Ever wondered that holds the document for world’s largest feet — and also what dimension shoes that human being sports? as it transforms out, Guinness civilization Records keeps track of this stat. Here’s all you need to about the record.

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The male With the Record

The current record because that the world’s biggest feet is held by 22-year-old Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández the Venezula. Hernández, one avid basketball player, says he’s had actually trouble detect shoes that fit due to the fact that childhood.


“Finding shoes in my size was never ever easy. I already struggled to uncover my size when I to be 16 year old. Guinness world Records made me evaluate myself more, specifically the worth of the size of mine feet,” that said. “Today I’m proud to have actually the greatest feet top top earth.”

His Foot Measurements

Hernández’ feet measure up in in ~ 40.55 cm (1.33 ft) and also 40.47 centimeter (1.32 ft), which place him at a lining U.S. Dimension 26. Sultan Kösen, who is the tallest guy in the world standing at 8 foot 3, has feet the are just slightly smaller than Hernández’s.

How the Hets His Shoes

There’s no marketplace that offers size 26 footwear for regular retail revenue — many brands sell up to around a 13 or 14 — so it’s not basic for Hernández once he needs a new pair of shoes. Georg Wessel, a German tradition shoemaker, has actually helped outfit Hernández with shoes, and also Kösen and other Guinness world Record holders.

The largest Feet Ever

While Hernández hold the document for biggest feet amongst the living, the document for the biggest feet ever goes come Robert Wadlow, who wore a dimension 37AA shoe (his feet measured in ~ 18.5 customs each). The American-born Wadlow to be 8 foot 11 and lived from 1918 to 1940.


Robert Wadlow sweeps v two members of the Doll household while on tour through the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus, 1938.

Health Problems connected With huge Feet

While larger-than-average feet can make shoes shopping a nuisance, they likewise may be indicative of broader health problems. Overlapping feet and also hands are amongst the symptoms linked with acromegaly, a hormonal disorder that occurs as soon as the pituitary gland makes excess development hormone.

Average Foot Size

A 2014 report native the American Academy the Orthopaedic Surgeons showed that the worldwide average shoe dimension for males is in between 9 and also 12; the American average male’s shoe size is 10.5.

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Shoe Sizes over Time

While Walton tho holds the document for largest feet ever, shoes sizes have actually actually boosted on typical over the years. The national Shoe Retailers Association, which tracks shoe dimension of both men and also women, reports that the mean shoe size has grown by one dimension over the past three decades.

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