I have constantly charged by the window, I recognize some human being charge by the square foot.

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My inquiry is: what do you think is the average window count per square foot?

around here, 1 home window per hundred sq ft. A 3,000 sq ft residence is gonna have around about 30 home windows usually.


around here, 1 home window per hundreds sq ft. A 3,000 sq ft home is gonna have about about 30 windows usually.

Have you watched Justin Time’s prices and sq footage? What are your think on that home window washing company? they clean 4,400 sq ft because that $155, if that was 44 home windows I would certainly be charging $371.

Of course that is their base price which is dried brushed screens. No tracks and also not sills and also no scraping. They fee 2 per pane per side because that scraping.

What i am wonder is just how do you sell 2 per pane every side come a customer if they require all their windows done?

They likewise have moving fees, Obstructed fees, inside Ladder Fees, huge furniture fees. How do friend up market that?

My company is all inclusive. It’s every little thing in the price, ns am beginning to think maybe I have to be an ext like Justin Time. What do you think?

your no going to lure the right type of customer that is great for your biz in the long-run by to run an facility like this “justin time” character.

Also, you’re taking the business out of the organization biz. As quickly as you carry out that, you just an additional commodity.


your no going to attract the right form of customer that is an excellent for your biz in the long-run by running an establishment like this “justin time” character.

Also, you’re acquisition the business out that the organization biz. As quickly as you carry out that, you just an additional commodity.

I agree, i don’t think i would enjoy cleaning windows that street! I do an all inclusive because I prefer to do the home windows look an excellent and feeling I provided them my best.

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I offer sqft prices however only ~ above quicky quotes. Roughly here 100sqft has actually 1 to 2 windows. In most cases it’s 2 per room. So a 10ftx10ft room would have 2 windows. Not sure around other places yet I have actually yet to get in a bedroom that has actually only 1 home window Most have actually a min of 2. I let the customer know that’s only a yes, really really rough quote. Pricing by the sqft is fine for smaller sized homes, but I find that the larger the house the harder it is to quote by sqft. Larger houses usally mean the customer makes much more money. More money usally method more goodies in the home. Those varieties of homes usally will certainly have much more windows every room. Or they have a tradition window, or french home windows etc. Pricing every sqft is nice for a fast bid, however what happens once you present up to the house that has the Pellas wherein they have the blinds in the middle and also the client expects you come clean everything cause of the price girlfriend gave. If friend quote who say $100 and also then show up and also tell lock the price is now $200, you have the right to bet her going to have actually a problem where together you will lose the gig and they won’t be phone call back. Not to mention the native of mouth the “your agency is a ripp off company” due to the fact that the customer will certainly feel they obtained a bait and also switch. Just use it because that a fast bid, permit them know much more then when it’s a unstable quote and exact pricing will certainly be done on site.

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