Find out exactly how to do the most of double XP in Pokémon GO. What room Lucky Eggs and when should you usage them?

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Updated ~ above 20 June 2018

If you"re right now lower than level 30, over there are numerous reasons why you"ll want to be earning as much XP as possible to get there ASAP. In this Pokemon walk guide we"ll define Lucky Eggs and also when you should use lock in Pokemon Go.

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What do Lucky eggs do, and also When to use Them in Pokemon GO

What provides the happy Egg items so interesting is the it doubles the XP you obtain for a 30 minute period after you use it, but they"re not all that easy to come by without buying them. Due to the fact that of this, it"s in your best interest to make the most of them. Let"s take it a look at what you deserve to do to gain the many out of those 30 minutes.

Stock up on Pidgey

Ahead of utilizing a lucky Egg, you"ll want to for sure you have actually a an excellent supply that Pidgey and Pidgey Candy. The factor for this is the they only require 12 liquid in order to evolve, and for your initiatives you gain a quite 500 XP, or 1000 XP through the egg active. This is among the most basic methods, as result of how straightforward it is come stockpile Pidgey. Girlfriend can additionally substitute Pidgey because that Caterpie or Weedle if friend prefer, but stick to one so friend don"t waste lucky Egg time scrolling with menus.

Save your 7 work streak

With a small planning and great timing, you have the right to fire off your Lucky Egg before you record a Pokémon or spin a PokéStop, when holding a 6 job streak. You normally earn 2000 XP because that each 7 job streak, so that"s 8000 XP full for both the them through a lucky Egg. That"s 16 continual Pidgey evolutions, and also a good way to kick off her XP grinding session!


Stock up on 10km eggs

If you"re ready for a happy Egg evolution session and aren"t in a rush, it"s precious looking at hoarding 10km eggs. When they hatch you"ll earn 1000 XP, or a chuck 2000 XP through the happy Egg active. If you have the right to hoard 9 eggs and also walk them till they space close come finishing, that"s simple 18000 XP to placed towards your following level. Simply remember to ago out of the menus periodically to inspect if the eggs are ready to hatch, together they won"t hatch while you"re evolving Pidgey.

Wait because that an event

If you have the right to hold onto your Lucky Eggs lengthy enough, it"s worth waiting for an event that increases experience. Niantic has done this before, such as during the Easter event, wherein XP to be doubled throughout the board. If you use your lucky Eggs throughout this time, you"d have the ability to get a massive 4x XP. Through 2000 XP per progressed Pidgey and 4000 XP because that a flower 10km, it"s absolutely worth waiting if possible.

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