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Figuring the end your toddler’s shoe size can be tough. You need to account because that growth. No to point out that no every child’s foot is the very same size.

So it’s vital to measure your feet! If girlfriend need help finding the perfect fit, check out on. Here’s just how to number out your 3-years-old child’s shoe dimension on the first try.

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Take Them come The store To acquire Fitted

Here’s basic and quick way to obtain the ideal measurement. Take her tot come the department store to get fitted. Asking a salesperson to aid you measure their feet. They’ll also let you shot on assorted sizes in the store.

Ensure your son is walking approximately in the pair, together they may feel tighter when they was standing up. Friend may need to do this every few months because kiddos grow out of their shoes conveniently when they’re toddlers.

Measure their Feet Yourself

However, if you’d rather rather measure your feet yourself, here’s exactly how you deserve to do simply that! begin by measure the length across their feet as soon as they space standing upright.

Keep in mind, the length have the right to vary in between the right and also left foot, so make sure you measure both so you deserve to ensure a ideal fit. As soon as they’re standing, assure your kid is leaning versus a wall, so your weight is same distributed between the left and also right foot.

Have them place a heel versus the wall and measure up the distance from their heel to your toe.

You can also shot the record method. For this, you will certainly need:

a ruleryour child’s barefoot feeta ribbona ruler

Have them was standing on the file and trace their feet. Assist them save still for those few seconds, as many three-year-olds are frequently squirmy.

Then, measure up the length of the overview you drew with the ruler. Next, plunder the ribbon roughly the widest component of your foot. Tie it in location to mark how large their feet are.

Measure the radius of your foot making use of the ribbon and also ruler. Remember to execute both the left and right foot in case you gain drastically different measurements.

Measure For development Too

No parent wants to think about their baby farming up. However, it’s vital that friend account for expansion when selecting the suitable shoe size for her three-year-old.

When buying their shoes, leaving a 1 cm to 1.5 cm gap to accommodate their farming feet.

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How regularly To Measure your Feet

Since children’s feet flourish in spurts, it’s a an excellent idea to perform this measuring procedure every couple of months so you deserve to tell once they are ready to size up!


Finding the perfect pair of pair of shoes for your toddler is no simple task. The average shoe size for a 3-year-old child have the right to vary, but with the right tips, girlfriend can uncover the perfect pair the is both comfortable and also stylish because that their emerging feet.

Utilize these tips, even if it is you’re on the hunt because that fuzzy boots to save their feet cozy, or stylish sandals to help them to win the heat come summertime!