exercise together by going because that bike rides around the city. As the saying goes, birds the a feather i m crying together.Synonyms/Similar: 2 peas in a pod
A huge flock of birds of a similar feather.

The origin of ‘Birds that a Feather flock Together’

The phrase ‘birds of a feather i cry together’ is at least over 470 year old. It was in use as far earlier as the mid-16th century. Wilhelm Turner is stated to have actually used a version of this expression in the Rescuing of Romish Fox, from the year 1545:“Byrdes the on kynde and also color flok and flye allwayes together.”At some point, a birds flocking habits started come be used metaphorically to people who acted in a similar way, and now today, we have actually this saying.Do birds Of The exact same Feather really Flock Together?They sure do. It’s a common sight to see when you’re outside. You’ll watch pigeons flying together with other pigeons, ravens with ravens, and also so on. They tend to stick through their own kind; you don’t generally see one form of bird group up and flying along with another type.How huge Can Bird apricot Get?They have the right to vary considerably in number. Part birds can travel together just with a dozen or for this reason of the kind, if others, favor the Red-billed Quelea, can kind flocks that number into the thousands! Imagine seeing that in person. It’d look favor a giant cloud… the birds. Though that is one cloud girlfriend wouldn’t desire to was standing under for too long.

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Did girlfriend Know? when birds are flocking together, they use less energy to fly. For example, you’ve more than likely seen the ‘V’ formation that part birds fly in. Each bird paris in the wake up of another, i beg your pardon reduces the wind resistance because that the people in the back. Hence, the people in the ago do not must exert as much energy. For this reason the bird in the front has it the hardest, however they all take transforms being the prior flyer.

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