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I need to make a bunch of rings for a kid's store and also they want a selection of size for youngsters 3 to 8 year old. Any type of idea what size that would certainly be? I'm guessing prefer 3 to 5 1/2?anyone know?

posted at 2:24pm Oct 7, 2009 EDT


because that the 3 come 8 year old group you have to go smaller: 1-3 should do it.

post at 2:27pm Oct 7, 2009 EDT




mine daughter is a dimension 3 - shes virtually 10. She has constant fingers i think?

posted at 3:17pm Oct 7, 2009 EDT this is simply for reference, however all the ring posted in this shop space a size 3 for children :>)Good luck

post at 3:18pm Oct 7, 2009 EDT

i make tiny wire toe rings, however I've sold numerous to youngsters for fingers! Mine are flexible which help a lot. I use a fat crayola washable marker together my sizer! ns couldn't phone call you exactly what size it is, yet it functions well because that toes and also kids fingers.Edie