New Mexico knife laws leave a lot of to it is in desired, together they deserve to be quite vague and daunting to locate and also tie together. This short article will tell friend what the statutes, and the case law, say around owning and also carrying knives, and also explain what is legal and also what is not in easy to recognize language.

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What is Legal to Own

It is legit to own a dirk, dagger, or other stabbing knivesIt is legal to own a stiletto

What is Illegal to Own

It is illegal to very own a switchblade

What the law States

New Mexico statutes 30-7-8. Unlawful possession the switchblades

Unlawful possession of switchblades consists of any type of person, either manufacturing, leading to to it is in manufactured, possessing, displaying, offering, selling, lending, providing away or purchasing any kind of knife which has actually a blade which opens immediately by hand pressure applied to a button, feather or other an equipment in the manage of the knife, or any kind of knife having a blade which opens up or drops or is ejected right into position by the pressure of gravity or by any type of outward or centrifugal thrust or movement.
Whoever commits unlawful possession of switchblades is guilty of a pettymisdemeanor.
Note: The court the appeals in NM has construed this statute to include butterfly knives as well.

§ 30-7-2.Unlawful transferring of a deadlyweapon

A.Unlawful moving of a deadlyweaponconsists of transferring aconcealedloaded firearm or any type of other kind of deadlyweaponanywhere, other than in the adhering to cases:

(1)in the who residence or top top real building belonging come him together owner, lessee, tenant or licensee;(2)in a private vehicle or other private means of conveyance, for lawful protection of the person’s or another’s human being or property;(3)by a tranquility officer in accordance v the plans of his legislation enforcement agency who is certified pursuant to the law Enforcement cultivate Act;(4)by a peace officer in accordance through the plans of his legislation enforcement firm who is work on a momentary basis by that agency and who has properly completed a food of weapons instruction prescribed by the brand-new Mexico regulation enforcement academy or noted by a certified firearms instructor that is to work on a long-term basis by a law enforcement agency; or(5)by a human in possession that a validconcealedhandgun patent issued come him by the department of public safety pursuant come the provisions the theConcealedHandgun lug Act…

The code permits for the delivering of a hidden deadly weapon if it is being lugged by a peace officer, on building owned by the person carrying it, or in a private vehicle.

Deadly Weapon Defined

Definitions of assorted Knives

New Mexico statute defines a switchblade knife as any kind of knife v a blade the opens immediately by pushing a button, spring, or other an equipment on the take care of of the knife, or any type of knife through a tongue that opens or drops into position by the pressure of gravity or by any outward or centrifugal thrust or motion (spinning the knife). In State v. Riddall, the new Mexico Court of Appeals discovered that a butterfly knife carried by Mr. Riddall, to be within the meaning of a switchblade, since both gravity and also a centrifugal thrust opened up the tongue of the knife. In the decision, the Court claimed that it was of no legal definition that it compelled a mix of pressures in order to operate the knife. It quote the California instance of human being v. Quattrone, wherein the Court there found that a knife through a spring-activated sheath, i m sorry retracted into the take care of was an automatic knife due to the fact that it was of no legal significance that the manage was pulled far from the blade, fairly than the other way around. No the new Mexico code nor the situation law uses a an interpretation of a dirk, dagger, stiletto, or any other kind of knife.

Restrictions ~ above Carry

It is illegal come conceal bring a dirk knife, poniard, or any kind of daggerIt is illegal to conceal bring a bowie knifeIt is illegal to conceal carry a switchbladeIt is illegal to conceal carry a Balisong or butterfly knifeIt is illegal come conceal lug a butcher knifeIt is illegal come conceal carry any weapon i m sorry can reason dangerous woundsIt is legal come open lug any kind of knife the is legitimate to very own in new Mexico

Definition of transferring a covert Weapon

The new Mexico legislature characterized “carrying a fatal weapon” as being equipped with a deadly weapon by having actually it ~ above the person, or in nearby proximity thereto so the the weapon is readily obtainable for use. The Court found, in butler v. Rio Rancho Public college Board of Education, that a knife in a car parked in a institution parking lot, pushed to institution by defendant student, comprised carrying a concealed weapon due to the fact that the weapon remained in close proximity to the driver’s seat and defendant had actually ready access to the vehicle during the day. The statutes however, perform not provide a an interpretation of ‘concealed’ and neither does the instance law.

Conclusion on brand-new Mexico Knife Law

It is illegal to very own any type of automatically knife, such as a switchblade or butterfly knife, in new Mexico.

It is illegal to conceal lug dirk knives, poniards, any kind of dagger, bowie knives, switchblades, butterfly knives, butcher knives, or any type of other knife, which can cause dangerous wounds.

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In new Mexico, you may carry any legal knife openly or in her vehicle.



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