Larger beams are often gathered out of smaller sized 2x or 1¾” members. This can be done for several various reasons: because that the convenience of dealing with smaller members ~ above the jobsite, or because solid 4x, 6x or glulam product is not readily available, or for reasons of cost. Engineered hardwood such together laminated veneer timber (LVL) is regularly used because that its high load capacity and also multiple 1¾” plies are gathered to get the forced capacity for the application.

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8-Ply LVL Beam in HHGU14 Test

When a built-up beam is loaded concentrically as in the check setup shown, fastening the members is not critical since that giant steel plate will pack each ply of the beam. In the field, built-up beams or girders frequently support joists or beams framing into their side. The built-up members must be associated to transfer fill from the invited ply right into the various other plies.

Allowable Uniform Loads and Spacing Requirements


Page 303 of our Fastening Systems catalog, C-F-14 gives allowable uniform fill tables for side-loaded multi-ply assemblies using LVL, PSL or LSL material. The calculation because that the allowable load used to the exterior ply of a multi-ply beam is:

While uniform loads are an extremely common, designers often request extr information to architecture multi-ply beam relationships to transfer focused loads. Simpson Strong-Tie has created a brand-new engineering letter, L-F-SDWMLTPLY16, i m sorry complements the details in the Fastening Systems directory by giving allowable lots in a solitary fastener format. Developers can usage the info to calculation the variety of fasteners required for a given suggest load.

In order to ensure pack transfer, the SDW screws need to be located relatively close to the connection. At an initial glance, it might appear challenging to fit enough fasteners while meeting the non-staggered row-spacing requirements. However, we have found that most loads have the right to be managed by taking benefit of the ⅝” stagger allowance.

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SDW – preferably Fastener Spacing from point Load

If you are curious what taken place in the HHGU14 test, the screws pulled the end of the header through a pack slightly exceeding 101,000 pounds. Failure photograph 2 shows a close-up of the pullout failure. The tested fill was really close come the preferably calculated capacity for the SDS screws in the connector, for this reason it to be a good test result. What space your thoughts? let us recognize in the comment below.