So room David Castañeda(Diego) and Ritu Arya(Lila) dating in real life? Kinda getting mixed signals and also confusion make the efforts to figure this one out.

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davidcastanedaupdates where theres old jan(2020) it spins jun 2020 short articles of his sisters ig wherein Ritu is through him and also family. Yet they denied gift in a relationship, David said hes solitary and Ritu is dating part British musician. However im really positive lock roommates.

What's the musician Instagram and also how perform you know? likewise they i do not know be just roommates I'm pretty certain they both make a same amount the money with simply their acting career alone come sustain themselves unless it's a personal reason come why they have to be roommates.

I in reality remember Netflix or Umbrella Academy Instagram comment stating castle were date in genuine life, however never observed it again. Anyone remember seeing the comment??

Sad come say yet Ritu isnt single. I'm pretty certain David likes her irl cause they both acquire a little flirtatious over social media sometimes. It can be a stunt to get much more views too however there has actually been interviews where Ritu has actually ranted about David being so great and security a most time with him as soon as they weren't filming. She was likewise seen with David and also his family members in a photo.

Ritu's date a brother musician - a close girlfriend of hers shared this info on Instagram. David stated he was single in July and also they have both confirmed they space not together.

They aren't together. David confirmed he was solitary in July and also a close friend of Ritu's has actually said she is dating a british musician in the U.K. Some world think she's dating one of her bandmates yet I don't know the accuracy of that.

If anything they are simply roommates since they're in The Umbrella Academy together.

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