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Jim and also John Harbaugh might be the highest-profile coaching brothers in the country. And yes, castle look a many alike. Yet no, they"re not twins.

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John has actually all the older brothers bragging rights, but Jim probably acquired all the younger sibling unique treatment. John additionally has the Super key trump card, having defeated his infant brother in the 2013 edition of the large game. Yet regardless of who"s older, they"ve both carved out strong coaching careers.

The elder brother, John, began his coaching job in college before moving to the pros and also holding down a decade-plus-long tenure together the Ravens" head coach. Jim, on the various other hand, began coaching in the NFL prior to shifting earlier to college, and after one NFL pit stop, he"s earlier in the amateur ranks together the head coach in ~ Michigan.

Here"s much more to know about the Harbaugh coaching family.

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Are Jim and John Harbaugh twins?

No, Jim and John Harbaugh are not twins.

"He was generally bigger and much better looking," John claimed of Jim in a Q&A with the college of Michigan"s website. "He had actually the edge."

John is the older brother, born in September 1962, if Jim was born in December 1963. They"re the sons of Jackie Cipiti and Jack Harbaugh.

"It do us real close," man said around being 15 months apart in age. "We know exactly how each various other thinks. It"s not like we have to define how we"re reasoning to one another. Usually, we"re three steps ahead through each various other in the conversations. It"s like, "How go we acquire to this point?" we know, but nobody else knows. And there was that competitive part of it. I always rooted for Jim where he play — here and in the pros. I lived and died with his games.

"We always shared a room," Jim added. "Wherever we lived, every little thing town us were in, we always had a room. So, for 16 directly years, till he went off to college (at Miami the Ohio), I had actually somebody come share whatever with, somebody to laugh with and also tell stories to, gain advice from.

"I remember those times once we were claimed to it is in sleeping and also our parents had put united state down to bed. It would certainly be: whisper, whisper, whisper. And then we"d begin talking and also laughing. Mom and Dad yell up, "Go to sleep!" so we"d begin whispering again, and also before long we"d it is in talking. Those were some of the best times -- just there in that bedroom with things that were common or talked about, and the laughs us had."

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How old is Jim Harbaugh?

Jim Harbaugh is 57 years old, having been born ~ above Dec. 23, 1963, nearly a Christmas baby.

Harbaugh"s date of birth was significant for that personally in 1995, once he turn 32. The day, he quarterbacked the Indianapolis Colts to a clinched playoff berth v 225 passing yards and also a touchdown.

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How old is john Harbaugh?

John Harbaugh is the enlarge Harbaugh brother and is 58 years old. He was born on Sept. 23, 1962.

Maybe man being older is what added to Jim"s stronger football play career. ~ all, everyone says that the younger brother constantly turns out to be the better player. 

How Jim and John Harbaugh came to be high-level football coaches

Being the young of Jack Harbaugh certainly helped Jim and also John"s path to university football and the NFL. Jack play at Bowling Green, then in the AFL because that a year, prior to coaching at plenty of college stops, consisting of a long tenure together the head coach at west Kentucky.

John, the larger brother, play college football in ~ Miami (Ohio) together a defensive ago before instantly going right into coaching. Jim very first played in the NFL native 1987-2001 after being a first-round choose out of Michigan together a quarterback.

Five university stops together an assistant came very first for John before he joined the Philadelphia Eagles" employee in 1998. He was with Philly through 2007 before becoming the Ravens head coach in 2008. John is the fourth-longest tenured head coach in the NFL, behind just Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin and also Sean Payton. 

Jim became the Oakland Raiders" quarterback coach ~ his retirement as a player, then to be the head coach at san Diego and also Stanford. He came ago to the NFL to coach the san Francisco 49ers before returning come his alma mater Michigan as head guy in 2015.

Jim and John came to be the very first pair the brothers come coach in the NFL, and also they one-upped that by dealing with off in the 2013 at sight Bowl, Super bowl 47. The Ravens and John won that game, 34-31, in the famous huge game wherein the lights went out midway through. That game likewise featured Jim"s son, Jay, as a coaching intern for his uncle John v the Ravens.

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After john won the game, the told media the it was "a lot of tougher than (he) thought it was going to be" to refuse his brother a Super bowl ring. The human being may never recognize what the Thanksgiving table is choose at the Harbaugh house with just one brother wearing together a ring.