If we take a look in ~ the existing top ten west end MusicalProductions friend will see that:

1. Wicked has 24 songs

2. Phantom has 21 songs

3. Lion King has 15 songs

4. Mamma Mia has 23 songs

5. Billy Elliot has 16 songs

6. Hairspray has actually 20 songs

7. Oliver has actually 23 songs

8. Jersey Boys has 34 songs

9. We will certainly Rock You has actually 32 songs

10. Joseph has 24 songs

Of course this may incorporate reprises so this numbers may notreflect entirely original songs.

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The mean of these 10 musicals comes the end at 23.2 song permusical.

Yet more than likely the greatest Musical production writers in history,Rogers and Hammerstein, usually used around 12 or 13 songs ashow.

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Obviously, though, the works had overtures, reprises andvariations throughout.

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