So… how do you measure up? If you’ve check out our recent guide on just how to measure her wrist size without tape, you could be wondering just how that compares to various other guys.

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Or possibly you’re looking to buy a gift, and also need to recognize what dimension of bracelet or watch is a safe bet.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.


What Is the typical Man’s Wrist Size?

The median man’s wrist size is 7.25 inches. yet really, virtually every masculine wrist size drops in a variety from 6.5 come 8 inches.

What Is the mean Bracelet size For A Man?

So if you’re looking come buy a bracelet without gift able to try it on, what’s your ideal bet for a dimension that will fit?

For a smaller fit the lays close come the skin, walk for 7.5 to 8 inches.For a looser, an ext casual fit, choose between 8 and 9 inches.

Of course, if your wrist is smaller or bigger than average, you’ll need to change up or down to match.

How to pick A watch For your Wrist Size

Maybe you’re in the industry for a watch, and also you’re not certain what dimension to get.

Getting a crisp, sleek fit for her watch entails two things: choosing the best band size, and matching your watch situation diameter to her wrist size.

For the size of your watch band, pick one it is about half an inch longer than her wrist size. So for an average man with a 7.25 inch wrist, a 7.75 inch watch band need to do the trick.

Your watch situation diameter have to be accordingly matched come the dimension of her wrist, too.

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Smaller wrist sizes, native 6 to 6.5 inches, normally look better with smaller watch cases in the 34-38 mm rangeAverage wrists will look great with situations in the 38-42 mm rangeEspecially large wrists can enhance with the largest watch situations (42mm+)

Wrapping Up

Be sure to keep this in mind: The broad of her watch band have to be ideal to the situation diameter. In many cases, this means choosing a watch tape that’s about half the width of the watch’s case diameter.

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Published may 27, 2021, critical updated July 8, 2021