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People really just walk around and take seeing whatever in 4k for granted.

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Glasses can truly be a hassle: you lose them and turn into Velma, lock constantly get foggy, and also people always want to shot them on.

But there space upsides together well. Friend look like a stylish smarty-pants because that one. And also chicks through glasses have the right to really play that up.

If you’re in search of some concepts of a best girl in anime that wear glasses, well I’ve gained you covered. Stop see exactly how beautiful they room in their blurry existence.

30. Sheele


Anime: Akame ga Kill

Sheele is a really dangerous customer, fitted with gigantic scissors she can reduced down just around anything.

And she has certainly put the statement to the test. Although it to be mostly just people.

However despite her ruthless assassin mindset, she can be rather gentle. And also was to an extent the heart of the group, always there to it is in a shoulder come cry on.

It’s also really easy come forget her body count once you watch her stumbling about just because she lost her glasses because that the millionth time that day.

29. Manami Okuda


Anime: Assassination Classroom

We have one more assassin on our hands, fancy that.

They to fill a comparable niche but in drastically various ways. Okuda is really shy and also struggles through the normal up-front way of taking care of Koro-sensei, guns and snipers simply aren’t her thing.

However, she’s incredibly intelligent and proficient in chemistry. Therefore she deserve to whip the end the best poison this civilization has viewed since… never mind.

The foolish chemist dandere is definitely not other you check out every day. However she provides it work.

28. Sumireko Sanshokuin


Anime: ORESUKI are you the only one that loves me? (Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo)

Sumireko definitely captured me off guard, I deserve to tell you the much.

In short, the show centers around Jouro, a “nice guy™” who’s yes, really trying to build a harem. Even though he isn’t that good of a person.

Then Sumireko comes along and also is genuinely interested in Jouro, and not the fake persona he allows everyone else believe in. However rather his true neckbeard self.

And then she simply kind that screws around with everyone together they all play into her hands.

Never has a library girl been an ext intimidating, and yet somehow alluring.

27. Hange Zoë


Anime: attack on Titan

Fun fact: in the manga it was never differentiated whether Hange to be a female or not.

The anime is a different monster though. Is Hange wifey material?

Hell no, she’s already married to her work. And also you have to not and also cannot it is in a homewrecker. Ns mean, simply look at how excited she it s okay whenever she thinks she’s on the verge of do a great discovery.

Also worth mentioning the lengths she’s all set to go to. In this regard, she’s very similar to Erwin. With an undying curiosity the tramples any ethics or norms.

26. Moeka Kiryuu


Anime: Steins;Gate

I have actually gone ~ above record and also stated that ns disliked this character, at least in the an initial half. However she did thrive on me together the series went on.

She likewise has one unbelievable narrative pressure, because this is a character that seemingly has actually nothing to lose and will because of this stop at nothing to meet her goals.

Even once that something makes me desire to throw a shoe at the screen.

And because of the setup the the show, we have seen her on both political parties of the coin: as the savior and as the damnation.

Considering she fit both duties pretty well, friend can’t argue the she’s at the very least top-notch in terms of dynamic writing.

25. Yuki Nagato


Anime: The Melancholy that Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki is just one of those fakers the don’t really require glasses. Yet she’s fairly cute when she wears, castle so ns going to let that slide.

When very first introduced, she came off as the hardcore kuudere that would offset the beehive for a brain known together Haruhi.

However once the layers began being pulled back and we witnessed the particularly nature that the Brigade, we learn that Yuki is basically a human being interface over there to merely collect data.

How the authors took that prompt and kept her exciting without going under the Pinocchio route, i truly have no idea. But great on them.

24. Saya Takagi


Anime: Highschool that the Dead

Can’t say the I’m surprised that the one with glasses is the brain of the group.

Okay, Kohta additionally has glasses. Yet he definitely took a various direction.

Although it’s easy to forget since of her challenging exterior, Saya is genuinely a genius. And she’s as essential to the team as Machinegun Kohta and the Sadistic samurai.

After all, she to be the first to figure out exactly how the “not zombies” tracked your location, a titbit that was extremely beneficial later on.

You additionally have to evaluate her “protect the smile” attitude towards Alice, i beg your pardon is just adorable.

23. Mirai Kuriyama


Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

She is together a dandere ns can’t handle the cuteness.

You see, in her civilization there is a profession referred to as the Spirit people Warriors. The their task to hunting Youmu. And that’s usually how they make a living.

But being the sphere of fluff that she is, Kuriyama yes, really doesn’t desire to even encounter Youmu, allow alone hit them.

What does the mean?

The biggest antagonist of all, jae won instability, wooo. I additionally love the fact she hangs she heart on her sleeve. She couldn’t lie if her life relied on it. Adopt the awkwardness, we love you because that it.

22. Shino Asada (Sinon)


Anime: sword Art virtual II

I mean, you need to love her gamer girls.

True, Shino doesn’t wear glasses in the virtual world. However, she does in real life. So that counts!

The best method to explain her is “cool together a cucumber”, i beg your pardon is come be meant from an A-class sniper.

She’s always level-headed and also decisive. Okay nearly always, Kirito managed to piss her off; his overpowered-ness has actually now transcended even to the person psyche.

Her previous is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. However she does hard through it, therefore let’s provide respect whereby it’s due.

21. Homura Akemi


Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

If Naofumi Iwatani had a boy with the most dandere of all danderes, Homura would certainly be their offspring.

This is because she’s introduced as a assistance archetype, through fewer points into offense and more so towards shielding.

But just like her theoretical papa, she quickly learns just how to usage her powers for offense as well. And also could stand her very own ground before long.

She’s additionally such a shy little munchkin, i really desire to pinch her cheek or something.

20. Kasumi Nomura


Anime: Asobi Asobase

Compared to Hanako, Nomura seems pretty toned down. Yet then again, anyone does.

Yet when she does have her outbursts it’s an pure riot come watch.

This is since she’s usually very calm and collected, however can get really sadistic and also cruel if she’s worked up.

I don’t know about you, however she offered the hardest spanking because the 80s once Hanako plot tough. She likewise gets really stabby if a man frightens her the end of nowhere… bonus clues if that Maeda.

19. Koyomi Mizuhara


Anime: Azumanga Daioh

I believed my anime vocabulary was somewhat decent till I stumbled top top Koyomi and also the native maganekko. And no, it’s not a cat the voted because that Trump (it is additionally spelled meganekko yet I had to make the joke).

It’s in reality a character who charm and also visual appeal room tightly associated to lock wearing glasses. The much more you know.

Koyomi certainly fits the invoice here, as her maturity contrasts very nicely with her friends. And her occasional bursts of chaotic power make her just a bit much more dynamic.

School grades have probably shortened she life by a couple of years. However that’s simply most people, ns think.

18. Yomiko Readman


Anime: read Or Die

If girlfriend haven’t choose it increase by now, personalities with glasses often tend to be really smart.

And what makes you smart? analysis books! and also maybe a SkillShare membership, that knows.

Well what are publications made of? To cut the quiz short, Yomiko have the right to control file and supplies it in combat.

Like Konan, but less angelic.

It also makes a bit more sense for Yomiko to have actually this power since the girl yes, really enjoys her analysis time. Choose she has actually read hundreds of books and also shows no intention of slowing down. No wonder she eyes obtained a bit messed up.

17. Tamako Arai


Anime: Barakamon

The Tamako to add Miwa combo was honestly a pleasure to watch. Specifically when they communicate with Sei.

Since they were older than many of the cast, but still younger 보다 Sei, that left a many room for tomfoolery.

What propelled Tamako over the edge and also onto this perform for me is her obsession with manga.

She’s a closeted fujoshi and gets heated whenever manga is mentioned. Or she thinks the Sei can swing the various other way, if you know what ns mean.

Her over-the-top reactions always lightened increase the mood. And her strongness while speaking is infectious, honestly.

16. Nina Einstein


Anime: code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

I want to placed her in this spot simply to metaphorically piss she off.

If you’re not in the know, in the display Nina is a bit of a racist in the direction of the conquered people. She additionally has one hell of a Jackal and also Hyde situation going on, together she’s both this nice innocent girl the keeps to she books and also doesn’t attract attention come herself, but likewise Oppenheimer in disguise.

I mean, ns couldn’t just put the “happily ever after, every sunshine and rainbow” characters on this list. It required a tiny grit. Nina fits that role perfectly.

15. Shizuku


Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I just love the Phantom troupe, several of the ideal antagonists alongside the Akatsuki.

Shizuku is just such a hilarious yet fitting foot of this spider. I say hilarious due to the fact that she has actually a damn possessed vacuum as a weapon… like exactly how do friend come up v that?

It’s prefer a samurai, huge muscle dude, copycat ninja, and also then a vacuum cleaner from hell.

I will certainly say the she renders for a great atmosphere when the troupe is ~ above the scene. And also she absolutely took off several of the load Hisoka was moving in the realm of eye candy.

14. Sheska


Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Sheska have to be a motivational speak or something.

I mean, her central premise is she love for books. She reads whenever, wherever, we’re intended to be together…

And this really hits her power as much as work go. Due to the fact that serving a customer is a priority way bellow analysis a brand-new book.

Yet all this extreme reading has actually obviously make her brain go super Saiyan. And she can remember anything she has ever before read, making her choose a living internet entity, minus every the weird fetish sites.

So make your flaws her strengths! Or something favor that.

13. Maiko Oogure


Anime: kill la Kill

I have actually to get a bit spoilery to truly emphasize why I favor this character.

The thing is, i really enjoy self-aware cowards in anime when they’re done right. Not only is it an excellent for a rapid laugh, yet it also feels a bit more realistic.

And boy, Maiko is therefore cowardly that she’s prepared to beat every dirty cheat in the publication to secure her victory.

Fake injuries in stimulate to acquire a sympathy card, check.

Be a total Brutus yet in a funny way, check.

Target the squishies, check.

Maybe it’s simply me, yet I really enjoyed her attempts in ~ beating Ryuko.

12. Yumi Azusa


Anime: soul Eater

In a very comparable vein to Sheska, Yumi has actually a photogenic memory and has a substantial knowledge of everything.

However, she’s far more serious than Sheska. She isn’t even a stick in the mud… she’s favor a log in the swamp.

I mean, she literally never ever smiles. And also looks down on all of her colleagues. Now you could be thinking, why would I put her on this perform if she’s like this?

Well, since it’s a really great change of speed for the show. Her deadpan soul provides me chuckle, and also because “The King that Tattletales” is together a ridiculous location that i can’t help myself.

11. Tashigi


Anime: One Piece

I’ve discussed quite a couple of times just how I like personalities that current a change of pace. And Tashigi certainly goes against most the what we’ve stated here.

The only usual ground she has actually with most of the personalities on this list is a form of curiosity/obsession. Just in her situation it’s strictly directed in the direction of katanas.

Outside of that, she’s a rowdy sword master who charges into fight headfirst. She doesn’t offer up even if she’s beaten come a pulp. And she no being looked under on an ext than anything.

So not your common glasses-wearing bookworm, is she?

10. Saya Kisaragi


Anime: Blood-CSaya would certainly get follow me well through Tashigi. Once she’s being her ethical self, that is.

Because choose your typical anime Hannah Montana, Saya lives a double life the a common high school girl and also a gibberish fighter.

She likewise wields a katana, just saying. Tashigi would totally be right into that.

When she’s no killing blood-sucking demons, however, she absolutely seems more in line v the “female through glasses” archetype: weak, kind, and also smart.

9. Miyuki Takara


Anime: Lucky☆Star

And we’re ago into the kingdom of book-loving and also kindness.

Miyuki is an adorable small geek with a love for reading. And also everything else.

She’s legitimately so kind and soft-spoken that you yes, really can’t help but loss in love through her.

She has tendency to obtain lost in her own head, dozing off whenever nothing of importance is happening. However that just makes her cuter.

In every honestly, she can probably killing a baby seal and I would still uncover her cute… the art style is simply too crisp, and also the eye too large to resist.

8. Tsubasa Hanekawa


Anime: Bakemonogatari

You have to love her “class rep” characters. Especially when they’re together wholesome together Hanekawa.

I’m utilizing the ax wholesome incredibly ironically there.

I mean, as a person she definitely fits the bill and also usually offers an excellent support to Araragi and my cold heart. However, the an ext we obtain to know her, the more we watch that not whatever is daijoubu.

Not going to provide too lot away. However let’s simply say she gets a very fluffy form at one point, and also somehow becomes cuter and stronger every at the exact same time.

7. Kobayashi


Anime: miss out on Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kobayashi is the perfect protagonist because that this show since I cannot honestly snapshot anyone rather accidentally obtaining a maid who’s additionally a dragon, just due to the fact that she gained drunk that one time.

Drunk Kobayashi need to just have her very own show. However that’s a discussion for an additional time.

When sober, she is really level-headed. Also though there room dragons running around her house.

And she’s kind-hearted, also though stated dragons are usually horrible at their jobs.

As I claimed in the beginning, not anyone could have to be Kobayashi. It important takes a details personality come work.

6. Anri Sonohara


Anime: Durarara!!

For a while ns was really worried the Anri would end up together a half-baked character. Yet the second fifty percent of the display truly delivered and also gave her some badass tools to job-related with.

I don’t want to enter exactly what happens. But let’s simply say that she becomes a) deadly, and b) pertinent in the overarching plot.

Plus she continues to be the same soft-spoken sort character we prospered to love early on on.

A+ as far as i am concerned.

5. Yoko Littner


Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Okay, Yoko admittedly doesn’t stay glasses many of the time. Unless you counting those goggles she has.

However (spoilers ahead) as soon as she i do not care (spoiler alert) a teacher, she’s seen wearing a pair. And they right her just perfectly.

I don’t know why, but teacher Yoko is among my all-time favourite characters. Her soft tone towards the children is nice, but her badass side is ready at a moment’s notice.

And convert from the bikini and also sniper and to the level shirt and glasses just fit this next of her so well.

4. Nodoka Manabe


Anime: K-On!

I’m going come be ethical here: being from K-On automatically increases your opportunities of being component of any list I ever make.

I likewise have such a soft spot because that Nodoka as she’s like the mom of the entire school.

Her under to planet personality coupled through an end the rainbow ambitious is just sort of motivating to watch.

And on an even more personal note, her disposition come constantly acquire lost is something i relate to so heavily, that ns pray to her every time I have to go to the store.

3. Mey-Rin


Anime: black Butler

Like Nina Mey-Rin additionally has 2 sides come her, only one of them doesn’t ignore the Geneva convention NINA.

For a majority of the show, Mey-Rin is simply this clumsy little maid girl that doesn’t seem capable of hurting a fly.

Then we find out that in a twist of irony, her glasses in reality make that harder for she to see. And more importantly, she’s a trained sniper. Didn’t check out that one coming, now did you?

So together you can imagine, the 2nd the glasses dropped, utter chaos to be unleashed. And Sebastian is no longer the just badass in the house.

2. Nemuri Kayama


Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

I like it as soon as a present is upfront around what a character represents. And also they yes, really didn’t beat around the bush with misses Midnight.

Okay, perhaps some beating was involved. Yet a different kind.

With she dominatrix-looking hero costume, seduction powers, one upfront personality, and a an excellent body, she absolutely fits the femme fatale role.

She even uses a whip in combat. Like they yes, really went all out with her.

And it is what i love around her: directly to the suggest and self-aware. To add she’s far from fodder when it comes to combat.

1. Ursula Callistis


Anime: tiny Witch Academia

Ursula is favor a quieter, an ext realistic all Might, in my opinion.

This is since all she desires is to make world smile, and sees power just as a method to perform that.

And as with All Might, a most eyes revolve to she in times of need.

But that’s where realism to adjust in: no everyone is always going come smile. The just exactly how life is.

This eventually cracks down on Ursula and also she stepped under from the idol scene and also became a teacher.

All Might’s autumn from grace might have been much more epic, but Ursula’s was way more human. I beg your pardon is a feeling authors should constantly aim for.

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