Wild onion has actually a flatter leaf, if wild garlic has actually a tubular blade. Both are edible.

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Can friend Eat the Wild Onion Grass the Grows in your Yard?

Yes, you can eat the onions and also garlic girlfriend find growing in the wild. The wilderness is full of edible plants. Although we people cultivate many of the things we eat, many of those points can also be found farming in the wilderness. Plenty of other edible plants that people never grew can be found, too.

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Onion grass belongs to a family of plants that prosper from bulbs, jointly known as Amaryllidaceae. In ~ this family, the genus Allium can be found in agriculture and in the wild and also includes not just onion grass but also shallots, scallions, onions, leeks, chives, and garlic—all that which room edible.

There space some inedible Alliums and lookalikes, however—some that can even make you really sick or even kill you. So prior to you eat wild plants, it's important to education yourself.

Other names because that wild onions:

onion grass (Allium vineale)wild garlic (Allium canadense)wild chives (Allium schoenoprasum)wild leeks (aka ramps) (Allium tricoccum)spring onions

These space not all different names because that the same plant: although they are all in the Allium family, these room all various plants. Still, civilization confuse them because they sometimes look alike and they're all edible.

Below, you'll discover out exactly how to tell the difference in between wild onion and wild garlic and their inedible relatives, how to eat castle safely, and also how to cook them (with recipes).


Wild garlic grass I prosper in my backyard garden.

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How to determine Onion Grass

To distinguish in between onion grass and inedible lookalikes, check...

Smell. Examine for that distinctive, onion-like smell. The is distinct to the plant. If that doesn't have actually that oniony-garlicky smell, climate don't eat it.Leaf Shape. The leaf will look choose a tongue of grass through a slightly bent u shape. If the leaf is hollow and also tubelike, it can be wild garlic instead. Both of this plants room edible, but there room toxic lookalikes, so don't judge a plant by its leafs alone.Bulb. Make sure it grows from a bulb. The bulb might be ring and little or long and also stem-like (like a scallion).Flowers. If the tree is in flower, the flowers will be white with six petals. If you watch pale violet flowers, it might also be wild garlic.

If girlfriend can't smell the oniony smell or if you don't see a bulb, it is no onion grass. Native of caution: once in doubt, store it the end of her mouth.

Words that Caution

When in doubt, save it out of her mouth.

Which part of Onion Grass or Wild Garlic deserve to You Eat?

The bulb, stem, flower stem, and flower are all edible, although the flower's stem tends to be a little tough and woody.

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You have the right to enjoy all components of wild onions and also garlic, either raw or cooked.

How to choose Onion Grass

Don't simply grab the stems and pull like a weed or you might tear the stems and also lose the edible bulbs. Instead, get a spade or a shovel and dig roughly the bulbs come lift them the end of the soil. Part wild onions' bulbs will certainly be numerous inches listed below the surface, if others will certainly be much more shallow, so dig deeply at very first to uncover out how much down those delicious bulbs space buried.