A protest song released together the 7th monitor of 4th album but Seriously in October 1989.Interestingly, the tune was the last #1 of the 1980’s and the an initial of the… read More 
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She calls out to the guy on the street"Sir, can you aid me?It's cold and I've nowhere to sleepIs there somewhere you can tell me?"He walks on, doesn't watch backHe pretends the can't hear herStarts come whistle as he the cross the streetSeems awkward to it is in thereOh, think twice, 'cause it's an additional day forYou and also me in paradiseOh, think twice, 'cause it's just another day for youYou and me in paradiseThink about itShe calls the end to the man on the streetHe can see she's to be cryingShe's gained blisters ~ above the soles of her feetShe can't walk, yet she's tryingOh, think twice, 'cause it's an additional day forYou and also me in paradiseOh, think twice, it's just another day because that youYou and me in paradise
Just think about itOh lord, is there nothing much more anybody can do?Oh lord, there need to be miscellaneous you deserve to sayYou can tell from the present on she faceYou deserve to see the she's to be thereProbably been relocated on indigenous every place'Cause she didn't right in thereOh, think twice, 'cause it's an additional day forYou and me in paradiseOh, think twice, it's just another day for youYou and me in paradiseJust think around itMhmThink around itIt's just another dayFor you and also me in paradiseIt's just another dayFor you and also me in paradise(Para-, paradise)ParadiseUh, simply think about itParadiseJust think about it(Para-, paradise)Uh, in ParadiseMhm, paradiseParadise
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A protest song released as the 7th monitor of fourth album But Seriously in October 1989.

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Interestingly, the tune was the last #1 of the 1980’s and also the an initial of the 1990’s.

Collins explained this tune was about despairing the homeless in lot of interviews:

To The mail On Sunday: “I composed this after being in Washington DC wherein I was amazed by exactly how many world I experienced living in boxes.”

In a Musician interview: “I remember once we play Washington… Washington was practically at a standstill and these people to be trying to sleep top top the grills whereby all the hot air to be coming up, and you can see that it was in the zero of Capitol Hill. I thought it was an extraordinary contradiction.”

However, Collins was criticized by the English news for creating a song about the bad despite gift wealthy. He responded in a New York Times interview: “When i drive down the street, I check out the exact same things anyone else sees. It’s a misconception that if you have a most money you’re somehow out of touch with reality.


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According come Songfacts, Phil Collins claimed in one unquoted source:

What (the song) encounters is people’s awkwardness v it. Once it taken place to me, I simply walked straight past. I thought, ns doing the very same thing together everybody else… i felt awkward. Ns didn’t ignore her yet at the exact same time ns didn’t stop and give her part money… it is what the tune deals with, civilization just type of starting to ~ pretend it’s not happening.

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Was this song difficult to write?
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According to website Unmask Us, Phil Collins declared:

Sometimes i write since things favor this space bothering me yet at various other times the songs just creep increase behind me and write themselves. ‘Another day In Paradise’ created itself. Ns didn’t have to sit down and say, ‘Let’s compose a song around the homeless.’ ns sat down at the piano, began singing and those words came out.


...But seriously (1989)
Phil Collins
Another day in Paradise
Written By
Phil Collins
Drums By
Phil Collins
Lead Vocals
Phil Collins
Phil Collins
Dominic Miller
Leland Sklar
Backing Vocals
David Crosby
Release Date
October 23, 1989
Sampled In
Contemporary male by Action Bronson, Give and also Go by Girl Talk & conquer by Sele Bobo (Ft. Yemi Alade)
Cover By
Another day In heaven by Branko Koprivica (Ft. Tijana Bogicevic), an additional Day In heaven by Brandy (Ft. Ray J), Think twice by Duane Stephenson, one more Day in sky by Jaurim & one more Day In sky by Breno Miranda
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