Parents through animal-loving, knowledge-craving youngsters may uncover it funny to go through the alphabet and also list animals that start with every letter.

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It’s an excellent way of help your son memorize the alphabet and learn much more about animals.

However, parental may uncover that they run out of brand-new animals come teach their kids about.

75 pets That start With U


Animals with names that begin with the letter “u” live anywhere the world.

From urchins come utahraptors, there is a massive range of animals that have typical or clinical names that start with the letter “u”.

1. Urochordata


Urochordata is the scientific name of the sea squirt.

These simple sea creatures have two siphons that enable water come enter and exit.

Water is filtered for microorganisms, which the urochordata climate absorbs.

Urochordata start life together larvae v tails, however they lose their tails and ability to swim when they connect to a surface and begin eating.

2. Upland Chorus Frog


The upland chorus frog can be discovered all over the United says in swampy valleys, moist woodland, and ponds with plenty the vegetation.

These small frogs variety from 0.7 inches come 1.4 inches.

These frogs are offered to check the health and wellness of their regional ecosystem.

They are additionally incredibly sensitive to pollutants, making them an excellent for controlling the populace of pesky bugs.

3. Útila Spiny Tailed Iguana


The Útila spiny tailed iguana is a critically endangered reptile native Útila Island, Honduras.

Although the exact variety of these iguanas is unknown, it has been estimated that there are fewer 보다 7,500 Útila spiny tailed iguanas left.

These lizards have lost their dwellings to the private and also commercial advancement that has actually started on the island.

The greater human populace brought more dogs, causing the population to autumn further.

4. Urocyon Cinereoargenteus


You may contact this pet a gray fox, however scientists could refer come them together the urocyon cinereoargenteus.

The urocyon cinereoargenteus loves their rocky canyon homes, yet you may additionally find castle in wooded areas, open deserts, and also grasslands.

These weird creatures will certainly bury any food they aren’t able come finish and also then urinate top top the spot in stimulate to note it as their own.

5. Uncas Skipper


The Uncas Skipper is a butterfly the prefers short-grass prairies and can be found anywhere native California to Minnesota.

Males are known to wait in ~ the optimal of little hills and also mesas for reproduction females.

The females will lay your eggs ~ above blue grama grass and also needlegrass.

6. Upland Bully


The Upland bully is a small, rare fish indigenous Styx river in brand-new Zealand.

Normally, these fish are around three customs in length, but you will periodically see this fish flourish up come 4.4 inches.

These fish like to live on their own and also to stay near where they to be born.

While countless other fish from brand-new Zealand will certainly go the end to sea in ~ some allude in your lives, the upland bully continues to be in the Styx River and near the shores of southern Island.

7. Utah Milk Snake


Utah milk snakes room nocturnal hunters that choose to pursue lizards, rodents, and also any egg they can find while slithering along the ground.

These snakes have the right to be found in countless different environments, such together forests, grasslands, and also even the desert.

The much more humid your environment, the quicker these snakes have been watched to move.

Those that are trying to find the Utah milk line will want to examine before and after night thunderstorms.

8. Unicornfish


The Unicornfish might not be together magical as the mythical creature, yet they carry out share the trait of a singular horn popping out of your forehead.

These dry fish can be uncovered in the Indian and also Pacific Oceans, through two species of unicornfish having actually been found approximately Hawaii.

However, the sleek unicornfish lacks the namesake horn.

9. Utah remote Snake


Utah remote snakes, additionally known as western blind snakes, are regularly mistaken for worms as soon as in the wild.

These snakes lack visible eyes, and it is rarely for castle to even reach 10 inches long.

Although they might look prefer they have no eyes, your eyes room actually behind their thin scales.

Their eyes look more like darkly colored scales 보다 eyes.

10. Ursus Arctos


The ursus arctos, much better known together the brown bear, is a enormous mammal that have the right to reach weights of approximately 815 pounds.

Despite their heavy weight, these bears are able to run 31 miles per hour for brief distances.

Urus actos live top top their very own until adjustment season.

When the cubs are born, they space naked and blind.

11. Urva


Urvas is a genus the mongoose that lives all over Asia.

There room nine different types that fall under this classification, including the collared, Indian brown, short-tailed, ruddy, crab-eating, little Indian, Javan, and the Indian gray mongoose.

The Javan mongoose is may be to make its hair was standing on end to make itself show up twice its actual size.

This helps it ward off few of its awful predators.

12. Urchin


Urchins are some of the oddest creatures in the ocean.

When fish and also other foes swim above the urchin, castle will point their spines in your direction.

Using their spines, they room able to walk about one to 2 inches every minute.

Urchins seek out algae, sponges, dead animals, and even various other dead urchins to eat.

13. Ursus Tibetanus


The ursus tibetanus is another name for the Asiatic black color bear.

These bears are smaller than most other bears, through the males weighing a maximum of 440 pounds and also females weighing a maximum of 275 pounds.

You may discover these black bears in the forested areas of southerly Asia, every the method from Afghanistan to the Japanese archipelago of Shikoku and Honshu.

14. Upland Pipit


The upland pipit is among the larger pipits.

Although they are regularly mistaken for a Richard’s pipit and Blyth’s pipit, they have actually paler brows and more streaks 보다 the various other pipit species.

They also have smaller, more compact beaks.

Upland pipits invest their springs and also summers at lower altitudes, however they go back to the mountains during the winter.

15. Unicorn Sole


The unicorn sole was named after the reality that the is shaped like the bottom that a shoe.

These fish prefer to hide in the sand and also eat fish, benthic, and also other tiny sea creatures.

To mate, the unicorn sole returns come the shallow waters where it hatched.

A solitary female is maybe to develop one to three million egg in she life and doesn’t slow down breeding until she get 10 years of age.

16. Uroplatus Phantasticus


The uroplatus phantasticus is the scientific name because that the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, yet these geckos no as poor as your name provides them seem.

They’re in reality masters the disguise, looking virtually identical to a red autumn leaf.

The satanic leaf-tailed gecko uses its camouflage come hide indigenous both prey and predators.

These devilish lizards will certainly eat any kind of creature they can fit right into their mouths, including crickets, cockroaches, snails, and also spiders.

17. Uluguru Violet-Backed Sunbird


The uluguru violet-backed sunbird is smaller sized than many other sunbirds.

This bird is located in only a few areas follow me the shores of Mozambique, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Females have a yellow tint to them, however males space browner.

Instead, lock have tiny blue markings on your wings.

18. Union Jack Butterfly


Union Jack butterflies get their surname from their coloration, i m sorry is comparable to the brother flag.

These butterflies source in Australia, but they have due to the fact that spread come Indonesia, Papua new Guinea, and even Japan.

The union jack butterfly deserve to be found in marshy areas, prefer swampland, rainforests, and mangroves.

Their caterpillars are just able come eat mistletoe plants and these are the only plants the the Union Jack butterfly will lay their eggs on.

19. Ulysses Butterfly


The Ulysses butterfly is just one of the many strikingly beautiful butterflies you’ll uncover in the wilds that Australia.

These butterflies are exceptionally skittish and elusive, make them difficult to spot in nature.

Their bright color easily attractive the eyes of predators, for this reason they have to fly in fast, erratic patterns.

While they space still caterpillars, lock green.

This helps their young hide from predators.

20. Ucayali Spiny Mouse


Ucayali spiny mice are tiny rodents indigenous Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and also Peru that hide within the Amazon rainforest and also neighboring areas.

Like other spiny mice, the Ucayali spiny mouse has a self-defense tactic unlike any other animal.

When they are trapped in a tight an are or in the understand of a predator, this rodent will burned its own skin and run off.

21. Uganda Kob


Uganda kobs space a type of antelope that grow to be three to 3.3 feet in height and also can weigh almost everywhere from 139 come 207 pounds.

They can be found in Kenya, Senegal, West Africa, and East Africa.

To warning other animals of once they go into the kob’s territory, the males will begin to whistle.

Uganda kobs will breed year-round, through gestation lasting eight months.

22. Unspotted Saw-Whet Owl


Unspotted saw-whet owls are little and exceptionally unsocial bird of food that can be uncovered in central America.

These owls will eat anything lock can record like bats, frogs, insects, birds, little rodents, and also shrews.

The unspotted saw-whet owl just breed throughout the month of March and will have five to 6 eggs every time.

Their nests are frequently in tree cavities over tree canopies.

23. Unicorn Icefish


This odd-looking fish was very first described in 1844 by Sir john Richardson.

These omnivorous fish eat both algae and also other fish, choose the mackerel icefish and also the harpagifer.

In the wild, the unicorn icefish need to watch out for only the black-browed albatross.

However, they occasionally deserve to be discovered in the stomachs of the gentoo penguins ~ above Marion Island.

24. Ultimate Shrew


The ultimate shrew is an exceptionally elusive biology that can’t be discovered by researchers in order to offer an accurate population size estimate.

These shrews were called by man Dollman in 1915.

Ultimate shrews need to eat constantly due to their hyperactive metabolism.

They mostly munch ~ above insects, but their favorite food is earthworms.

25. Uria


Uria is a genus the black and white seabirds that have the right to be discovered in phibìc America and also Newfoundland.

During breeding season, both uria species can be discovered at the coast of the Pacific and also northern Atlantic Oceans.

Their feather coloration changes during reproduction season come have much more black and dark brown plumage.

26. Unalaska Collared Lemming


The unalaska collared lemming is just one of eight types of collared lemmings.

They’re herbivores that eat plants, roots, lichen, berries, and also seeds.

Lemmings are recognized to burrow in the winter, which offers them exclusive accessibility to plants that have actually been buried in the winter’s snow.

Unalaska collared lemmings have tendency to live alone and also stay in the very same area come burrow and forage in.

27. Unicolored Tree Rat


The unicolored tree rat was originally discovered in Brazil in 1842, yet was only recorded one time.

They were believed to be extinct shortly after their discovery, however they were rediscovered in 2004.

There has actually been inadequate data top top their population since then, and many assume that the unicolored tree rat is now extinct, but others claim that that is just critically endangered.

28. Utah Prairie Dog


Utah prairie dogs are small, beloved rodents that have the right to only be discovered in phibìc America.

Due come the limited range the animal has and also human settlements and also farms popping up, the Utah prairie dog has become endangered.

When this prairie dogs are fully grown, lock are about 12 come 14 inch in length.

29. Ussuri White-Toothed Shrew


Ussuri white-toothed shrews are little rodents that deserve to be uncovered in China, Russia, and also the oriental Peninsula. They space the largest types of shrew in your range.

You deserve to easily uncover these shrews burrowing underground.

Shrews have odor-emitting glands the make them smell so poor that predators don’t want to eat them.

Although there room some venomous shrews, the Ussuri white-tooth shrew need to rely top top its odor alone.

30. Ukrainian talk Horse


Ukrainian riding equines are some of the ideal tempered and also smartest equines that you deserve to find.

They’re known for being just as calm and also friendly together they room trainable and also intelligent.

On average, these massive horses weigh about 1,000 pounds.

This very versatile breed is able come do every little thing from harnessing to racing and also dressage.

31. Ural ar Mouse


The Ural ar mouse, additionally called the pygmy field mouse, is a small rodent that deserve to be discovered in Poland, Mongolia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Belarus, Armenia, Bulgaria, and many other surrounding countries.

A group of Ural field mice is referred to as a nest, harvest, horde, or mischief.

The females are described as does and males are referred to as bucks.

32. Unforeseen Cotton Rat


The unexpected cotton rat lives in the hills of Ecuador and also “cotton” in their name refers to their favorite material to make nests out of.

Due to your cotton-stealing ways, lock are considered pests by cotton farmers.

Humans’ expansion into their territory and also farmers in the area have led to this varieties of rat coming to be vulnerable to extinction.

33. Underwing Moth


Underwing moths are ideal known for your uncanny camouflage.

These moths look exactly like bark ~ above a tree, which enables them come rest covert from predators.

Underwing moths love the sap that comes from the trees they mimic.

Those feather to lure these bugs can shot creating a mixture the brown sugar, fermented fruit, and also beer.

34. Underwood’s Bonneted Bat


The Underwood’s bonneted bat is a huge bat with substantial wings that can aid it reach speeds of virtually 27 miles every hour.

This bat have the right to be uncovered in some components of the united States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and also Nicaragua.

35. Unadorned rock Wallaby


Unadorned rock-wallabies are one of 16 different varieties and have the right to be uncovered all over mainland Australia.

However, current reports have actually placed them on the surrounding islands together well.

As the surname suggests, the unadorned rock-wallaby lives in boulder fields and also rocky slopes.

They may also be watched in surrounding forests and coastal shrublands.

36. Uinta Chipmunk


Uinta chipmunks have the right to only be uncovered in eight out of the 50 united States: Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

he squirrel prefer woodlands with elevations as high as 3,400 m, making homes in the cavities of the high trees.

Unlike other chipmunks, the Uinta chipmunks don’t hibernate and also instead save massive quantities of food in their dens because that the winter months.

37. Unenlagia


The unenlagia is a carnivorous scavenger that was alive throughout the so late Cretaceous period.

These dinosaurs to be 6.6 feet in length and also 3.3 feet tall, presumed to weigh an median of 50 pounds.

Unenlagia are related to buitreraptors and rahonavis, yet they are also seen as the most bird-like dinosaurs of all.

Although they wouldn’t have actually been able come fly, they would have much more likely glided through the air from higher places.

38. Utonagan


Utonagans are a rare breed of dog the combines three significant breeds: the German Shepherd, the Alaskan Malamute, and also the Siberian Husky.

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These dog are wanted for their thick coats, solid bodies, and also family-friendly personalities.