Boyz II Men held the record for the longest weeks in the No. 1 point out on the Billboard hot 100 because that 23 years — yet the four-time Grammy-winners almost went under in history under a "pretty corny" name.

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"It all began when we heard new Edition's song 'Boys come Men' top top the radio," founding member Shawn Stockman, 48, speak PEOPLE. "Nate and I were on the phone talking about transforming our name since we assumed the one we had actually sucked." (At the time, the group was walking by distinct Attraction, yet a teenaged Stockman knew he had actually to come up with something more suitable.)

"I was like, 'Yo, that should be ours name. I'm informing you, it sounds prefer a concept,'" the tenor vocalist recalls. Bandmate Morris wasn't very fond the the brand-new moniker at first, "but the couldn't uncover anything better, for this reason we stuck with that."

"Thank God that song came on. It to be an evanescent moment," Stockman says, laughing.


Getty Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and Michael McCary

"There space a most things that have actually happened that as soon as I look back on it, I'm like, 'Wow, that was a moment,'" he tells PEOPLE. "You don't mental every detail, but you remember how you felt."

Today, Stockman can look back on his career feeling proud the he accomplished what that felt to be the most challenging part of fame. "Still believing in us and in what we're maybe to perform while continuing to be authentic," that says.

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On what he would certainly tell his younger self, "The crucial to life is patience. 'Relax, it is in patient. Be cool. Be yourself and also continue to relocate in a natural means and everything will be every right.'"

And whatever did revolve out every right. Stockman exit his solo album Foreword in April. An ext recently in December, the teamed up with his longtime collaborator Danny O'Donoghue to relax "Everything."

Getty Boyz II Men's Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and also Shawn Stockman

"This is just one of the jewel that came out of this challenging past year," says the hitmaker. "The track is about the concept of a male proposing to his woman, nervous together all hell together most males are. The construct up to the moment and the really gumption to get down ~ above one knee and actually execute it, no matter how scared that was. I most likely wouldn't have been able come articulate that prior to I got married."

Amid the pandemic, Stockman is happy come spend an ext time with his mam Sharonda, who he wed in 2001, and also their three kids Micah, Brooklyn and Ty. He says, "I expect everyone stays safe and continues to execute the appropriate thing. Wash her hands, wear a mask."

Boyz II guys is proud owner of their Bordeaux brand, Harmony Wines. "Both grapes have to blend fine or be in harmony, thus the name," Stockman speak PEOPLE. "It's associated with ours music and what we've represented as brothers, family, friends and fraternity, which is romance, togetherness and intimacy."

Boyz II males is certain to lug their signature style during their Valentine's Day power on Sunday start 8 p.m. EST ~ above Twitch, to add DoorDash and also Shake Shack's particular Instagram and Facebook Live channels.