Fat on fat top top fat. A pounded steak is battered and also fried, climate topped v a cream-based gravy that very well can have sausage blended in for great measure. The chicken-fried steak through sausage gravy served at IHOP, because that example, contains 81 grams the fat, and also if you decide to add eggs come it and also call that breakfast, the fat contents is increased to a lining 115 grams, making it the single most fattening menu item there. And also the smaller, frozen version sold by Marie Callender’s clocks in in ~ 31 grams of fat.

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To do pecan pie, you usually take a pack of butter, mix in some corn syrup and pecans, and bake it until it sets. The delicious but it’s also insanely fattening. The pecan pie offered by Texas-based Goode Co., because that example, includes 23 grams the fat in one slice. 


Beef, prefer all other types of meat, requires some fat cuts and some lean cuts. Yet even the leanest cut contain a most fat. For example at Longhorn Steakhouse their leanest cut, the flatiron steak, contains 16 grams the fat in a 7 ounce portion. The 8 ounce filet mignon has 25 grams that fat, and the 29 oz porterhouse top the charts at 79 grams of fat. Part steakhouses drench their steaks in butter or beef fat before sending them out to the table, including in even much more artery-clogging goodness. 


Cheese is basically concentrated milk, and contains a an extremely high lot of fat. Therefore needless come say, if you take it a bunch that it, melt it in a tiny pot, and also serve it with little cubes that bread, the going to be one of the many fattening foodstuffs around. In ~ The melting Pot, a fondue-based chain, one stimulate of their timeless Swiss fondue contains 50 grams that fat. 


Ribmeat has a ton the fat, and also people have tendency to eat much more of it because there no a totality lot of meat on the bones. So need to you decision to head to your local Tony Roma’s and also order a complete 1.5 lb rack of St. Luigi ribs, which are meatier and also fattier than Baby Backs, that’ll collection you earlier a chuck 94 grams of fat. The baby Backs, at a still-excessive 38 grams the fat, seem irradiate in comparison. And also we wouldn’t recommend eating a full 6-piece slab of the beef ribs; those contain a completely absurd 189 grams that fat, not to mention 2,289 calories, making it the most fattening items on the menu. Could want come schedule a visit come the cardiologist on the means home. 


Oh, poutine. This delicacy from Montreal has found its method into the U.S. In current years, due to the fact that on the outside it looks choose a pretty all-American food: fries topped with fresh cheese curds and rich brown gravy. This heart assault on a plate is offered by the Canadian chain Harvey"s, and they’ve detailed the nutrition info online: one order includes 64 grams of fat. The gravy that they usage only has 1 gram the fat, however, so if you to be to use a an ext traditional gravy made with a fat-based roux, you might add around 10 more grams that fat to that final count. Fat + fat + fat = a totality lot that fat. 

So let’s take it a can of tuna, mix in a couple of tablespoons of mayo, heap it increase on a toasted rye bread, then melt three slices of American cheese ~ above top. Currently let’s carry out some math: one can of tuna contains around 2 grams the fat, as perform two slices that rye. Three tablespoons of mayo contains 30 grams the fat. Three slices that American cheese has 24 grams the fat. If you want to walk gourmet, you’ll heat it every up in a pan through a tablespoon the butter, which consists of 12 grams the fat. Add it every up and also you’ve acquired a sandwich v 70 grams of fat. Congratulations!

Batter and fry anything and you’re obviously loading it up with substantial amounts of fat. Batter and also fry a warm dog or a candy bar and also you might just discover your pants don’t fit the following day. Carnival fare is some of the many fattening food on earth, customized for easy intake by placing it on a stick. The mean corn dog contains around 25 grams of fat, and you understand those plate-sized funnel cakes? Those average around 45 grams the fat. Deep fry a Snickers bar and it’ll collection you back around 25 grams the fat. 

Super-premium ice cream creams, favor those sold by Ben & Jerry’s, for example, are the most fattening ones about because castle contain so small air and also contain a high level of butterfat. For example, fifty percent a cup (or 106 grams) the their chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream cream has 16 grams that fat, meaning that 15 percent that their ice cream cream is pure butterfat. And that right there is why it’s therefore creamy and also delicious. 

As mentioned earlier, a half-pound patty of 80/20 beef has 45 grams of fat. Include on a few slices of cheese and a couple strips of bacon and you’re reaching huge levels the fat. Stop look at the popular chain Cheeburger Cheeburger, because that example. They usage a higher ratio of fat in your burgers, closer to 25 percent, and a popular seller is the 10-ounce patty, dubbed ‘The Serious.’ include American cheese and bacon, and you’re pushing 66 grams the fat, 26 that which are saturated (not to point out 1,090 calories and also 259 milligrams that cholesterol). Must you decision to walk for their well known pounder, the patty alone contains 69 grams the fat! Sounds about as significant as a heart attack. 

If you’ve ever before seen sausage being made, it typically starts v not only a pork shoulder, one of the fattiest cut on the pig, but also a hefty part of fatback, or pure fat. One link of Johnsonville bratwurst, because that example, weighs 82 grams, and also contains 21 grams of fat. That method that this sausage, i m sorry is quite representative that sausage as a whole, is pushing 26 percent fat, much more fat than most burgers. One 45-gram classic Oscar Mayer weiner, in comparison, includes 9 grams that fat, clocking in at about 20 percent.

Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose it is been intentionally fattened up, and also it’s rich, creamy , unctuous, and insanely decadent. It’s also insanely high in fat: a 100 gram, 3.5-ounce portion contains 44 grams that fat, an interpretation that the a complete 44 percent fat. 

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Ounce because that ounce, nuts room the most fat-dense foodstuffs on earth, however thankfully the fat in castle is really high in monounsaturated fat, which in reality promotes in its entirety health. A one-cup serving of almonds, for example, weighs 92 grams and also contains 45 grams that fat, meaning it contains practically 49 percent fat. An excellent thing that a healthy and balanced fat!

The Pom Pom Swimming pool cocktail from the an enig Garden in ~ Ocean home in watch Hill, Rhode Island, is a super simple cocktail come make and also perfect because that day drink by the water!