Bet you Can't Eat simply One

Those of you who were roughly in 1980 psychic this advertising slogan very well, at least you should. I'm walk to offer you a minute to mental the product, the brand that started it all. Ready? Lays Potato Chips. The course, you're saying, i knew that!

On a more serious note, do you recognize anyone who can eat just one potato chip, Lays or otherwise? It's more than likely physically impossible. How did the whole potato chip point start? George Crum that Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, brand-new York, in 1853, gained annoyed at a customer who preserved sending his potatoes earlier saying castle weren't thin enough. George sliced them as thin as he could and also fried them. That salted the daylights out of lock too. As soon as he make the efforts to acquire his revenge top top the customer, the joke was top top him. The customer loved them.

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Potato chips space the number one snack in the united States.

"Bet you Can't Eat just One" was emerged by the Young & Rubicam proclaiming Agency.

Where's the Beef?

Wendy's food chain come up v the question, "Where's the Beef?". Seems the 80s was a great time for advertising. This question started in 1984. Of course one needs to admit, making use of Clara Peller in the advertisements to be nothing brief of brilliant! Looking at her large hamburger bun and also miniscule hamburger, it to be the perfect question. Supposedly her inquiry was to be "where's all the beef", yet she make a mistake and it took!

According to Wikipedia, Nashville songwriter and also DJ Coyote McCloud subsequently wrote and performed a hit track entitled "Where's the Beef?" as a promotion for Wendy's restaurants' famed advertising campaign. Wendy's and Clara differed about just how much money she made, but it would certainly seem she did okay in that department. Clara passed away three year after her tv debut at the age of 85.

Time to do the Donuts

Who couldn't sympathize with poor Fred acquiring up so early on to do the donuts! Did that complain? No, he simply said, "time to do the donuts" in rain or shine, that knew he had to do the donuts. Anyone who worked related to having to get up in the morning "to make the donuts" even if it is you wanted to or not!

Michael Vale was featured in Dunkin Donuts commercials because that fifteen years and also became among those lover icons. The wasn't the very first choice, however it is said once he go the reading for the part they knew he was the right actor. Of food this advertisement didn't hurt Dunkin Donuts any, human being loved Fred. (Did you understand that Michael Vale remained in Marathon Man?)

Advertising room of Fame

Yes, we've laughed, we've cried and also we've psychic advertisements and their slogans. Go you know there's an declaring Hall of Fame? definitely those good minds and their ad campaigns deserve some kind of recognition and also the heralding Hall of fame is the place they get it.

In 1976, the Jack Tinker & Partners agency came up v the line, "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief that is." perform you mental what the product was? Yup, Alka Seltzer. Ns don't know around you, yet when i think of Alka Seltzer ns think of that darling tiny Speedy Alka Seltzer. Baby faced Speedy very first appeared in a television commercial in 1951! in between 1951 and also 1964 he appeared in 212 television commercials, every that prior to "plop plop, fizz, fizz"!

How around "You're in good hands v Allstate"? execute you have any idea how long that's been around? i was very surprised to find out it began in 1956. As soon as I stop and think about it i guess it has been approximately what seems choose forever. Initially "Allstate" was the name the won the challenge for brand-new tires in ~ Sears & Roebuck & Co. The insurance money company, making use of the very same name together the tires, was began in 1931. It was readily available by mail just like Sears other products.

With credit cards so popular now, it's tough to mental a time once they weren't, however we didn't constantly all have actually credit cards. There was a time as soon as the number one credit card had actually it's slogan, "Don't leave home without it". That course the card is American Express. The slogan began in 1975 and has been applied to every little thing from credit transaction cards to cabinet phones by those in the know.

Renting dare isn't something everyone does and if most are to it is in honest, years earlier Hertz was the only one everyone knew, so once Avis was trying to break into the business it came up with the slogan, "we shot harder". What's hard to think is the was earlier in 1962!

"The much faster picker upper". Men, you're excused if girlfriend don't know this one, yet ladies I recognize you do! Bounty, "the quicker picker upper". I know you psychic Rosie too. Watch the video to the right and also see if you understand what ns mean.

Men, this one's for you, yet only if you're fine over fifty. "a tiny dab'll carry out ya." ago in 1949 when guys were utilizing hair cream to save those locks sleek and also shiny, Brylcreem to be at the optimal of the game. Well known and well used, however still in need of a tiny push, the Kenyon & Eckhardt company came up with the slogan "a little dab'll do ya."

What would certainly Mr. Whipple say? "Please don't to express the Charmin." In 1964 too ~ Mr. Whipple warned females in his keep not come squeeze the Charmin, but while he to be warning lock he to be squeezing it himself.

I'm sure you could add more, simply stop and think a minute!

Television Commercials

There to be a time once you immediately tuned out the commercials, but over the year advertisers have actually outdone us making advertising not only worth watching yet funny or touching. Yes, ns cry in ~ commercials, however I laugh too. I also sit and saw "Aww". Part commercials are simply not to be missed.

Here's a stunner commercial that might or might not do you laugh depending upon your sense of humor, complied with by one that's simply darn cute.

Super key Commercials

Just choose sweeps mainly on tv where every the programs put their best foot forward, Super bowl commercials have tendency to it is in the best in the business! everyone pays big bucks to have their advertisement air during the supervisor bowl, and also with anyone watching they know they better be the best out there. Simply FYI, critical year a thirty 2nd commercial expense 4.5 million dollars and also they're looking at 5 million for following year's. Yes, you review that right, simply for 30 seconds! While ns am with you, the money might be better spent in this country, there is little we have the right to do around it. The is a conventional that has actually been set and as long as civilization watch football on tv the price will continue to rise.

I digress, this is around the commercials themselves, principles is for another time. If you never ever watch a advertising in her life, Super key Sunday, is the work to readjust that. I don't clock the game so I have actually to capture the commercials when they space re-run, and also believe me, they room re-run because that that type of money. Ns might include here, it seems Doritos and Budweiser room the ad leaders.

There is no method I can lug you all of them, but here is a little representation.

I can go on and on, however I think you gain the picture! ns hope you've appreciated this tiny escape into commercial land native slogans to television commercials.


Ed sullivan on October 13, 2019:

The bet you can’t eat simply one came out roughly 66 or 67 through lays potato chips I was in high school and also remember it an extremely well

Mary Craig (author) from new York top top November 10, 2015:

I acquired to smile analysis your comment Glimmer. Ns cry too when I watch the one and also several various other Budweiser commercials together well. They yes, really know exactly how to tug in ~ our love strings.

Claudia Mitchell ~ above November 09, 2015:

Well this made me smile this morning! ns remember all of the instances that you confirmed (not sure if the is great or bad). I likewise love the super key commercials, my favorite being the Budweiser one where the farmer offers his young equine to the team and also some time later the equine (grown up) runs under the street after a parade to great the farmer. Provides me cry everytime.

Mary Craig (author) from new York ~ above October 19, 2015:

Love your succinct comment sujaya!

sujaya venkatesh top top October 19, 2015:

tempting indeed

Mary Craig (author) from new York ~ above October 16, 2015:

We are creatures the habit Peg and also the advertisers know exactly how to acquire to our brain, making their jingles a habit. Though, choose you, part still do me smile. How around Sorry Charlie?

Peg Cole from north Dallas, Texas top top October 15, 2015:

What a great trip under TV storage lane. Us all sang the commercials cultivation up and even to today I can't gain some the those jingles out of my mind. I'm singing the Brylcream track in my head best now. Climate there's Bum bum Bumblebee Bumblebee tuna... And also of course ns remember Speedy Alka Selzer and the catchy track they later used, "No issue what shape your stomach is in."

Mary Craig (author) from brand-new York ~ above October 12, 2015:

We're always on the same wavelengths GF! There was a Ford advertisement a while back where the father offered his child his Ford as soon as the son obtained out that the service. Ns cried every time I experienced it!

Those guys get big buck therefore they much better write an excellent commercials! have actually a an excellent week mine friend.

Suzie from Carson City on October 12, 2015:

Til....Commercials are the BEST! Often, they're more entertaining than any program on TV! ns remember them all. In fact, I'm sure I might quote you part that were renowned when friend & ns were just teens & you would remember every one of them.

My favorite one of recent is the "Hump Day" Camel. The very an initial time I witnessed that, i laughed the end loud. I mentioned it to part friends who hadn't yet watched it. I told castle it to be going to be a large hit. Well.....looks like I was right! I understand my commercials when I view them! LOL...........Great hub, Til.

Mary Craig (author) from new York ~ above October 12, 2015:

So true Deb. Some commercials room mundane and annoying, yet the an excellent ones space sooo good! many thanks for stopping by.

Deb Hirt indigenous Stillwater, ok on October 09, 2015:

Budweiser constantly did have the finest commercials, didn't they? mental the frogs? additionally I psychic the Dunkin' Donuts one, v the tiny old lady, "Well, ns guess ns won't be needing these any kind of more." climate she showed her muffin tins. Great memories, and also it only shows how great some of those commercials are, if we have the right to recall those ads because that decades.

Mary Craig (author) from new York top top October 07, 2015:

Larry I recognize what you mean. Occasionally I'll view a commercial and like it, yet then after see it what seems like 1,000 times, that isn't therefore cute anymore.

Jodah, I understand your commercials space different, different assets where friend are. I evaluate you reading my hub and also checking the end our past commercials.

John Hansen from Gondwana land on October 06, 2015:

I love this hub Mary even though I have never seen most of these ads before (different country). I enjoyed the "Dunkin Donut" advertisement especially. What fun.

Larry Rankin native Oklahoma ~ above October 06, 2015:

Interesting read. I deserve to enjoy part commercials once they space brand brand-new and haven't been ran into the ground yet.

Mary Craig (author) from brand-new York top top October 05, 2015:

I totally agree Sha. While lock bears are cute, who care if the bear s#$% in the woods! thanks for protecting against by.

It's funny Linda, exactly how these points stick in our heard. The anti-smoking advertising are tough for children to watch for sure. Glad you enjoyed.

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL ~ above October 05, 2015:

I still to speak so plenty of of this slogans often, my favourite is Where's The Beef! Commercials this days aren't as an excellent as they used to be. Women parading ~ above the screen for panti-liners, really?? Ridiculous. The anti-smoking commercials space the lamest that all. Funny blast native the past.

Shauna together Bowling from central Florida on October 05, 2015:

Mary, I used to write TV commercials for a living earlier in the '80s, so I've constantly paid fist to them. You've highlighted some good ones here.

I really wish Charmin would bring Mr. Whipple back. To me, the present bears (that you-know-what-in-the-woods) project is in poor taste. I just imagine small kids asking their parents what bears have to do through toilet paper. What perform you tell them?

Like you, i don't watch the supervisor Bowl, however I execute like to inspect out the advertisement on YouTube as soon as they've aired.

Mary Craig (author) from brand-new York on October 04, 2015:

Mike, isn't the funny just how commercials remind us so much of the history of our culture? So plenty of gone, but not forgotten.

Drbj, as Mike said, this was funny to do and remember. Absolutely my pleasure to walk you down memory lane.

PS, glad to make you smile and especially evaluate all her sharing. Blessing my friend.

Frank it's always nice come remember fun points from the past. Many thanks for being here.

Manatita, the " Star Wars" guy is among my favorites. I have the right to imagine that little boy's shock when the auto starts! that is funny how some things room "invented". Happy you preferred this hub.

Maria, so many memorable commercials. I had actually forgotten around the Timex one. Of course we remember different commercials, from various times in our life and also in history. Give thanks to you dear friend for gift here.

Faith, you room so right, we room disconnected in so numerous ways. Ns remember that seemed like the whole world was city hall the Ed Sullivan Show and also that to be because, as you sharp out, over there wasn't much else come watch. Returning blessing to friend dear one.

Thank you DDE, the was funny to do.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia ~ above October 04, 2015:

You have actually funny commercials and also so nicely approached.

Faith Reaper from southern USA top top October 03, 2015:

Hi Mary,

I was just thinking about this the other day back when the whole country only had three networks to clock on television, and we all flourished up with the very same jingles in our heads and so us all knew the same songs and also watched many of the same television shows. Now, there room so many channels that us don't really attach in the same method any longer it seems, other than maybe the Super bowl commercials.

The history behind the advertisement is great. I took pleasure in these newer commercials as well you have included.

Blessings always

Maria Jordan native Jeffersonville PA top top October 03, 2015:

What a expedition down storage lane, as every one of these were acquainted to me.

Love the back stories and also revisiting these gems v your videos.

I loved and still describe the Timex watch ad- 'takes a licking and also keeps top top ticking'...

Great morning smile maker. Thanks, to ~ Mary.

manatita44 native london ~ above October 03, 2015:

A pair of funny ones. I favor the bear and likewise the Star wars guy. Interesting the method that things have the right to sometimes get started. I prefer the potato chip story with the extra salt. Surprise, eh?

Refreshing Hub, Mary.

Frank Atanacio native Shelton ~ above October 02, 2015:

where's the beef was my every time favorite.. LOL a good walk down memory lane here Tillsottan :) thanks for rearing it earlier up Frank

Patricia Scott native North main Florida top top October 02, 2015:

Hi i forgot come tell you am ~~~sharing, pinning, g+, and tweeting

:D ps

Patricia Scott indigenous North central Florida on October 02, 2015:

This to be such fun, Mary. So lot fun to walk under memory lane....and it called to mind so countless others....

thanks for this hub

Angels space on the method to friend this night ps

drbj and also sherry from south Florida ~ above October 02, 2015:

I remember this well. Clara and also her 'Where's the Beef?' complaint is one of my every time favorites. I also enjoyed the Snickers Super key commercial with Bette White gift tackled by soccer players. Ooof!

Thanks for rounding these every up and also presenting such fascinating deja vu, Mary.

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mckbirdbks native Emerald Wells, just off the crossroads,Texas ~ above October 02, 2015:

Hello mar - What a fun create this must have been because that you. Sadly, ns remembered every one of the standards you talk around here. Also the Brylcreem though there is no longer any type of need for the product here. Hey, concerned think of it potato chips, hamburgers, donuts - space all gone.

Mary Craig (author) from brand-new York top top October 02, 2015:

Oh Bill, ns forgot about that one! i don't understand how because I was constantly telling my youngsters that. Many thanks for being the very first here ~ above this dreary Friday morning. Have a good weekend!

Bill Holland native Olympia, WA on October 02, 2015:

These are classics for sure. Ns hope the marketing civilization who dreamy them increase made large bucks because that them. The first one I thought of was "Let's let Mikey try it; he'll eat anything."