Which of the complying with is no correct when referring to resolved costs?A) Discretionary fixed prices arise from annual decisions through management.B) cursed fixed costs can regularly be decreased to zero for brief periods of time without seriously impairingthe long-run goals of the company.C) The tendency in service providers today is toward greater fixed prices relative to change costs.D) Fixed prices remain continuous in complete throughout the relevant range.E) whether a price is cursed or discretionary will count in big part top top management"s strategy.

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B) committed fixed costs can regularly be lessened to zero for brief periods the time without seriously impairingthe long-run goals of the company.
A debit balance in the manufacturing Overhead account at the end of an interim month way that A) corrective action by monitoring is necessary.B) price of goods sold have to be credited on the monthly revenue statement.C) the balance must be reported as a existing liability in the monthly balance sheet.D) overhead has actually been underapplied.
Under absorption costing, which of the following costs would no be included in finished items inventory? A) overtime wages paid factory workers.B) depreciation on manufacturing facility equipment.C) hourly incomes of assembly workers.D) advertising costs for a clothes manufacturer.
Compared to financial accounting, managerial bookkeeping places an ext emphasis on: A) the adaptability of information.B) the precision of information.C) the timeliness the information.D) both A and also C above.
All that the complying with would be classified together product costs except: A) insurance money on manufacturing facility machinery.B) incomes of device operators.C) building taxes on production equipment.D) wages of the advertising staff.
Manuel Company"s degree of operating leverage is 2.0. Techno Corporation"s degree of operating leverage is 6.0. Techno"s income would go up (or down) through ________ as lot as Manual"s with an equal boost (or decrease) in sales.A) 6 timesB) 3 times C) 1/3D) 2 times
Period costs would includeA) selling and also administrative costs. B) indirect manufacturing costs. C) straight labor.D) direct materials.
Fixed costsA) decrease in total as production decreases.B) rise per unit as full production decreases. C) boost in full as total production increases. D) decrease every unit as complete production decreases.
Ideally, how plenty of units should be produced in a just-in-time manufacturing system? A) budgeted customer need for the following week.B) yes, really customer demand for the existing week.C) maximum manufacturing capacity because that the current week.D) budgeted customer need for the current week.
Property taxes on a company"s factory structure would be classified as a(n): A) duration cost.B) product cost.C) variable cost.D) chance cost.
Manufacturing expenses are generally classifiedasA) direct materials, straight labor, or production overhead. B) straight materials, straight labor, or selling and administrative. C) straight materials or direct labor.D) product prices or period costs.
What is a relevant variety of activity?A) The levels of activity over i m sorry the agency expects to run B) The geographical areas in i m sorry the agency operatesC) The level of activity in i beg your pardon all costs are constantD) The task level at which profits are maximized
A job order cost system would certainly most most likely be used by a(n) A) paint manufacturer.B) specialty printing company.C) automobile manufacturer.D) cement manufacturer.
Overapplied overhead means that:A) the used overhead price was higher than the really overhead cost. B) the estimated overhead price was much less than the yes, really overhead cost. C) the estimated overhead price was much less than the used overhead cost. D) the applied overhead expense was much less than the actual overhead cost.
Which of the following is not one of the three basic activities the a manager? A) translate into management accountancy reportsB) Directing and also motivatingC) PlanningD) Controlling
The term that refers to prices incurred in the past that room not appropriate to a decision is: A) period cost.B) marginal cost. C) sunk cost.D) indirect cost.
When production costs are debited to work-related in procedure Inventory, accounts that might be credited are A) accounts Payable, manufacturing facility Wages Payable, and built up Depreciation.B) production Overhead, factory Labor, and also Cost of products Sold.C) Raw products Inventory, manufacturing facility Labor, and Manufacturing Overhead.D) Raw products Inventory, factory Labor, and also Finished goods Inventory.
Which of the adhering to would not influence the break-even point? A) total fixed expensesB) selling price every unitC) variable cost per unitD) variety of units sold
Variable costs, as activity increases, will A) rise per unit.B) remain constant per unit.C) decrease in total.D) decrease per unit.
The assumptions that underlie an easy CVP evaluation include all of the following other than A) the habits of both costs and revenues is linear throughout the pertinent range. B) when an ext than one product is sold, total sales will certainly be in a continuous sales mix. C) all costs can be classified together variable or fixed with reasonable accuracy.D) every one of the above are assumptions.

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An example of a cursed fixed expense is: A) advertising.B) research and also development.C) management training seminars. D) a long-term tools lease.
Howdoesamanufacturingcompanyclassifysalescommissions? A) As manufacturing overheadB) As duration costsC) as product costsD) as indirect labor


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