What is the faster a human have the right to run? watch this list of 100m civilization Records, i m sorry tells united state who is the fastest end the 100m distance. However, this does not tell united state who ran at the faster speed, simply who had actually the ideal average rate over that distance.

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Average speed

If you take it the mean speed that the current world 100 m record (Usain Bolt"s 9.58 s), girlfriend get about 10.44 meters/sec (23.35 miles/hr, 37.58 km/hr). However, if you to be to document instantaneous speed at different points transparent the race, the runner would reach a maximum speed much higher than this. An post in the respectable 1996 Sports Illustrated, mentioned that Canadian Donovan Bailey got to a speed of 27.1 miles every hour (43.6 km/hr) in ~ the 60-meter note of his people record breaking race.

Although friend would intend that end a distance of 200m the jogger will slow down after achieving peak speed somewhere in the first 100m, Usain Bolt"s 200m civilization record time that 19.19 secs works the end to it is in an mean speed of 10.42, nearly the same mean speed as for his 100m civilization record run. This is because the sprinters start from a stationary position and also some time is taken up in speeding up up to optimal speed. In the 200m, the 2nd 100m is extended with a running start. End the 400m distance, the athlete proceeds to fatigue, and also the typical running speed over this street is of course lower. Michael Johnson"s WR time of 43.18 sec because that the 400 meters offers a slower typical time together expected, 9.3 meters/sec or 33.3 km/hr.

The highest possible average acceleration time is accomplished using the world"s best time for the 150m sprint, a record likewise held by Bolt in ~ 14.35 seconds. As this event is rarely run, an even far better time would most likely be completed if it was raced more regularly. Mean speed end this distance calculates to be 10.45 m/sec.

Split Times and Maximum Speed

Split times throughout sprints can provides us a better indication of height running speed. Michael Johnson"s 19.32s over 200 meters earns the an typical speed that 10.35 m/s, despite his last 100m during this run was extended in 9.10s which gives him 10.99 m/s average for the 2nd 100. In ~ the 1997 Athens civilization Championships, Maurice green ran a wind-assisted 9.86 secs for 100 meters. In this race, 10 m break-up times to be accurately recorded, and also from this it was calculated that environment-friendly reached a optimal speed the 11.8 m/s.

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The work after Usain Bolt"s 9.58 100m civilization record, the IAAF released details that the separation times for that race. The time for each 20m distance of the race was recorded. For Bolt, the fastest interval (60m come 80m) was run at an average speed that 44.72 km/hr (27.79 mph, 12.42 m/s).


Here"s an additional interesting observation. In Bolt"s people record run, he took 41 measures in the race, which amounts to 4.28 measures per second, and an average step length of 2.44m. It would be amazing to to compare this data to other good sprinters.