This post will help you decide whether come take your hairdryer with you when you next go come the airport.

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And if girlfriend do pick to take it we’ve gained lots of tips to help you to choose between putting the in your confirm luggage or as hand luggage inside her carry-on bag.

Let’s continue at maximum power and try to answer her questions.

What space The TSA Hair Dryer Rules?

Yes! you can bring a continual hairdryer top top a plane.That’s the an easy answer. You can pack it inside your confirm baggage or within your lug on bag together hand luggage.

Here space the useful folks at both Delta and also the TSA confirming that on Twitter.


You can also checkthe pertinent section of the TSA website here.

An exception that the TSA doesn’t mentionwould be if you had a cordless battery powered hairdryer.

Since batteries are not enabled in checked luggage you’d only be able to pack a cordless battery operated version in hand luggage.

As always, the last decision about your hand luggage always lies through the TSA defense officer in ~ airport security.

Considering the cordless hair dryers space terrible and also usually only blow cold airthis battery exemption is irrelevant for many peoplebut I believed it was worth discussing it just in case.

Should You pack A Hair Dryer for A Flight?

It’s precious considering if friend really need to fill a hairdryer. In some instances hotel rooms enable you to borrow one indigenous the reception.

Often a an easy phone speak to to your hotel or where you are staying might allay your fears and also lighten your load.

Another option might be to ship it. You might pack up a box through all her hair styling equipment, shampoos, and also styling products and ship that to your hotel room. It would be waiting for your when you arrive.

You’d have to ship it ago home once too so that would expense a small but it would certainly lighten her hand luggage and also save girlfriend from payment for confirm luggage.

Not convinced… it s okay let’s view where to pack it.

Where & exactly how Should I pack My Hairdryer for A Flight?

Can You bring A Hair Dryer In checked Luggage?

Because checked bags have large size and weight boundaries it’s simple to fit your hairdryer inside. Friend will have no troubles with defense taking a hairdryer in checked luggage. Make sure you pack it well and surround it with some padding to safeguard it.

It’s worth mentioning that girlfriend can’t take any kind of butane gas powered curling irons, level irons, or hair straighteners in checked bags.

The downsides room checking luggage sometimes prices extra. It have the right to cost an ext than the price to buy a cheap hair dryer at her destination.

I normally recommend flying bring on only for convenience and also saving money. But if friend someone with a many of heavy hair styling equipment then you can just need to check a bag.

Can you Take her Hairdryer inside Your bring On?

Hairdryers room not tiny and they typically weigh approximately 2 lbs. However, they carry out fit within a cabin bag with good planning. There room no rules against packing one in your hand luggage, they space not prohibited.

Airlines in the us usually have generous weight allowances. If you room flying worldwide this might not be the case. Some worldwide airlines only allow 10 lbs maximum for your lug on. And limits of about 20 lbs are usual internationally.

Your rolled cabin suitcase might be 4 lbs and also your hairdryer can be around 2 lbs. That’s 6 lbs the your allowance gone already. It would certainly actually be acquisition up a far-reaching part of your weight allowance if her airline has restrictions in place.

What climate if you add in hair straighteners, curling irons, or level irons…

The combined heft the all your hair styling gear is going to shoot up and you can not have an are left for your clothes!

Even if her airline doesn’t placed a weight limit on your lug on you must remember the you need to have the ability to lift your carry-on into the overhead lockers. You likewise might need to bring it up the aircraft steps.

So if you room packing a hairdryer in a lug on climate pay one-of-a-kind attention come the weight allowance of your airline.

And there is an additional wrinkle come watch out for…

You can be compelled to inspect Your lug On Baggage in ~ the Gate.

You’ve acquired your hairdryer in her cabin bag, friend squeezed it in and since you room fit and healthy you have the right to comfortably lift her bag.

Then you obtain to the boarding gate and also your bring on bag is suddenly adjusted to gift a checked-at-the-gate bag due to the fact that they don’t have room for that in the cabin.

This way the safety and security of your luggage is outwith your control. Your beloved tool could be damaged as taken place to this lady flying v American Airlines. As soon as your hairdryer is in confirm luggage package handlers might be throwing her bag approximately carelessly.


We feel her pain LadiiMaly!

So we recommend leaving your 400 bucks Dyson Supersonic at residence when you are flying for security because any kind of carry-on bags can end up being checked bags.

Also confirm bags deserve to sometimes walk on walkabout and also not arrive at the same location as you. Her Revlon might come to be your RevGONE…. Her BabylissPro might take a detour come the Bermuda Triangle. You acquire the idea.

If you room taking your hairdryer as hand luggage then check the size limits of your airline. Beware budget plan airlines that room only enabling very little under-seat bags in the cabin because that free.

Are travel Hair Dryers A great Option?

A mini travel hair dryer does save on an are and weight.

There are numerous different types that deserve to be beneficial for part travelers.

Some are full size however have folding handle to do them much easier to right into small spaces.

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Others space smaller, lighter and also less effective hair dryers. They can still be far better than the hotel hairdryer.