In various other words, an edge measuring in between 0° to 90° is dubbed an acute angle. ∠ABCin the given number is an acute angle.

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∠MON displayed in adjoining number is same to 60°. So, ∠MON is an acute angle.

2. Appropriate Angle:

An edge whose measure up is 90° is called right angle.

In other words, an edge which measure specifically 90° is referred to as a appropriate angle.

Twolines that satisfy at a best angle are called perpendicular lines.


In the above figure, ∠AOB is a appropriate angle. In this case,we say the the eight OA and OB space perpendicular come each.

Therefore, ∠AOB presented in adjoining figure is 90°. So, ∠AOB is a ideal angle.

3. Obtuse Angle:

An edge whose measure up is better than 90° yet less 보다 180° is referred to as an obtuse angle.

In other words, an angle measuring between 90° to 180° is referred to as an obtuseangle.


∠DOQ presented in the above figure is an obtuse angle.

4. Straight Angle:

An edge whose measure is 180° is dubbed a straight angle.

In other words, an angle which measures precisely 180° is called a straightangle.


∠XOY shown in the above figure is a straight angle. A directly angle is same to two right angles.

5. Reflex Angle:

An angle whose measure is much more than 180° however less than 360° is dubbed a reflex angle.


∠AOB shown in the over figure is 210°. So, ∠AOB is a reflex angle.

6. Zero Angle:

An angle measure 0° is called a zero angle.

When two arms that an edge lie on every other, 0° edge is formed.

Comparision that Angles

An edge whose degree measure is greater than the degreemeasure of one more angle is a better angle. Thus, we deserve to say that:

Acute edge Questions and also Answers on varieties of Angles:

I. Classify the offered angles as acute, obtuse, ideal andstraight.

(i) 158°

(ii) 90°

(iii) 36°

(iv) 180°

(v) 91°


(i) Obtuse Angle

(ii) right Angle

(iii) Acute Angle

(iv) straight Angle

(v) Obtuse Angle


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