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We’ve compiled an ultimate list of more than 600 animals that start with a E, which took us fairly a while. But first of all, below is a rapid list of mine favorites to get you going:

Eagle (a bird the prey)Elephant (the biggest land animal)Elk (a huge deer)Eel (a snake-like fish)Egret (a long-legged water bird)Emu (2nd biggest bird in the world)Eland (the largest antelope)Ermine (a little weasel)Eft (terrestrial stage of the eastern Newt)Eider (a sea duck)Earthworm (a worm that resides in soil)

But there’s a lot much more where that come from! The complete list of much more than 600 animals that start with a E was compiled this way: our list provides only common names due to the fact that scientific surname are an overwhelming to pronounce and also probably not what you’re looking for. We’ve contained only wild animals (no pet breeds or residential animals).

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This list concentrates primarily ~ above vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, & fish) but likewise includes a couple invertebrate pets at the end, like the Earwig!


Animals That begin With an E, the ultimate List!

How Many pets That begin With one E on our list

131 Mammals138 Birds35 Reptiles35 Amphibians265 Fish2 Invertebrates= 606 pets That begin With E!

If girlfriend want much more information around any of these animals that begin with an e, merely highlight the name in the list and also right click it in your browser. Then choose “Search through Google” and also you’re an excellent to go! some of my favorite details resources space the IUCN Redlist, Arkive, Fishbase, the Cornell lab of Ornithology, Encyclopedia the Life, & One Zoom.


Mammals:131 pets That begin With one E

EchidnaElandErmineEuro (aka Wallaroo)Eared Sealear-spot squirreleared hutiaearless water ratearth-colored mouseEast afri epauletted fruit batEast African small collared fruit batEast afri long-eared elephant shrewEast african mole ratEast Caucasian tureastern barbastelleeastern prohibition bandicooteastern chestnut mouseeastern chipmunkeastern cottontaileastern europe hedgehogeastern fox squirreleastern gray kangarooeastern gray squirreleastern hare-wallabyeastern pagan voleeastern hog-nosed skunkeastern small mastiff batEastern Lowland Gorillaeastern mole(Scalopus aquaticus)eastern pipistrelleeastern pygmy possumeastern quolleastern rateastern absent elephant shreweastern roe deereastern shrew mouseeastern small-footed myotiseastern small-toothed rateastern spotted skunkeastern white-eared large rateastern woodratEchigo moleEcuador fish-eating ratEcuadoran spiny ratEcuadorean grass mouseEcuadorean rice ratEcuadorean small-eared shrewEcuadorian sac-winged batEdith’s leaf-eared mouseEdward’s swamp ratEdwards’s long-clawed mouseEdwards’s long-tailed large ratega long-tongued batEgyptian free-tailed batEgyptian mongooseEgyptian pygmy shrewEgyptian slit-faced batEgyptian tomb batEisentraut’s mouse shrewEisentraut’s shrewEisentraut’s stripe mouseEl Carrizo deer mouseEl Dorado grass mouseEld’s deerEldorado broad-nosed batelegant fat-tailed opossumelegant margareta ratelegant myotiselegant rice ratelegant water shrewElephant SealElephant ShrewElgon shrewElliot’s short-tailed shrewelongated shreweloquent horseshoe batElvira ratemarginate harlequin batEmbi mole ratEmilia’s gracile computer mouse opossumEmilia’s short-tailed opossumEmily’s tuco-tucoEmin’s gerbilemperor ratemperor tamarinEnders’s small-eared shrewEndo’s pipistrelleEnggano ratepauletted fruit batequatorial dog-faced batequatorial sakiErnst Mayr’s water ratEspiritu Santo Island antelope squirrelEthiopian epauletted fruit batEthiopian hareEthiopian highland hareEthiopian large-eared roundleaf batEthiopian narrow-headed ratEthiopian thicket ratEthiopian woolly batEuphrates jerboaEurasian badgerEurasian beaverEurasian harvest mouseEurasian lynxEurasian pygmy shrewEurasian red squirrelEurasian shrewEurasian water shrewEurasian WolfEuropean bison or wisentEuropean free-tailed batEuropean soil squirrelEuropean hareEuropean minkEuropean moleEuropean otterEuropean pine tree martenEuropean pine tree voleEuropean polecatEuropean rabbitEuropean snow voleEuropean water voleEuropean wildcatEva’s desert mouseeven-toothed shrewevening batEverett’s ferret-badgerEversmann’s hamsterEvorsk vole

Birds: 138 pets That start With one E

EagleEgret‘ElepaioEiderEmuEagle OwlEared DoveEared PittaEared PoorwilEared Pygmy TyrantEared trogonEast african CitrilEast coastline AkelatEastern BluebirdEastern BristlebirdEastern Chanting-GoshawkEastern Chat-TanagerEastern Chiff-chaffEastern Crowned-WarblerEastern CurlewEastern Double-collared SunbirdEastern Golden-backed WeaverEastern good RosefinchEastern green MagpieEastern Grey Plantain-eaterEastern KingbirdEastern swamp HarrierEastern MeadowlarkEastern hill Owlet-NightjarEastern NicatorEastern Paradise-WhydahEastern ParotiaEastern PhoebeEastern RiflebirdEastern rock PigeonEastern RosellaEastern Screech-OwlEastern SpinebillEastern turkeyEastern Warbling-VireoEastern wattled cuckoo-shrikeEastern WhipbirdEastern White PelicanEastern Wood-PeweeEastern Yellow RobinEastern Yellow-billed HornbillEaton’s PintailEbony MyzomelaEclectus parrotEcuadorian CaciqueEcuadorian Ground-DoveEcuadorian HillstarEcuadorian PiculeEcuadorian PiedtailEcuadorian TyrannuletEdward’s pheasantEdwards’s Fig-ParrotEgyptian GooseEgyptian NightjarEgyptian PloverEgyptian VultureEl Oro ParakeetEl Oro TapaculoElegant CrescentchestElegant Crested-TinamouElegant EuphoniaElegant ParrotElegant PittaElegant QuailElegant Scops-OwlElegant SunbirdElegant TernEleonora’s FalconElf owlElfin-woods WarblerElliot’s LaughingthrushElliot’s pheasantElusive AntpittaElwes’ CrakeEmerald DoveEmerald LorikeetEmerald TanagerEmerald ToucanetEmerald-bellied PufflegEmerald-chinned HummingbirdEmerald-spotted lumber DoveEmin’s ShrikeEmperor FairywrenEmperor GooseEmperor the Germany Bird of ParadiseEmperor PenguinEmpress BrilliantEnggano White-eyeEnglish sparrowEpaulet OrioleEquatorial AkalatErckell’s FrancolinEskimo CurlewEsmeraldas AntbirdEsmeraldas WoodstarEthiopian SwallowEuler’s FlycatcherEungella HoneyeaterEurasian BitternEurasian BullfinchEurasian CapercaillieEurasian Collared DoveEurasian CurlewEurasian DotterelEurasian golden OrioleEurasian Golden-PloverEurasian HoopoeEurasian jackdawEurasian JayEurasian flow WarblerEurasian Scops OwlEurasian SparrowhawkEurasian SpoonbillEurasian Thick-kneeEurasian TreecreeperEuropean punishment EaterEuropean GoldfinchEuropean herring gullEuropean Pied FlycatcherEuropean RobinEuropean SerinEuropean ShelduckEuropean swallowEvening GrosbeakEverett’s ThrushEverett’s White-eyeEverglade kiteEversmann’s RedstartEye-ringed FlatbillEye-ringed ThistletailEyebrowed thrushEyebrowed Wren-BabblerEyrean Grasswren

Reptiles: 35 pets That begin With an E


Eared KeelbackEared Legless LizardEastern box TurtleEastern Coral SnakeEastem Glass LizardEastern diamondback rattlesnakeEastern fox snakeEastern Hognose SnakeEastern indigo snakeEastern pine tree SnakeEastern Rat SnakeEastern RibbonsnakeEastwood’s longtailed sepsEbner’s Cylindrical SkinkEgyptian CobraEgyptian Fringe-fingered LizardEgyptian tortoiseEiselt’s Dwarf RacerElburs LizardElegant Coral SnakeElegant Tree IguanaElegant Tree IguanaEllated SkinksElongate TortoiseEmerald LizardEmerald Spiny LizardEmerald Tree BoaEmerald Tree MonitorEngel’s MabuyaEuropean Leaf-toed GeckoErnst’s Map TurtleEstuarine crocodileEuphrates SoftshellEuropean Tiger SnakeEuropean pond Turtle

Amphibians: 35 animals That start With one E

Eastern banjo frogEastern Crested ToadEastern Dwarf TreefrogEastern Ghost FrogEastern HellbenderEastern Leopard ToadEastern Lesser SirenEastern mindanao frogEastern narrow-mouthed toadEastern Owl FrogEastern red-backed salamanderEastern Smooth FrogEastern spadefootEastern SpadefootEcuador poison FrogEcuadorian horned frogEdible BullfrogEdible FrogEiselt’s caecilianEl Copé giant SalamanderEmei Music FrogEmerald toxicity frogEmerald Spotted TreefrogEmerald-eyed tree frogEpirus Water FrogEritrea Clawed FrogEthiopian banana frogEungella day frogEungella gastric-brooding frogEungella tinker frogEuropean frogEverett’s treefrogEverglades Dwarf SirenEzo Salamander

Fish: 265 pets That begin With one E

EelEartheaterEelpoutEscolarEulachonEagle rayEared blacksmeltEared congerEared maori wrasseEarle’s soldierfishEarle’s splitfinEarspot cusk eelEarspot snakeblennyEarthworm snake-eelEast afri red finned barbEast african sardinellaEast african skateEast asian fourfinger threadfinEast China foot skateEast coast barbEast coastline crocodilefishEast coastline flounderEastcoast lampeyeEastcoast squeakerEaster damselfishEaster island flyingfishEastern Australian blackhead triplefinEastern Australian legskateEastern banded catsharkEastern blue devilEastern bottlenose mormyridEastern breamEastern Cape redfinEastern cleaner-clingfishEastern clingfishEastern crested loachEastern flower porgyEastern footballerEastern highfin spurdogEastern hulafishEaster island morayEastern jumping blennyEastern keelback mulletEastern keelback mulletEastern keelback mulletEastern kelpfishEastern small galaxiasEastern longnose spurdogEastern looseskin skateEastern mogurndaEastern mosquitofishEastern numbfishEastern Pacific bonitoEastern Pacific flagfinEastern paradise fishEastern paradise fishEastern pomfredEastern rainbow fishEastern flow garfishEastern sand darterEastern school sharkEastern shovelnose rayEastern shovelnose stingareeEastern silvery minnowEastern smooth boxfishEastern spiny gurnardEastern spiny seahorseEastern spotted gummy sharkEastern starhead topminnowEastern triangle butterflyfishEaton’s skateEbeling’s fangjawEbony gregoryEclipse parrotfishEctuntio halfbeakEcuador skateEcuatorial rayEdgbaston gobyEdmondson’s pipefishEdmund’s spurdogEdwards Plateau shinerEel blennyEel catfishEel pearlfishEel suckerEel worm gobyEelgrass blennyEgg-mimic darterEggcarrying buntingiEggvin lumpsuckerEgo zebraEgyptian mouth-brooderEgyptian soleEhrenberg’s snapperEigenmann’s anchovyEight-lined wrasseEight-whisker gudgeonEightband butterflyfishEightbanded cichlidEightbarbel gudgeonEightbarbel loachEightfinger threadfinEightgill hagfishEightspine cardinalfishEjagham killiElastic eelElat electrical rayElectric blue kandeElectric catfishElectric numb rayElectric rayElectron subantarcticElegant clingfishElegant corisElegant corydorasElegant firefishElegant madtomElegant mollyElegant morayElegant paradiseus fishElegant pencilfishElegant pipefishElegant unicornfishElegant wrasseElephant ear gouramiElephant fishElephant trunk fishElephant-nose cichlidElephant-trunk mormyridElephantnose fishElephant-snout fishElizabeth reef jawfishElizabeth Springs gobyElk river darterElliot’s cardinalfishElliot’s filefishElongate anchovyElongate blennyElongate bulleyeElongate carpet sharkElongate doryElongate flap-headed gobyElongate flounderElongate glass-perchletElongate gruntElongate hatchetfishElongate loachElongate mbunaElongate nothobranchElongate Poso minnowElongate slimyElongate smooth-headElongate soleElongate tonguesoleElongate toothcarpElongate unicornfishElongate worm eelElongated bristlemouth fishElongated robberElusive signal blennyEmaciated worm eelEmarginate snailfishEmber parrotfishEmber tetraEmblem gobyEmerald catfishEmerald cichlidEmerald clingfishEmerald coral gobyEmerald darterEmerald gobyEmerald environment-friendly lampeyeEmerald parrotfishEmerald rockcodEmerald sleeperEmerald wrasseEmery’s gobyEmery’s gregoryEmperor AngelfishEmperor cichlidEmperor red snapperEmperor seamount lightfishEmpire gudgeonEmporer TetraEndeavor dogfishEndeavour skateEnglish soleEnglishman seabreamEngraved catfishEnigmatic gobyEnigmatic loachEnigmatic morayEnzeli shadEpaulet grouperEpaulette gobyEpaulette surgeonfishErect gobyEremo skateEritrean butterflyfishErythrops gobyEscherich’s killiEschmeyer’s scorpionfishEsei lake charEstuarine glass perchletEstuarine hardyheadEstuarine perchEstuarine sea catfishEstuarine stonefishEstuarine thryssaEstuarine triplefinEstuary cardinalfishEstuary croakerEstuary gobyEstuary perchEstuary perchletEstuary snake eelEstuary soleEstuary stargazerEthiopia barbEtowah darterEucla codEurasian catfishEuropean anchovyEuropean brook lampreyEuropean bullheadEuropean congerEuropean finless eelEuropean flounderEuropean lingEuropean pilchardEuropean plaiceEuropean pollockEuropean seabassEuropean smeltEuropean spratEuropean sturgeonEventooth sharkEverglades pygmy sunfishEvermann’s cardinalfishEvermann’s congerEvermann’s lantern fishExquisite pygmy gobyExquisite rainbowfishExquisite sand-gobyExquisite wrasseEye-bar coral-gobyEye-line sand-gobyEyebar gobyEyebar spiny gobyEyebrow (Psenes pellucidus)Eyebrow gobyEyebrow wedgefishEyed soleEyelight fishEyeshade sculpinEyespot ctenopomaEyespot gouramiEyespot grenadierEyespot pufferfishEyespot rasboraEyespot skateEyestripe bassEyestripe clingfishEyestripe surgeonfishEyipantla silverside

Invertebrates: 2 pets That begin With an E


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