The only pets that deserve to truly fly are birds, insects, and bats. Other animals manage come travel through the waiting by gliding from an excellent heights or leaping from the depths. Here are a few.

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1. Devil Rays

The evil one rays, in the genus Mobula, are concerned manta rays. Your wingspan can prosper up to 17 feet wide, making them the second-largest team of rays after the mantas. This muscular fish deserve to leap numerous feet out of the water, however no one is quite sure why they perform it.

2. Colugos

These tree-dwelling gliders room sometimes called flying lemurs, yet they"re neither true lemurs nor execute they fly. This mammals in the genus Cynocephalus are native to southeast Asia and are around the dimension of a residence cat. Colugos deserve to glide up to 200 feet in between trees utilizing their patagium, or flaps the skin between their front and hind foot that expand to their tail and neck (colugos are also webbed between their toes). In the air, they can soar gracefully v the forest, yet on the ground, castle look prefer an animated pancake.

3. Paris Fish

Mike Prince, Wikimedia Commons // CC by 2.0

There are about 40 different species of flying fish in the household Exocoetidae, although lock don"t fly so much as castle leap native the water through a press of their an effective pectoral fins. Many of the types live in dry waters. Fish have been it was observed skipping end the waves for as lengthy as 45 seconds and 650 feet. Researchers suspect the flying fish leap right into the air come escape predators.

4. Heaven Tree Snake

The sky tree snake (Chrysopelea paradisi) lives in the rain woodlands of south east Asia. The glides indigenous the treetops by flattening that body out to maximize surface ar area, wiggling from side to side to go in the wanted direction. Though the idea of a flying snake may be terrifying, C. Paradisi is no harmful to humans.

5. Paris Geckos

Flying geckos, a team of gliding lizards in the genus Gekko, live in the wet woodlands of south-east Asia. In addition to patagia the let castle parachute native tree branches, the geckos have remarkably mutable skin that camouflages them versus tree trunks very well.

6. Wallace"s flying Frog

Rushenb, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

Wallace"s flying frog (Rhacophorus nigropalmatus) is discovered in Malaysia and also Indonesia. This frog has long webbed toes and a skin flap in between its limbs which allows it to parachute—float downward in ~ a steep angle—from the treetops. Return Wallace"s paris frogs prefer to live in the woodland canopy, they have to descend come ground level come mate and also lay eggs.

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7. Paris Squirrels

Flying squirrels in the subfamily Sciurinae incorporate dozens the species. Lock are indigenous to phibìc America and also Eurasia. When it leaps from a high tree, a paris squirrel will spread its patagium until it each other a dragon or parachute. The squirrel have the right to steer by moving its wrists and adjusting the tautness that its skin.