Both numbers and also colors have significance in interpreting scripture (Read also: The meaning of colors in the Bible). The word of God is clean in what is written, and also it is deep in what is revealed with patterns, types, and also symbolism. Hebrew hermeneutics has an interpretation technique that has something called a “remez.” A remez is a note of a covert message or a deeper definition that is listed below the surface or behind the words. Numbers and also colors are a remez.

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Believing whatever in Scripture has actually significance, and knowing that whatever was placed there by incentive of the holy Spirit, us should method the symbolism that biblical numbers and colors with a desire to recognize what God is revealing through them. Us will address numbers here and colors next week.

Numbers in the Bible

 “If God has given all points their significance, and also defined their bounds follow to time, space, power, and number, and if He has appointed particular measurements to regulate things and also times, biblical numbers must be symbolical, and be worthy of our study; and if a fit subject for study, the laws by which this symbolism of number is controlled, need to it is in ascertained.” — Patrick Fairbairn, Scottish minister and theologian, 1805-1874

Symbolism of number is defined by identifying trends throughout the Bible. Because the fads vary, part numbers are not as clearly defined as others. The symbolism of number 1, 3 and 7 are most agreed upon, when variations may happen with others.

Remember, the an interpretation of numbers in the holy bible is not perfect, however the meaning of the created Word is always perfect. This list of biblical numbers and also meanings is through no way exhaustive. The is noted to offer a an easy understanding of trends that expose what these numbers represent.

1. Union and Oneness

One is elevation of all various other numbers and yet is contained in all other numbers. One is only divisible by itself.

1 represents the union the the Godhead together one God.

Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The lord our God is one LORD john 10:30 I and also my Father space one. 1 Corinthians 8:4 …there is no other God yet one. Galatians 3:20 … God is one.

1 represents the union of man and also woman coming to be one meat (Genesis 2:24; note 10:7-9)1 to represent the union the God and man in salvation (John 17:11, 20-21, 1 Corinthians 6:17, Ephesians 5:30)

2. Companionship, Witness, Division

Although a man and also woman are carried together as one in marriage, they room still 2 individual people, purposed by God to be companions to each various other in separate and also unique ways (Genesis 2:18, 22, Ecclesiastes 4:9, Amos 3:3).

2 the every type of animal entered the ark2 tablets contained the Ten Commandments2 testaments consist of the native of God2 witnesses were compelled by law for valid testimony (Deut 17:6, Num14:6-7, 1 monarchs 21:10, Mat 18:16, john 8:17, 2 Cor 13:1, Rev 11:3)2 time Pharaoh was given a dream “because it was developed by God” (Gen 41:32)2 parts in the day2 great lights to divide the day and night (sun and moon)2 cherubim at the 2 end of the mercy seat2 turtledoves or 2 young pigeons offered as an acceptable sin providing for the bad (witnessed come the lamb)2 loaves and 2 lambs were the wave giving of Shavuot2 goats in the work of Atonement offering2 pillars at the enntrance gate of God’s Temple built by Solomon2 doors, 2 pipeline for each door ~ above the holy place in Ezekiel 412 olive tree that space “the two anointed ones, that stand by the lord of the whole earth.” (Zechariah 4:14)2 blind males who testified of Jesus cure (Matthew 9:27, 20:30)2 disciples were offered the testimony of Jesus to offer to man in prison (Matthew 11:2-6)2 disciples sent out to gain a donkey and also a colt (2) and tell “the Lord has need the them.”2 commandments on i beg your pardon “hang all the law and the prophets” (Matthew 22:40)2 masters (Luke 16:13) One true: God; one false: money2 thieves on crosses=2 testimonies (but only one true testimony)2 angels testified in ~ the dig (John 20:12)2 witnesses who space the 2 olive trees and 2 candlesticks during the Tribulation (Revelation 11:3-4)

3. Triunity of magnificent Design 

Three is the variety of triunity together perfectly viewed in the divine Trinity — one God in three Persons. Triunity existed before the structures of the world, with the infinite and eternal Father, Son, and also Holy Spirit.

God set patterns of three in many of the rituals and instructions for His civilization Israel: Three points were placed in the Ark the the commitment (jar that manna, Aaron’s staff, tables that stone); day-to-day prayers were 3 times a day; Appointed times (feasts) were 3 times each year; 3 laws: moral, ceremonial and civil; Three species of sacrifice: Sin-offering, peace offering, and praise offering. Other patterns of triunity in the Bible and also in our civilization include:

3 areas men dwell: Heaven, earth and the underworld3 heavens3 time frames: Past, present, and also future3 points of measurement: Beginning, middle, and end3 measurements: Length, width, and also height3 states of water: Solid, liquid, gas3 capability of man: thought, word, and also deed3 qualities: good, far better and best3 gifts of grace: faith, hope, and love3 temptations that Eve: The tree was great for food, satisfied to the eyes; desired to do one wise.3 temptations of man: the lust of the flesh, lust the the eyes, proud of life3 good enemies: the World, the flesh, and also the devil3 kinds of matter: mineral, vegetable, and also animal kingdom.3 Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and also Jacob3-part deliverance that Israel (in relationship to land): the end of Egypt, v the wilderness, into the Promised Land3-part instruction: Law, the prophets, and the psalms/writings (Luke 24:44)3 divisions in the tabernacle and also the temple: outer Court, divine Place, and also Most divine Place3 veils in the tabernacle: the external veil to the inside court, the inside veil to the holy Place, the innermost veil come the holy of Holies3 queens of the joined kingdom: Saul, David, and Solomon3 faithful people persecuted: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego3 intimate friend of Jesus: Peter, James, and also John (witnesses to the Transfiguration)3 Witnesses: the Spirit, the water, and the blood (1 man 5:8)3-part completeness in magnificent judgment: Numbered, weighed, and also divided3-part visibility of Jesus: i beg your pardon was, and also which is, and which is come come3-part fullness the the Godhead: Father, Son, and also Holy Spirit3-part fullness of man: heart = Essences (I am); heart = awareness (I see and also I know); human body = illustration (I to be seen) 1 Thess 5:233 redemptive plot of God: Loved, cleansed, and also crowned3 time God spoke from heaven (Matthew 3:17, 17:5, man 12:28)3-fold growth in the good ground–produces some 30 wrinkles growth, part 60, part 100 (Mark 4:8)3 Shepherd Psalms prophesied of Jesus: The good Shepherd informing of His death (Psalm 22, john 10:14-15); The good Shepherd informing of His resurrection (Psalm 23, Hebrews 13:20) and also The cook Shepherd informing of His glory (Psalm 24, 1 Peter 5:4)3 appearances of Christ in Hebrews 9: he has showed up to put away sin (vs 26) he now appears in the presence of God (vs 24) and He shall appear (vs 28) to those that look for Him (vs 28)3-part salvation: Justification, sanctification, glorification (2 Corinthians 1:10)3-part life in Christ: Positional, practical, and spiritual3 story high and also 300 hundreds cubits long was the size of Noah’s ark3 offices of Christ: Prophet, Priest, and King3 Spiritual things — Gifts, Ministries, and Effects (1 Corinthians 12:1)

4. An imaginative Works the God

Four involves God’s earthly, “under the sun,” an imaginative works.

4 corners of the earth (Revelation 7:1)4 cardinal directions (N, S, E, W)4 phases the the moon4 elements (earth, fire, water, air)4 rivers of paradise (Genesis 2:10)4 winds of heaven (Jeremiah 49:36)4 things that comprise the world (time, energy, space, and also matter).4 seasons (summer, autumn, winter, and spring).4 divisions of the job (morning, noon, evening, and midnight).4 major provisions for man (earth, air, fire, and also water).4 Winds (Matthew 24:31)4 generals took over Alexander’s kingdom (broken by God)4 world empires (beasts) the Daniel4 horns (gentile powers) of Zechariah4 guardians of the throne that God4 horsemen will carry calamity ~ above the planet (Revelation 6:1-8)4 plot of referee — sword, famine, angry beasts, and pestilence) with which God condemns the idolators that Jerusalem (Ezekiel 14:21).

5. Humanness: Weakness (man’s limitations), Dependance (man’s insufficiency in himself), Death

5 fingers, 5 toes, 5 senses5 books of legislation (Genesis – Deuteronomy)5 type of pets were sacrificed under the Levitical law: goats, sheep, cattle, pigeons, and doves.5 lump were not enough to feed the great multitude.5 brothers in Luke 16 who would not believe Moses and also the prophets.5 husbands can not meet the mrs at the well.5 wounds to be inflicted top top Jesus (two hands, two feet, and also His head) while alive on the cross. A sixth wound to be inflicted after ~ his death.5 realms of man represented in King Nebuchadnezzar’s frostbite (Daniel 2:32- Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, final Kingdom — 4 room fallen and the critical will autumn also)

6. The variety of Man, including the fallen Nature that Man and the functions of fallen Man and also the evil of man

Six falls quick of the number seven, God’s number of completion and perfection, and also man falls short of the perfection God developed him to be. Through 5 as the variety of humanness and also death, six represents man, his fallen nature, and also his works. No wonder the number of the beast is stood for as an unholy trinity of 666.

6th day God created man (Genesis 1:27)6 days were provided to man to work-related (Exodus 20:9, 31:15)6 generations that Cain’s descendants6 years a servant had actually to work prior to he might be collection free6 times Jesus was accused of being demon-possessed6 times Jesus to be asked to give a sign come PROVE Himself6 people proclaimed Jesus innocent however did nothing to prevent His crucifixion (Pilate, Herod, Judas, Pilate’s wife, the thief ~ above the cross, a roman inn Centurion).6 new Testament recommendation to world practicing sorcery (divination)666 is the variety of Satan

7. God’s variety of Completion, Perfection, and Rest

7th work of creation signified completion and rest7 good landmasses type the complete earth7 an excellent bodies the water type a finish ocean7 colors make a perfect spectrum7 colors in the rainbow (interesting the the LGBT flag has actually only 6 colors; Read Why go the LGBT use God’s Rainbow because that Its Flag?)7 notes do a perfect scale7 covenants that God through man: Adamic, Noah, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Levitic, Davidic, Messianic7 dispensations the God finish human history7th day to be a Sabbath for Israel, a job of rest7th year was a Sabbatical year, a year that rest.7 Sabbatical years, adhered to by the year of Jubilee.7 days for the Feast of Passover7 weeks in between Passover and Pentecost.7 days for the Feast the Tabernacles7 years was the time it take it to finish construction of the first Temple7 pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle7 days was the moment of mourning because that the dead7 times of forgiving to be elevated come 70 x 7 by Jesus7 Greek-speaking Christians were appointed through the 12 apostles (Acts 6:3)7 titles for Jesus in Hebrews.7 spirituality Gifts—Given from God the father (Romans 12:1-8)7 divisions in the Bible: Law, Prophets, Writings (Psalms), Gospels & Acts, Paul’s Epistles, general Epistles, and also the book of completion…

The publication of Revelation, which provides this an excellent display of sevens:

7 Churches7 letter to the 7 Churches7 gold Candlesticks7 Stars7 Angels7 Lamps of Fire7 spirits of God7 Seal Judgments7 Horns and 7 eye on the Lamb7 Trumpets7 Trumpet Judgments7 Thunders7 Thousand guys Slain7 Heads and 7 Crowns on the an excellent Red Dragon7 heads on the Leopard-like Beast that the Sea7 last Plagues7 golden Vials7 key Judgments7 top of blasphemy top top the Scarlet fancy Beast7 Mountains7 Kings

* 7 hours: This is of interest, but understand the it is no of biblical authority. There is a insurance claim in Jewish heritage that the an initial man, Adam, was completed in 7 hours. The Talmud records,

“How to be Adam created? In the very first hour his dust to be collected; in the 2nd his type was created; in the 3rd he became a shapeless mass; in the fourth his members to be joined; in the 5th his apertures to be opened; in the 6th he obtained his soul; in the seventh he stood increase on his feet . . .” 

8. New Beginnings

8 represents new life, regeneration, resurrection, and commencement.8 civilization were ~ above the ark for the brand-new beginning after ~ the flood.8 indigenous of God to bring forth development (Genesis 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, 26)8 souls passed through God’s referee by floodwaters and also began a brand-new world.8 beatitudes of the sermon on the mountain. (Matthew 5:3-11)8th day starts the week over again.8th note on a piano beginning the range over again.8th work a male boy was circumcised follow to the law.8th day the first-born was given to Jehovah (Exodus 22:29,30)8th job consecration the Aaron and his young as priests (Leviticus 9:1)8 covenants God made through Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3, 12:7, 13:14-17, 15:13-21, 17:1-22, 18:9-15, 21:12, 22:15-18)8th dispensation of God with male will water level in the eternal state, the new Jerusalem8 people were resurrected in the Bible, excluding Jesus’ resurrection and the saints who rose at that time. (1 kings 17:17-22, 17:17-22, 2 majesties 4:30-37, 13:21, john 11:38-44, Luke 7:11-17, Matthew 8:28-43, plot 20:7-12, plot 20:7-12, action 9:36-42)8th son of Jesse was the new King that Israel, David8th job (day after the Sabbath, the 7th day) Jesus climbed from the dead, ushering in a new beginning.

9. Finality and also Faith

9th year that the prophet Hosea the faith of the north Kingdom was judged by God together idolatrous. The kingdom was dominated by the Assyrians and also the people carried away right into exile (2 queens 17:6).9th year of King Zedekiah, God sent out judgment upon the southern Kingdom. Judah was conquered by Babylon and also the city of Jerusalem and also the temple were ruined (2 queens 25:1).9th hour Jesus declared, “it is finished.” The penalty because that sin to be paid by His faithfulness.9 fruits in the Fruit that the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and also self-control9 gifts of the spirit (1 Corinthians 12.8-10)9 Beatitudes (Mat 5.3-11)

10. Completion of divine Order

10th generation from production was judged for sin by the an excellent Flood.10 Commandments space the perfect instructions in righteousness10% tithe was an acknowledgment the God’s gifts of abundance10 plagues top top Egypt completed God’s judgment once Pharaoh failed to release God’s people.10 spies failed to view Gods power and also provision, for this reason they brought ago an angry report (Num 13:32)10 witnesses were dubbed in the book of Ruth (Ruth 4:1-2)10 men were a quorum for the Sanhedrin to convene.10 to be the variety of generations till an illegitimate son might enter the congregation the Israel (Deut 23:2) David was the 10th generation from Pharez, the illegitimate kid of Tamar and Judah.10 was the variety of generations till an Ammonite or Moabite might enter the congregation the Israel (Deut. 23:3).10 people failed come walk with God and to perform His will. They developed a separate kingdom offered to idolatry, i beg your pardon God judged and also scattered the people.10 time weaker than God’s world (Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah) were kind Nebuchadnezzar’s magicians and astrologers (Daniel 1:2010 lepers were unable to cure themselves, they necessary Jesus (Luke 17:12)10 kingdoms in the finish times

Other numbers additionally have meaning, however most with less significance than 1-10. Exceptions would be the numbers 12 and 40, i m sorry are clearly traced throughout the Bible and have clear and far-reaching meanings. 

12. God’s Perfect Government

12 lunar cycles corresponding to 12 months in the year12-hour periods in day and night12 signs of the Mazzaroth to be the stimulate of the stars12 patriarchs, native Seth to Noah and his family12 patriarchs native Shem come Jacob12 an effective judges throughout the national background of Israel12 stones top top the breastplate of the high priest12 spies commissioned by Moses come spy in Canaan12 was consistently represented in the design and flow the Solomon’s temple12 young of Jacob/Israel (Genesis 35:22-27)12 tribes of Israel (Genesis 49:28) came from the 12 young of Jacob12 year old Jesus was publicly well-known to have spiritual authority 12 apostles preferred by Jesus (Matthew 10:2-4)12 Kingdom of sky Parables

The publication of Revelation expose a pattern of the number 12:

12 x 2 (2-the number of witness) = 24 elders roughly the throne that God (Revelation 4:4)12,000 (sealed) x 12 (# the tribes) = 144,000 sealed witnesses (Revelation 7:4)The brand-new Jerusalem is checked out in that 12 gates, each v 12 foundations,The circumference of the new Jerusalem is 12,000 furlongs, and also its walls are 144 cubits high (Revelation 21:10-21; Ezekiel 48:30-35).

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30. Dedication come a job or Calling

30 to be the period that Joseph pertained to power in Egypt (Genesis 41:46)30 was the period that men in Israel gotten in the military and also serves in battle.30 was the period Levites began priestly service.30 to be the age David ended up being king (2 Samuel 5:4).30 to be the age John the Baptist started baptizing (based top top the period of Jesus).30 was the period Jesus started his earthly set (Luke 3:23).Israel mourned because that 30 days the deaths of their leaders Aaron and also Moses (Numbers 20:29, Deuteronomy 34:8)Judas covenanted come betray Jesus because that 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15)

40. Trials, Probation, Testings, and also Preparing

40 days and 40 nights it rained top top the earth40 years Moses remained in Egypt, 40 year in Midian, 40 years Moses served God40 job Moses to be on Mt. Sinai as soon as he was offered the Law40 work Moses to be on Mt. Sinai once he went back after breaking the tablets40 job after his birth a male son was committed to God40 work the spies to be in the floor of Canaan40 year Israel wandered in the wilderness40-year intervals of peace in the period of the Judges40 years of war between Israel and also the Philistines40 year Saul ruled together King40 work Goliath presented self to the militaries of Israel40 years David ruled together King40 days and 40 nights Elijah go in strength (angel had noted food)40 year Solomon ruled as King40 days Jonah remained in Nineveh40 year Josiah ruled Judah40 days Ezekiel lay on his right side to indicate the 40 years of Judah’s transgression40 days to be prophecies by Jonah to be the time before judgment would come on Nineveh40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness40 work Jesus taught His disciples after ~ the Resurrection

70. Seventy deserve to be taken by knowledge it’s the product of 7 x 10. Seven represents completion, perfection, and rest. Ten represents the completion of magnificent order. Therefore, seventy can be interpreted as the can be fried completion and also perfection that God’s divine order.

70 progeny of young name repopulated the people after the flood (Gen 10)70 members of Jacob’s family went down to Egypt (Gen 46:27)70 elders were appointed to help Moses administer Israel in the wilderness (Num 11:16)70 year of exile in Babylon for the world of Judah (Jer 5:11; 29:10)70 weeks (70 sevens) were decreed by God together the period in which Messianic redemption would be completed (Dan 9:24)70 guys sent forth by Jesus (Luk 10:1)70 time 7 times was the number of times Jesus stated we room to pardon others (Mat 18:22)

Fun Stuff around Numbers

From Scott M: The number 8 to represent infinity, eternity, and likewise a go back to the beginning. The infinity prize looks favor the number 8. Once you map your finger ~ above the number 8, girlfriend “cross over” and also return earlier to the beginning.

The number 9 is an extremely unusual. Take any other number (no issue how large or small) multiply it through 9, then keep adding those digits together. The result will constantly come out to 9! Examples:

2×9=18 and also the 1 add to the 8 same 9!25×9=225 and 2 add to 2 plus 5 amounts to 9!502×9=4518 and 4 plus 5 plus 1 to add 8 amounts to 18, and 1 to add 8 equals 9!

So mathematically, we could say this number equals God. That is the greatest number, and also no issue how numerous other numbers you main point it with, adding up the number of the product will certainly always an outcome in 9… the highest and also the greatest of all.

From Shari: thank you Scott. What you sent reminded me around how ns learned to main point by nine. Take it the number you are multiplying, subtract 1, and include what you must reach 9 to acquire the product. Examples:

4×9:  4-1= 3, 3+6=9, the product of 4×9 is 36! 7×9: 7-1= 6, 6+3=9, the product that 7×9 is 63! 9×9:  9-1= 8, 8+1=9, the product of 9×9 is 81!

Who “created” numbers and math? God!!!

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