Kevin, Joe, and also Nick. From their previously days together fresh-faced Disney teens to their an ext recent endeavors, they"ve continued to be firmly in the general public eye end the year — the feels choose we"ve literally watched The Jonas Brothers thrive up in front of our eyes. 

It can seem difficult to believe, however Kevin is turning 34 years old in November, when Joe will be 32 following month, and also Nick is 28 (via Cheat Sheet). Even Frankie, your younger brother who"s occasionally affectionately described as the "Bonus Jonas," is 20 years old, i beg your pardon is older than Joe was once he landed his starring duty in Disney"s "Camp Rock" in 2009 (via capital FM). 2 of the three are actually fathers, too, if you wanted another reminder of how conveniently time appears to pass, while every three room married, Joe ending up being the critical one to get hitched in 2019. 

Who room the brothers actually married to, though? All three spouses are in the general public eye, yet where carry out you recognize them from?

Being the firstborn brother, it"s not too surprising the Kevin Jonas was also the very first to obtain married — and to come to be a father. In 2009, he said "I do" to hairdresser danielle Deleasa, that he met in 2007 when the 2 were both vacationing through their families in the Bahamas (via Refinery29). 

In 2012, the 2 starred in the TV display "Married come Jonas," i beg your pardon ran for two seasons (via IMDb), while a year later they released the remarkable Baby days app, i m sorry is designed to assist parents record milestone moments from pregnancy all the method to their child"s very first birthday (via TeenInfoNet). Danielle also founded a jewelry company — Danielle Jonas Co. — that is based about birthstones and was inspired by her two daughters through Kevin.

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Kevin and Danielle"s first child, Alena increased Jonas, to be born in 2014, if their 2nd child, Valentina Angelina Jonas, to be born in 2016 (via Republic World). 

British actress Sophie Turner got married to Joe Jonas in 2019 after three years of dating. The happy couple now stays in Los Angeles v their daughter Willa, that was born in 2020 (via capital FM).

Of course, Turner is a huge name in her own right, having actually been catapulted right into the publicly eye as a teenager with her function as Sansa distinguishable on HBO"s hit collection "Game of Thrones." because making her debut on the series, the 25-year-old has showed up in a variety of other movies and shows — she"s currently set to star in the upcoming animated series "The Prince" (via IMDb). She"s likewise been open about her experience of living through depression and even plays a personality in the present "Survivor" who has the same problem (via Marie Claire).

If girlfriend or someone you understand is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis text Line by texting home to 741741, contact the National Alliance on mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National academy of Mental wellness website.

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That pipeline Nick Jonas, the youngest that the brothers (excluding Frankie, that course). He"s had some nice high-profile relationship in the past, including those through Disney colleagues Miley Cyrus and also Selena Gomez in the late 2000s, and Australian singer Delta Goodrem and also American influencer Olivia Culpo (via web page Six). However, he started dating Priyanka Chopra, who demands no introduction, in might 2018, and also by respectable the pair were engaged. Come December, they were married in Chopra"s home nation of India (via Harper"s Bazaar). 

Although lock don"t have any kind of children yet, they"ve talked about just how they both want to start a household someday (via Elle). In spite of the fact that Jonas and also Chopra compliment from different countries and have a ten-year age difference, these components have never facility the connection (via Elle). Since getting hitched, Chopra has continued to remain active in the movie world. She"s set to function in the upcoming romantic drama "Text for You" together Sam Heughan and also Celine Dion and also in the activity movie "Cowboy Ninja Viking" alongside chris Pratt — a turn in the Amazon element Video collection "Citadel" is set to come approximately soon as well (via IMDb).

It seems favor each that The Jonas Brothers" wives has uncovered just as lot — if not much more — success as their respective romantic partners.